Nothing makes a vacation as special as the company of our best friends. Here are 10 perfect destinations for a pet-friendly holiday in Italy.

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The number of pet-friendly holiday destinations in Italy is growing every year. Do you love cities of art and small villages still to be discovered? Do you dream of the blue sea or of the green mountain paths? In any case, you can choose the perfect location for you and your four-legged friend among many options.

The network of accommodation facilities that welcome travelers with pets is getting richer and richer, and there are dozens of tourist attractions that offer special areas where you can relax and have fun with your dog or cat.
Let's find out which are the ten unmissable destinations for your pet-friendly holidays in Italy

10. Palermo

Pet-friendly holidays in Italy: Palermo

Capital of Sicily and a wonderful city of art and culture on the shores of a sea that will make you dream, Palermo lacks nothing to be a holiday destination suitable for all tastes.

Its incredible Norman and Arab architecture make it an open-air museum where you can walk undisturbed, even in the company of your dog. There are also many accommodation facilities that allow pets as well, including an original playground for dogs only.

Although there is not a beach club that hosts pets, just outside the city there is the wonderful free beach of Balestrate, where you can enjoy the warm sun of Sicily with your furry friend.
And now a fun fact. Palermo was also the first city in Southern Italy to host a Cat Cafe. The idea, very popular and appreciated in Japan, is that of a bar where you can have a coffee or a cake, cuddling the cats who basically live there.

If you're looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Palermo Ai Tre Mercati is the right choice for you.

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9. Asolo

Pet-friendly holidays in Italy

This small village is a hidden jewel in the heart of Veneto and is ideal for making your furry friend feel welcome. There are many shops that provide bowls of fresh water to quench the thirst of dogs during a walk, for example, and the same goes for the Tourist Office. A small detail that makes this delightful village a perfect destination for your pet-friendly holiday in Italy. 

Asolo is a magical place, ideal for those who love outdoor holidays, starting with the easy path that leads to the top of the Medieval Fortress, from which, among other things, you can enjoy a magnificent view.

Furthermore, around Asolo there are several naturalistic beauties to explore, such as hills, springs, woods. The pure air you can breathe here is the perfect gift that your beloved pets will surely appreciate.

Hotel Villa Cipriani has everything you may drem of for an incredible pet-friendly holiday in Asolo.

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8. Sassari... and surroundings


If you are dreaming of a destination with a fabulous sea for your pet-friendly holiday in Italy, the north coast of Sardinia can be just right for you. Many of the most famous destinations in Sardinia are located right here, in the large coastline that is included in the province of Sassari.

For several years the whole island has been making huge progress to offer the best to four-legged guests as well. 

As for the beaches, Arzachena, on the famous Emerlad Coast, has several locations equipped for dogs and the same goes for Porto Rotondo.

Furthermore, in Santa Teresa di Gallura and Badesi there are even beaches where the access is allowed to tourists with dogs only.

Reaching Sardinia with ferries that admit the presence of pets in the cabin is not a problem and the number of structures that also welcome animals is growing more and more. One example? Locanda Casa Manna is a great pet-friendly hotel in Sassari's center.

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7. Lake Como

Pet-friendly holidays in Italy: LakeComo

Lake Como, in Lombardy, is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in Italy. Fortunately, there are many possibilities to visit it together with your beloved furry friends.

An atmosphere of great relax, incredibly fascinating landscapes and architectural beauties are in fact almost always accessible even for those traveling with pets.

Along the lake's coasts there are many beautiful villages, one of the most famous is Bellagio, which hosts for example Villa Melzi with its enchanting gardens where dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash. The same goes for the equally famous Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, or for Villa Monastero in the village of Varenna.

From here you can also reach another of the gems of Lake Como, the Comacina island. The ferry, of course, is pet-friendly.

Anyone who hasn't had a dog doesn't know what it means to be loved

Arthur Schopenhauer

6. Rome

The capital of Italy needs no introduction, but maybe not everybody knows that Rome is also the Italian city with more pet-friendly facilities.

The Eternal City, anyway, also boasts another record that animal lovers will appreciate. The magnificent ruins of its glorious past are home to some of the most impressive cat colonies in the entire nation.

After admiring the countless wonders of the city, in Rome you will also find several parks where you'll get the chance to relax in the greenery with your dog. For example, the garden of Villa Doria Pamphili has reserved areas, but pets are also welcome in the famous park of Villa Borghese or at the Pincio, with its suggestive panoramic terrace.

With a bit of luck you'll also come across pastry shops and ice cream parlors in the center that offer flavors designed specifically for your furry friends, such as dog biscuit ice cream.

Furthermore, in January, there is the celebration of the feast of Sant'Antonio Abate, patron saint of animals. On this occasion the blessing of the animals takes place in the church of Sant'Eusebio, and besides at San Pietro square a special mass is celebrated, to which all the animals are invited.

Navona Queen Rooftop is a great hotel with beautiful views, where your pets are always welcome.

