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School is finally over! What could be better than spending the day with the whole family in one of Italy's 10 most beautiful amusement parks?

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons in Italy for outdoor activities. With the end of school, children and young people can't wait to start their holidays, to play and have new and exciting experiences. So what could be better than thinking of some programme that can involve the whole family, from the oldest to the youngest? In Italy, there are many amusement parks suitable for children and adults, perfect for a family experience that will entertain everyone.

Let's discover together the 10 most beautiful amusement parks in Italy, the ones you really can't miss in 2024!

10. The Labyrinth of the Masone

The Masone labyrinth among the most beautiful parks in Italy

Imagine the charm of an immense labyrinth of 200 bamboo plants in which to get lost and find yourself, run, laugh and play. All this is the Labirinto della Masone, the largest in the world! It is a cultural park in Fontanellato, in the province of Parma, born from the eccentric imagination of architects Franco Ricci, Davide Dutto and Piercarlo Bontempi. Inside you will find large spaces dedicated to art collections, a library full of typographical material, and many different cultural activities.

During your wanderings in the Labyrinth, you will encounter panels telling you about the history of labyrinths, from the fascinating myth of Crete and the Minotaur to medieval labyrinths up to the present day.

Spoiler alert! After much wandering, at the centre of the Minotaur Labyrinth, you will find a large square with arcades and halls. This square hosts festivals, concerts, events and exhibition, a great added value to one of Italy's most attractive amusement parks

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9. Pinocchio Park

Pinocchio Park: Italy's most beautiful children's parks

The Pinocchio Park is a fabulous homage to Collodi's timeless tales: it is a path that will involve adults and children alike, evoking childhood stories and playing safely. It is located in the province of Pistoia and is a route in stages that begins with two great works: Pinocchio and the Fairy and the Piazzetta dei Mosaici. Continuing on you will find sculptures, buildings, and works of art by great 20th century artists inspired by the adventures of the famous puppet.

At the Pinocchio Adventure, you can walk across a Tibetan bridge and cross a river; you can go from tree to tree balancing on wooden planks, board a Corsair Ship, and experience many adventures. It is among the most beautiful theme parks in Italy, but its attractions can satisfy all visitors!

Complete your experience at the Sala del Grillo Museum where even the youngest children will be delighted to get closer to contemporary art thanks to the themes linked to the fairy tale; they will be able to interact in the Virtual Library with multimedia blackboards that will lead them to discover all the editions of the story of the world's most famous puppet.

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8. ZooSafari and Fasanolandia

Discover the Italian amusement parks: Zoosafari and Fasanolandia

If you want an experience in contact with nature and animals, you cannot miss the ZooSafari in Fasano. With its 140 hectares, it is one of Italy's paradises of biodiversity, a lush natural kingdom where you and the whole family can discover many different species of animals living in complete freedom.

You can watch a herd of zebras on their way to graze, observe the majestic tiger resting in the shade of a tree, and observe the gentle giraffe and the indomitable elephant. And of course, you cannot miss him, the king of the savannah, the majestic lion! And all this is in the heart of Puglia.

Continue your adventure at Fasanolandia, a magical place nestled among beautiful hills where you can enjoy shows suitable for the whole family, visit exhibitions, go shopping, and visit the incredible SeaLion Aquarium, where you will learn more about the biology of sea lions, penguins, and sea lions.

7. Caneva World

10 top amusement parks in Italy: Caneva World

If you are on Lake Garda, you absolutely cannot miss Caneva World, a true paradise of fun consisting of two parks and several themed restaurants. The first park is perfect for beating the summer heat: Caneva Acquapark is a large park with the setting of a tropical island, full of slides suitable for all ages, inflatables and swimming pools.

The second park is Movieland, The Hollywood Park, where you can have fun exploring reproductions of film sets and watch many shows put on by fabulous artists. You can have fun at more than 20 attractions such as the brand new Antares - Interstellar Space Lines, a spaceport from which you can depart in weightlessness for Mars.

6. Italia in Miniatura

Top amusement parks in Italy: Italia in Miniatura

One of Italy's most famous amusment parks is located near Rimini. It is the educational theme park Italia in Miniatura, designed by Ivo Rambaldi. It was created in 1970 and has since welcomed thousands of families and school groups, children and parents enthusiastic about discovering the wonders of Italy to scale.

The facility was created in 1970 and has since welcomed thousands of families and school groups, children and parents excited to discover the wonders of Italy to scale.

This park is dedicated to Italy's historical heritage through the reproduction of 273 monuments spread over an area of 85,000 square metres. Inside Minitalia you will follow a route of interactive miniatures such as the Grand Canal of Venice to be navigated in a gondola. Because of the beauty of its miniature monuments, Italia in Miniatura has often been used as a film set over the years.

