Ferragosto in Italy? Here are 10 ideas for you to spend it at its best in the beautiful country, outdoors in the mountains or by the blue sea.

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Did you know that Ferragosto has its origins in ancient Rome? It is traditionally celebrated on 15 August throughout Italy but is also popular in neighboring San Marino and Switzerland, especially in Canton Ticino.

On this day, there is a lot of fun: trips out of town, barbecues, and even refreshing swims at the lake, river-sea, or even swimming in a pool.

Furthermore, it is a tradition to gather on the evening of 15 August to eat and drink around a fire on the beach, a way of celebrating 15 August has pagan origins but today brings much joy and fun to many places in Italy. Below we recommend 10 ideas for a good Ferragosto in Italy!

10. Ideas for Ferragosto in Italy: chicken and peppers in Rome's osterias


To do if you are with the right company if you are visiting Rome. Italy's capital will be hot on that day, and we all know that chicken and peppers are not exactly a summer dish. However, it is a tradition that never fails on the tables of Rome and all of Lazio at Ferragosto.

And then after eating we enjoy the city, which always has something exciting to offer, even in the middle of August! 

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9. Going on a trip to Lake Garda


A good idea to relax and enjoy some coolness is to go on a trip to Lake Garda, in Lombardy. On the day of Ferragosto, there will be a fireworks display, parties, music, and events on the lakefront. Do you want to miss such an enchanting place on a festive day?

Explore Lake Garda by boat

8. Discovering the Bay of Naples by Kayak


Relaxing in the waters around Posillipo and Chiaia is a amazing experience all year round, but it becomes even more special on the August bank holiday when there are more events, parties, and aperitifs right on the water.

Enjoy the architecture of the city of Naples, skirt the incredible shapes of its bay and discover the city from a unique vantage point. To do at least once in a lifetime!

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7. Attending an authentic medieval festival in the province of Catania


We are in the town of Motta Sant'Anastasia (CT), where entertainment, music, and dancing will draw you into the historical atmosphere of medieval life. Among jesters, flag-wavers, ladies, and knights, you will find yourself in a fairy-tale world far removed from modern life. Are you ready for this journey?

Discover the province of Catania

6. Immerse yourself in art in the city of Florence


Florence is the city of art and the Italian Renaissance. On Ferragosto, you will find many exhibitions and museums open, and you can dedicate a day to art and beauty! Explore the treasures of Florence and discover the great art of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raffaello Sanzio, Caravaggio, Giotto, and many more. The Accademia Gallery, the Uffizi Gallery, the National Archaeological Museum, and the Boboli Gardens are open. Are you going to see Brunelleschi's Dome this time?

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5. Getting lost in the beach parties of the Romagna Riviera


If you feel like dancing late into the night, having fun, and spending carefree days with friends, you must come to the Riviera Romagnola. Between Rimini, Riccione, and Milano Marittima, you will not miss the traditional celebrations and spectacular nightlife. You'll see that you'll have fun!

Have fun at the Acquafan in Riccione

4. Ideas for Ferragosto in Italy: picnic in Cilento


Out-of-town trips and picnics are an August bank holiday tradition. In many places in Italy, you can come across people on these trips, especially on the days between 13 and 15 August, when there are plenty of offers for bus and train travel. Prepare your packed lunch and look for a place to enjoy it, perhaps in the Cilento region where, in addition to the sea, there are also pine and beech forests and holm oaks. Ideal for enjoying a day in the open air with the people you love.

Discover the Alento River Oasis

3. Doing a boat excursion


Another idea for spending the August bank holiday is to enjoy a boat trip off the spectacular Italian coast. From north to south, you will find plenty of places to hire a boat that allows you to experience the sea in a completely different way. From Naples to the Venetian Lagoon, every place is just for a great boat trip. Get your sun cream ready!

Explore the venetian lagoon by boat

2. August in the mountains in the beautiful Val d'Aosta

Ferragosto and spa in Val d’Aosta

An alternative Ferragosto, away from beaches and the sea? Why not go to the beautiful Dora Baltea valley below Mont Blanc near magnificent towns such as La Salle and Courmayeur. In the valley, during the Ferragosto period, you will find plenty of mountain activities to do, hikes, and even festivals of all kinds to celebrate on 15 August. What are you waiting for? 

Relax at the spa, mountain view

1. Romantic Dinner in Venice

Ferragosto in Venice- Italy

A unique August bank holiday with a candlelit dinner in the setting of the Venetian Lagoon. Venice is famous for its unique style and for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. If you want to surprise the person you love, take them out to dinner in Venice, even better on the day of Ferragosto. The atmosphere you will find will be truly unique. 

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