The 25th of April is a day of commemoration and celebration for Italians. Let's find out why. 

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The 25th of April is Liberation Day in Italy. In many cities, there are commemoration events, and it is one of the most popular holidays in Italy. It allows the start of spring holiday weekends as a public holiday: many Italians take advantage of it to spend a few days at the seaside, mountains, or art city.

The Historical Importance of the 25th of April

The 25th of April is one of Italy's most important historical dates: it is the anniversary of the liberation of Italy from the fascist regime and the Nazi occupation on the 25th of April 1945.

It is called Liberation Day and was proposed and confirmed as a national holiday by Alcide De Gasperi, Prime Minister, from the 22nd of April 1946. He issued a lieutenant's decree that read: 'In celebration of the total liberation of Italian territory, the 25th of April 1946 is declared a national holiday'.

It was an unforgettable day, and there are many reconstructions with photos and videos. Sandro Pertini's announcement is very famous: 'Citizens, workers! General strike against the German occupation, against the fascist war, for the salvation of our lands, our homes, our workshops. As in Genoa and Turin, confront the Germans with the dilemma: surrender or perish".

What Happens in Italy on the 25th of April each year?

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The 25th of April is a public holiday, and therefore all public offices are closed. Banks, the post office, town halls and other public bodies are closed, like schools and some shops.

In many towns, especially in those decorated for military valor for the liberation, events are organised to commemorate this occasion.

The most important event is in Rome: the solemn homage paid by the President of the Republic and the highest state officials to the Unknown Soldier, with the famous laying of the laurel wreath in memory of the fallen and missing in the war.

The 25th of Aprile, an occasion for celebration and holidays

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The 25th of April is one of the first holidays and one of the first long weekends of the year: the Italians take advantage of to go on holiday. Some people choose the sea or the mountains, and other citizens move from one city to another or prefer a weekend at the lake.

Many people do not work and therefore enjoy this special holiday. Many hotels at the seaside and in the mountains open on this holiday.

Events, celebrations, parades

Each year, there are different ways to participate in the remembrance of this important historical day, from North to South. In addition to the solemn celebrations, and processions in Rome there is the traditional airshow of the Frecce Tricolore, an authentically Italian spectacle by the Italian Air Force's National Aerobatic Patrol.

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