Do you want to visit Naples by sea? Here is where to find a series of tourist services carried out in the magnificent Gulf area.

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“Napule è addore e' mare”/ Naples is the scent of the sea

Pino Daniele

The Gulf of Naples

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In the late '1970s, the great Italian songwriter Pino Daniele was able to interpret Naples several facets by singing one of his masterpieces, entitled "Napule è" (What Naples is).

Naples is a city of ancient and fascinating history, but today it is a metropolitan city in all respects. These two worlds coexist in surprising harmony. The tourists who visit Naples will feel astonished at every step and will never get lost among the typical folk streets of the city centre, the beating heart of the beautiful city. 

Not only can they enjoy a pleasant walk, but they can also appreciate taking the subway to admire the so-called art stations, an arts complex giving subway users an exhibition of contemporary art at every stop. In this way, even taking public transport becomes a must. The most famous stop is certainly Toledo, recognized as the most beautiful in Europe and among the most beautiful in the world.

In Naples, tourists will fall in love with the art and history that the city tells at every corner, accompanied by the renowned heartiness and hospitality of the Neapolitan people. The extraordinary museums, the beautiful churches, the glorious squares and all the other attractions to be visited more easily thanx to the Naples Pass, will leave them breathless.

However, Naples offers much more wonders to be discovered. The Gulf of Naples contains hidden treasures you can see only by navigating. In short, to fully live Naples, you must have sailed its sea.

Posillipo, Mergellina, la Gaiola, Capo Miseno and then off to the islands, Capri, Ischia, Procida, Nisida, until you reach the amazing Amalfi Coast. You cannot leave Naples without having done any or all of these maritime excursions. After all, Napule è addore e'mare...

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InCanto di Partenope will organize your best excursion in the Gulf of Naples

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Located a few kilometres from the port of Naples, InCanto di Partenope helps you organizing the best boat trips in the beautiful Gulf of Naples. Mr Attilio Fioritti and his staff will make your boat trip unique and tailored to your needs and desires. Marina, an old 15 meters-long wooden fishing boat, renovated and equipped with all the necessary amenities to make the trip to the sea carefree, will be at your disposal.

It starts from Mergellina with a slow and relaxing sailing experience so that you can behold the view embracing the enchanting Posillipo, the beautiful Gulf islands and Positano. 

In Posillipo, the natural beauty of the residential district and the historical and archaeological sites immersed in myths and legends will grab your attention, like Palazzo Donn'Anna, an imposing building dating back to the sixteenth century, wrapped in an aura of mystery. In the palace where Queen Giovanna D'Angiò lived, it is said that the monarch hosted the most handsome sailors in her bed and then murdered them the following day. The legend narrates that the souls of the young lovers slain by the queen are still trapped in the dungeons of the ancient residence, from where terrible moanings can be heard. 

Riding the waves towards the north-western area of the Gulf of Naples, you can visit the stunning Marine Protected Area Parco Sommerso di Gaiola, consisting of two islets that rise a few meters away from the Posillipo coast. Here, you can admire Pausilypon, one of the most sumptuous villas of the Roman aristocracy built in the I century BC.

The excursion continues to Nisida, a volcanic island whose name was contested already in ancient times, given its connection to the mainland through a bridge. Then, you can choose to visit the Protected Marine Area Regno di Nettuno (the Kingdom of Neptune), located around the islands of Ischia and Procida

Speaking of islands, an excursion to Capri is a must-stop for your boat trip. The Marina will let you admire the famous Faraglioni by sailing in the enchanting bay of Marina Piccola.

Finally, the pleasant sailing experience across the gulf finds its perfect ending in the area of Positano, and more precisely in Punta Campanella, the extreme extension of the Sorrento coast that divides the Gulf of Naples from the Gulf of Salerno. From here, you can also admire the magnificent bay of Jeranto and the tiny island of Isca, known because it once was property of the great Italian and Neapolitan theatre master Eduardo De Filippo.

At this point, you can continue along the rocky Amalfi Coast or take the offshore towards Li Galli, a spectacular archipelago located in front of the Amalfi Coast and composed of three islets.

InCanto di Partenope offers several excursion packages, but the staff will always be willing to listen to your requests and customize your experiences to make them unforgettable and unique. The charming Marina boat will take you to discover the fascinating places on the Neapolitan coast you like the most.

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Aboard the Marina, you can also experience other sensational experiences the InCanto di Partenope offers:

-Excursions can be daily or turn into multi-day cruises, choosing the trip package and itinerary you prefer.

-With the package Boat and Breakfast you can live an accommodation experience never done before by sleeping on board. Marina offers accommodation by boat (for short rentals) cradled by the waves of the sea. Being awakened by the scent of the sea and the view of the sun rising behind Vesuvius is priceless!

-If you have always dreamed of celebrating an anniversary on a boat, InCanto di Partenope will fulfil your wish. Aboard the Marina, you can organize your private parties (max 20 people) with the mini cruise package along the coast of Posillipo + buffet dinner under Castel dell'Ovo. Of course, you can customize the event to your liking by adding DJ sets or more;

-Dinner on board, table service and tasting of delicacies prepared by a private Chef according to your tastes: this is how InCanto di Partenope pampers its guests.

In short, if you want to visit Naples, do not just walk to discover the city: choose to sail, stay, dine or celebrate among the immense beauties of the gulf with InCanto di Partenope.

InCanto di Partenope

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