The Venice Pass makes things easier: discounts and benefits on museums, events and public transport in the city.

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Venice is a city to discover, with so many attractions to visit that you may feel lost in deciding what to visit and in what order to do it. Thanks to the Venice Pass everything will be easier. Whether you want to eat at the best restaurant in Venice, lose yourself in the artistic richness of the city and its monuments or simply stroll through the streets and alleyways of Venice's historic centre, the Venice Pass will be able to offer you a unique experience. The pass includes numerous museums and churches, public transport for 24 hours and further discounts and benefits, so you can experience Venice like a Venetian. 

Easy access to several museums in Venice

Doge's Palace Venice

The Venice Pass will give you free access to interesting Venetian museums and heritage sites. The list includes many attractions and among the most peculiar we find, first of all, the Basilica di San Pietro di Castello, one of the sixteen churches of the Chorus circuit, the association for the Churches of the Patriarchate of Venice, located in the Castello district, one of the most authentic areas of Venice. Added to the list are the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, one of the very first Renaissance-style buildings built in Venice and a church much loved by Venetians, and the Church of Sant'Alvise.

Another beautiful museum included in the Venice Pass is the Museum Le Macchine di Leonardo, located inside the Church of San Barnaba, in the Dorsoduro district, not far from Ca' Rezzonico and Ponte dei Pugni (Bridge of Fists). In addition to this last attraction there are many discounts and facilities, such as free gifts, in the affiliated activities that will give you the possibility to taste the real flavours and culture of this city, like a real local. Among the experiences, we also find Create your own Venetian mask, a great opportunity to see the renowned Venetian craftsmanship first-hand. 

Visit Venice in a simple and safe way

Punta della Dogana

The Venice Pass, in addition to offering discounted entry to different museums and attractions, works as a complete and clear information map of all the attractions and places to visit in Venice, thanks to its app. On the Venice Pass each attraction and place has its own constantly updated information sheet, including the history that characterizes it, opening and closing times, costs and directions on how to get there connected to a map, which wherever you are, will lead you to the selected place thanks to GPS.

In addition, thanks to the Venice Pass you can enjoy the best guided tours and experiences at a special price, with discounts of up to 20%. From tours of the most hidden and least known places, to the creation of your own Venetian mask. (All activities are available on the app).

With the Venice Pass also the public transport for 24 hours is included, giving you the possibility to reach every corner of the city easily and quickly. 

The other exclusive benefits of the Venice Pass


Not only art and culture, with the Venice Pass you will always be updated on the best restaurants and where to stay for a perfect holiday. What's more, you'll get discounts that you can use in the city's most famous and historic businesses, including shops selling typical products and artisan workshops run by true Venetians where you can buy, for example, Venetian masks and jewels or objects made in Murano glass. Find out more about the Venice Pass, by visiting the official website, and treat yourself to an authentic holiday in Venice.

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