For the day of April 25th over 500 museums and archaeological parks are free. Find out which ones!

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On Italian Liberation Day, April 25, 2024, Italian state archaeological parks and museums will be open for free. April 25th will be the first of 3 new free days (June 2nd and November 4th) which are added to the free entry scheduled for the first Sunday of each month.

The addition of these dates was strongly desired by the Minister of Culture with the idea of associating the visit to places of culture with highly significant dates for the country. All museums and archaeological sites will follow normal opening hours, many places of culture are exceptionally open, find out with us which ones they are.

On April 25th you can enter museums for free: find out where

Find out where you can enter museums for free 25 April, Italy

Many places of culture are open for free on April 25th, in all Italian regions. We pass from the Pantheon, Castel Sant'Angelo and the Colosseum in Rome, to the Uffizi and the Boboli Gardens in Florence, to the Royal Palace of Caserta, the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the Museum and Royal Forest of Capodimonte in Naples, up to the Palazzo Ducale , the Correr Museum in Venice, just to name a few.

The list of museums and archaeological parks is very long and also including lesser-known sites, you can take advantage of this day to browse and discover some places that you didn't know existed until today. In some of these museums temporary exhibitions are set up, which are included in the entrance fee. The complete, constantly updated list can be found on the website of the Ministry of Culture. There are over 500 museums, monuments, and archaeological sites in Italy. If you are in Italy in this period, we suggest you seize the opportunity.

Discover free museums of the most famous cities

Discover archaeological sites for free, April 25, Italy

Here is a roundup of the main free attractions in the most famous cities in Italy, exceptionally open. Consider that the openings concern all civic museums. Discover the infinite possibilities to best celebrate Liberation Day, Thursday 25 April.

If you are in Venice, the free museums that you can visit are the Doge's Palace and the Correr Museum (Piazza San Marco), Carlo Goldoni's house, the Museum of Eighteenth-Century Venice, the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo, the History of Textile Study Centre; in the islands: the Murano Glass Museum and the Burano Lace Museum.

If you are in Florence, don't miss a visit to the Uffizi Galleries, the splendid Boboli Gardens, the Accademia Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, but also the Medici Chapels, the Bargello National Museum, and the Palazzo Davanzati Museum.

If you are in Rome, in addition to the most well-known archaeological sites such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Castel Sant'Angelo and the Baths of Caracalla, also consider a trip out of town to the archaeological park of Ostia Antica, Villa d'Este, Villa Adriana, the Montecassino Abbey and Casamari Abbey in Frosinone, two jewels of medieval art. As for the museums, the choice is vast, among others, the Borghese Gallery, the Spada Gallery, Palazzo Barberini, the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, Palazzo Massimo, the Baths of Diocletian, and Palazzo Altemps.

Moving on to Naples and the countless beauties of this area, to name some noteworthy destinations, we have Castel Sant'Elmo and the Museum of the Twentieth Century, the Museum and Real Bosco of Capodimonte, the Certosa and Museum of San Martino, Park and Tomb of Virgil, Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields in the Baia Castle. For a trip nearby, the incredible beauty of the Royal Palace of Caserta, the wonderful archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the lesser known, but extremely suggestive archaeological park of Cuma, with the particular and interesting architecture of the cave of the Cumaean Sibyl. Don't miss this opportunity, start your day well and choose your destination!

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