The Campi Flegrei are a large, predominantly volcanic area to the west of the city of Naples. It is a caldera extending over a diameter of more than 15 km. We are talking about an area rich in archeology and culture, whose history is interwoven with a glorious past both from a scientific and a purely humanistic point of view.

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Here are the things you must-do if you visit the Phlegraean Fields!

5. Dive the archaeology of this land


We have already referred to the antiquity of this wonderful land and there are many archaeological attractions to be found in the different municipalities. From Roman cisterns to temples, roads, and other public buildings, the beauties of Phlegraean archaeology are widespread and scattered in different areas.

One of the most fascinating places to visit is certainly the submerged park of Baia (part of the municipality of Bacoli), a unique example of underwater archaeology and naturalism, where it is possible to admire Roman architecture underwater thanks to a special glass-bottomed boat. An experience difficult to find elsewhere.

The Piscina Mirabilis in Bacoli is also splendid, representing the best of Roman engineering as regards the flow and supply of water in the area; it dates back to the Augustan age, about 2000 years ago. 

The great Flavian Amphitheatre of Pozzuoli also dates back to the same period, with its evocative charm and perfectly preserved underground passages that can be visited. In the city of Pozzuoli, the archaeological excavations of the Temple of Serapis are not to be missed, where the phenomenon of bradyseism can be observed, or the Rione Terra, which represents the first inhabited nucleus of the city, we are talking about the 2nd century BC.

4. Admiring the natural beauty of the Phlegraean Fields Regional Park


A land that has been shaped over time by the power of nature, which after eras of intense volcanic activity has created mountains, volcanoes, small bays, and solfataras. Suffice it to say that the ancient Greeks imagined the entrance to the underworld at Lake Avernus, an ancient volcanic structure that has now become a lake.

A land in constant movement, malleable, combining water and fire, which has fascinated man for centuries. It is a beautiful but also fragile place, and should therefore be treated with the utmost caution and a sense of protection. There are many protected natural areas, with many species of animals and plants to get to know and protect. Think of the WWF oasis Cratere degli Astroni, or Monte Nuovo, in the municipality of Pozzuoli. Of great impact is the fiery solfatara, a volcanic area that emits gases and fumaroles at very high temperatures. 

Also spectacular are the small lakes in these areas, such as Lucrino and Averno in the municipality of Pozzuoli, or Fusaro and Miseno in the municipality of Bacoli. 

3. Sunset walk on the beach at Capo Miseno


A large sandy beach, narrow, long, and mostly occupied by bathing establishments. About one and a half kilometers of a promenade that becomes spectacularly beautiful at sunset thanks to the colors of the Mediterranean. The landscape is dominated by the two hills, that of Capo Miseno and that of Monte di Procida.

2. Relaxing in the area's Thermal Baths

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Another of the most pleasant activities to be carried out in the Phlegraean Fields is undoubtedly that of relaxing body and soul in the area's thermal facilities. Although the management of thermal facilities is private, the Phlegraean waters and their qualities were already known in ancient Rome and were recommended for those suffering from rheumatism, arthrosis or respiratory diseases. Here, the good air coming from the sea, the green of the pines and olive trees together with the geothermal energy springs will make your stay pleasant and relaxing. 

1. Enjoy the wines and dishes of the Phlegraean tradition


The culinary tradition of Southern Italy is widely recognized in Italy and throughout the world. One need only think of Pizza, which has become an undisputed symbol of this land and Italianness. Falanghina DOC wine also has an ancient tradition and is produced in the municipalities of Pozzuoli, Bacoli, Monte di Procida, Quarto, as well as in the more inland areas of Marano and Naples and the island of Procida. The existing types are both white and red with a dry flavour and delicate aroma, which can be combined with both meat and fish dishes. 

Where to stay in Campi Flegrei

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The Phlegraean Fields offer endless opportunities for accommodation. Visit Italy has chosen two excellent hotels for you: Complesso Agave Hotel and Hotel degli Dei.

The Complesso Agave Hotel is a 4-star hotel rich in services, located on the slopes of Monte Russo, an extinct volcanic crater rich in history, in a lush valley surrounded by the typical scents and colours of the Mediterranean Macchia, a few steps from Lake Averno, in the heart of the Phlegraean Fields. The structure is located in an ideal position to enjoy peace and relaxation and at the same time strategic for any destination, a few minutes from the centre of Pozzuoli, only 8 kilometres from Naples.
Moreover, the complex can meet the most varied needs and offer an unforgettable stay to its guests thanks to many facilities and services: its swimming pool with hydromassage area and the "Limoneto" restaurant with its dishes linked to the traditional Neapolitan cuisine revisited by our chefs, and finally the Piazza degli Eventi with its multi-purpose Delphin hall.

Hotel Gli Dei is an excellent 4-star hotel that offers various types of services beyond accommodation such as weddings and events. The most memorable moments of your life deserve a special setting. The Gulf of Pozzuoli is the place of Myth, where the song of the Sirens and the voice of the Emperors still echo. The elegance of the rooms, the grace of the garden and the terraces, the charm of the swimming pool, the splendid panorama of the Gulf will be accomplices of unforgettable emotions. A refined and traditional cuisine and a service always courteous and attentive to every detail make the hotel Gli Dei an ideal place to spend any kind of convivial event.

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We recommend