The Italian music tradition is an incredible heritage, from the most classical to the most popular. Here are 5 experiences to learn more about it.

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Opera, Neapolitan songs, the great post-war hits: in Italy there has always been a great musical tradition that over the centuries has crossed borders, both territorial and social. The history of Italian music, in fact, passes through popular town songs and reaches the prestigious Italian names of classical and modern music.

It has always been regarded as nourishment for the mind and spirit, accompanying workers in their hard days or entertaining the upper classes in concerts by talented singers and great composers, slowly becoming known throughout the world. From the sacred to the profane, from the popular to the symphonic, here are 5 unmissable experiences to immerse yourself in the Italian musical tradition.

5. Italian music tradition in Naples

Italian music tradition in Naples

If you are in Naples, take the opportunity to listen to traditional Neapolitan music, which has spread from the streets and the people all over the world.

In an authentic venue in the heart of the city, you can savour the sounds, language and hospitality that characterise Neapolitan culture and its musical tradition. At the end of the concert you can join the singers and other guests to sing O Sole Mio, a song that after a century still transports the listener to this warm and passionate land.

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In Rome, music resounds in every street, in small and large squares, from the centre to the periphery: but a concert in the archaeological area of the Marcello Theatre has the ability to transport you into a unique and timeless atmosphere.

Among the ruins of the ancient Romans, art, culture and music come together to create one of the most evocative experiences in the capital of Italy. By purchasing the concert ticket you will also have access to an exclusive tour of the archaeological area, before sitting back and letting yourself be carried away by the great classics

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3. The Baroque Opera of I Musici Veneziani

Opera, period costumes and an ancient Venetian palace: these are the ingredients that will transport you to the most splendid period of the city of Venice, when everyone knew it as Serenissima.

You will be immersed in the most beautiful arias of the Baroque Italian tradition performed by the ensemble I Musici Veneziani, who, with their splendid costumes and period jewellery based on original 18th-century sketches, will welcome you to the marvellous Salone Capitolare of the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, one of the oldest concert halls in Venice.

A wonderful experience of an authentic palace party!

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2. Italian music tradition: sacred music concert in the Capuchinis Crypt

The Crypt of the Capuchins, a chapel whose decorations consist of over 4000 bones of Capuchin friars, is one of Rome's most mysterious and fascinating attractions.

With a single ticket you can combine the history of this strange place and a concert of sacred music inside the Church of Santa Maria della Concezione, not far from the Spanish Steps, where a guided tour will take you to visit the crypt and the museum, which houses a painting by Caravaggio, and then let youdive into a mystical atmosphere with Gregorian chants and sacred songs of Baroque Rome.

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If you are in Venice, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit one of the city's most incredible palaces: Palazzo Pisani is not only the home of the Conservatory of Venice and the Museum of Music, but from its terrace, 31 metres above the ground, you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama with sweeping views of the entire city and much of the lagoon.

With just one ticket you will be guided through the rooms of this majestic palace, including the Concert Hall of the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory and the Museum of Music, which houses over 200 ancient musical instruments, and you will be able to attend a concert by the Interpreti Veneziani, to fully savour the musical heritage of this magical city.

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