You can also put your driving skills to the test in the Interactive Driving School and learn about physics in the Luna Park of Science. If you are in the mood for more adrenalin-pumping activities, the new liana and suspension bridge course await you! At Cinemagia 7D, on the other hand, you can enjoy a unique multi-sensory experience, while at Cannonacqua you can cool off with entertaining water battles

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5. The Monster Park of Bomarzo

Top amusement parks in Italy: Monster Park of Bomarzo

If you want to experience some thrills of horror and wonder, the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo is the perfect place for you! The construction of this surreal and spectacular park began in the 16th century and was completed in 1552, and is the work of Pier Francesco Orsini, lord of Bomarzo.

Among best theme parks in italy, it is truly unique. It is a hermeneutic labyrinth inhabited by rock monsters, illusions and architectural sculptures with incredible perspectives. This garden is animated by the Mannerist taste for the bizarre, the grotesque, magic and literature.

Take a stroll through this enchanting garden in the province of Viterbo, capable of triggering the imagination of all children and adults who delve into its mysterious secrets.

4. The Tarot Garden

The Tarot Garden is among the best amusement parks in Italy

If you wish to immerse yourself in art and magic, the Tarot Garden is the perfect place for your outing. It is a colourful garden inspired by the major arcana of the Tarot, reinterpreted with imagination and originality, in the center of Maremma Toscana.

Niki de Sanit Phalle began construction of the Tarot Garden in 1979, inspired by the Park of Monsters in Bomarzo and Parque Guell in Barcelona. The artist dedicated himself to the creation of the 22 beautiful steel and concrete figures, covered with coloured glass, ceramics and mirrors for over seventeen years.

3. The Vele Aquapark

10 top amusement parks in Italy: the Vele Aquapark

Nature and fun are the watchwords at Le Vele aquapark, near Brescia. Perfect for the summer, at Le Vele you will find 250,000 square metres of pools and 4 km of slides of various types. The Crazy Hill is a 200-metre rollercoaster to be ridden on rubber dinghies; the Piranas River are three torrents with water whirlpools and jumps; for the more adventurous there are the Superkamikaze and Black Tunnel.

For the youngest children, there are the Bibaumma and the Fungo to keep them amused in cheerful pools. The big novelties at Le Vele are the Speedy, a slide with a 45° inclination to be done in rubber dinghies, and the Rain Forest, a castle of water jets and colourful slides.

Those who want to relax can do so on the 10,000 square metre beach with sunbeds, parasols and palm trees, or by strolling through the beautiful gardens or trekking in the Bosco del Lusignolo nature area. Le Vele is a true tourist village where you will find many facilities, from refreshment stands to shopping areas, from changing rooms to baby feeding facilities.

2. Prehistoric Park

Amusement parks in Italy: Prehistoric Park

Do you love dinosaurs? Then the Prehistoric Park in Rivolta d'Adda is for you! In 100 hectares of the forest, you will find replicas of some of the largest dinosaurs that existed on earth.

Along the way, you will find some animals in semi-freedom, ponds, botanical gardens, labyrinths and the Palaeontological Museum. You will find scientific reconstructions so realistic they look real, both of dinosaurs and prehistoric human communities. The dinosaurs were recreated directly from fossil skeletons found around the world. Fleshy parts, skin and fibreglass muscles were added from there.

This park has received many local and national awards for its commitment to the environmental and historical education of visitors and students.

1. Gardaland

Amusement parks in northern Italy: Gardaland

In Castelnuovo del Garda stands Gardaland, the most exciting amusement park in Italy and one of the top 10 in Europe. Every year around 2,900,000 visitors pass through the gates of Gardaland Park to board the more than 40 attractions that make up this incredible amusement park.

Gardaland offers attractions suitable for all ages, immersed in fantastic scenery and surrounded by colourful flowerbeds. At Gardaland, you will find adrenaline-pumping rides, water activities, top-class shows in the theatre as well as on the park's streets, refreshment stands and games for the little ones. You can have fun at fantastic attractions such as Escape from Atlantis, the Jungle Rapids, the Colorado Boat, the Blue Tornado, Raptor and Oblivion.

Theme days such as Gardaland October Fest, Gardaland Magic Winter and Gardaland Magic Halloween are organised throughout the year. In 2022 the novelty of the year is Jumanji The Adventure, the first attraction in the world dedicated to the famous film.

Which is the most beautiful amusement park in Italy? The choice is very difficult, why limit yourself to just one? Follow our advice, buy our tickets and visit them all!

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