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5. Bevagna

Pet-friendly holidays in Italy: Bevagna

Do you want a holiday in the wonderful Umbrian countryside? If you travel with pets Bevagna is the right destination. This tiny village in the province of Perugia is truly a jewel worth knowing, and also the perfect choice for a pet-friendly holiday, for several reasons.

The wide open spaces, for example, are a true paradise for those who love nature and offer endless possibilities for unforgettable walks with our furry friends.

Even the path that surrounds the ancient walls, and that leads from the village to the small Clitunno waterfall, is a really nice opportunity for a bit of easy trekking ... on six legs!

Furthermore, not far away is Lake Aiso, another small paradise that is worth discovering together with our best friends. This area is also full of farmhouses where you'll get to enjoy the wonders of an outdoor holiday.

Finally, for a village that hardly reaches 5000 inhabitants, Bevagna has a fair number of pet-friendly accommodation facilities to choose from. Among them, for example there's the Monastero di Bevagna, refurbished and turned into an excellent hote.

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4. Gargano

Pet-friendly holidays in Italy: Gargano

This area in the north of Apulia is famous for its postcard sea, but it also offers much more, as it's characterized by a huge variety of landscapes. From forests to cliffs, to mountains, without forgetting the beautiful villages where you can get to know the charm of local culture.

Getting to know the Gargano together with your pets is really simple.

Inside the Umbra Forest, for example, there is the Sfilzi Woods with some of the most important beech grove in the area. The possibilities of walking with pets are endless, but better to keep them on a leash, since in the thick of the woods you may run into many other wild animals.
Among the various towns and seaside villages to be found in Gragano, Vieste is definitely worth a visit: the center is perfect for a stroll and there are also pet-friendly beaches. The same goes for the other villages, such as Peschici and Rodi Garganico, where you'll find an unforgettable atmosphere and impeccable hospitality, including campsites, hotels and beaches ready to accommodate your pet friends.

Furthermore, from both ports, you can reach the Tremiti islands. Pets are welcome on the ferries and on the islands, where wonderful walks to stay in touch with nature await you, together with several restaurants, hotels and B&Bs ready to welcome human and non-human tourists. Al Castello Relais is definitely one of the best.

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3. Jesolo

Pet-friendly holidays in Italy: Jesolo

This well-known seaside town in Veneto is definitely very well equipped if you want to enjoy the sea without giving up the company of your furry friends.

Among hotels, farmhouses and many beaches where pets are welcome, the choice is really wide. There are areas equipped to let your dog run around freely, but also showers, paths for agility and access points to the sea.

Here the nightlife is among the wildest in Italy, but by day you'll get to ejoy the  city parks that also have green spaces dedicated to those traveling with animals. Let's also remember that Venice is very close.

A trip with pets to one of the most popular cities of art in the world is certainly possible. Provided they are equipped with a leash or a carrier, all animals are allowed on the ferries, while a bag and a shovel are necessary when walking through the calle.

At Jesolo Hotel Ivana is a great choice for you pet-friendly holiday.

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2. Courmayeur

Pet-friendly holidays in Italy: Courmayeur

Valle d'Aosta in general and Courmayeur in particular will certainly make pets and their human friends happy. In the Alps, right on the border with France and Switzerland, you'll find the purest air, naturalistic scenarios of incomparable beauty and the possibility of climbing to high altitudes with your dog thanks to the pet-friendly cable cars that will make your six-legged vacation truly unforgettable.

Courmayeur is probably best known as a winter destination, but it's actually wonderful all year round. Pets are always welcome even on public transport, including the famous Skyway cable car that leads to Mont Blanc, up to almost 3,500 meters above sea level.

In thisarea,  which is one of the most beautiful in Italy for mountain lovers, there are many itineraries for trekking and excursions, of all levels, where you can give yourself and your furry friends a full immersion in nature.

To sleep, there is indeed a wide choice for all tastes, from campsites in the green, to ultra-luxury hotels.Maison Altea, for example, is a lovely hotel, welcoming to all.

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1. Riccione

Pet-Friendly Holiday in Italy: Riccione

Famous summer destination of Emilia-Romagna, Riccione is known for its long sandy beaches, but perhaps not everyone knows that it is also a top pet-friendly holiday destination in Italy.

There are many hotels and facilities where four-legged friends are commonly welcomed, some even offer a welcome kit in each room, dedicated to your furry friends.

Riccione also has many beaches where dogs have areas or time slots dedicated to them, for bathing, play areas, bowls with water and food specially for them and so on.
Theme parks, aquariums and many other attractions in the area are also pet-oriented. In fact, the city has long been committed to increasing the possibilities of welcoming those traveling with pets. There is also a consortium that brings together accommodation facilities, shops and attractions of all kinds with the aim of making Riccione the most pet-friendly destination in Italy.

Hotel de la Ville is an excellent starting point to enjoy a care free holiday with your furry friends.

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