Bari, the capital of Puglia, is a city rich in history, culture and traditions. Let's discover, in a weekend, the wonders that this city hosts.

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Bari, the famous city of the peninsula and capital of Puglia, is a city full of history and views, culture and traditions to discover and get to know. A weekend is enough to discover its beauties and immerse yourself in its lively atmosphere.

This city, with a thousand-year history, is an unmissable destination for travelers - who flock to it to savor its most unmissable itineraries, including history, sea and good food.

Stronghold of very different peoples, throughout history each domination has left its mark on the city - enriching it with monuments, works of art and traditions.

Between golden beaches and tasty dishes - Bari is a city that conquers the hearts of visitors. Its timeless beauty, in fact, goes well with the unmissable events that take place right in the streets of the city.

The Apulian capital, therefore, is an explosive mix of modernity and traditions, that offers unique experiences to discover. Would you come with us? 

Where to stay on a weekend in Bari, to discover and get to know the most unmissable places

The Cathedral of Bari, on a weekend in Bari

Bari, a lovely city in Southern Italy, offers visitors a wide choice of accommodation solutions - so that their needs and budgets can be satisfied.

From the historic center to the Murat and Umbertino districts, from the area adjacent to the Port to the other closest and most accessible towns: each location can offer visitors what they love most.

The historic center of Bari, Bari Vecchia, is a true architectural jewel. A labyrinth of narrow alleys, white houses and ancient churches, among which the Basilica of San Nicola, patron saint of the city, stands out. Walking through its streets, you can breathe a magical atmosphere and have the sensation of going back in time.

If you love the lively and lively atmosphere of the cities visited, therefore, staying in the historic center can be optimal; however, if you prefer to experience a more peaceful stay, the areas of the Murat and Umbertino districts are the best solutions.

In particular, we highlight the homes and housing solutions adjacent to the Port - as they are cheaper and more accessible.

Visit the Basilica of St. Nicholas and the Crypt

Weekend in Bari, Friday evening: get lost in the Bari hostels, among tasty dishes

Bari at night, on a weekend in Bari

Imagining arriving in Bari late on Friday afternoon or in the evening, one can only think of relaxing and enjoying a typical Bari dish immediately.

For dinner, you cannot miss out on tasting the typical dishes of Bari cuisine, such as orecchiette with turnip greens, fried panzerotti and capocollo from Martina Franca.

Furthermore, this dinner could be the first opportunity - among many - to get lost in the alleys that host restaurants and taverns in Bari - rich in charm and history.

On Saturday morning: among the alleys of Bari Vecchia and local history and traditions

Bari Vecchia, on a weekend in Bari

The morning visit starts from the historic center, Bari Vecchia, a labyrinth of narrow alleys and white houses - which evoke in us the sensation of traveling through time. Here you can enjoy an excellent breakfast with local delicacies and desserts.

Here is the Basilica of San Nicola, an important place of pilgrimage, and the Norman-Swabian Castle, with a splendid view of the sea.

The city is also known for the wonderful women who work pasta on the street corners, fascinating the visiting public.

Bari Street Food: walking or cycling tour

Saturday afternoon, an itinerary between art and culture

Saturday afternoon at the theatre, on a weekend in Bari

In the afternoon, after having lunch in a tavern or a restaurant by the sea - or simply after tasting a stringy fried panzarotto - it can be wonderful to cross the city again.

Walking along the seafront, you arrive at the Petruzzelli Theatre, one of the most important in Italy. The Pinacoteca De Nittis is also worth a visit, with works by Apulian and Neapolitan artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Saturday evening in Bari, between vitality and folklore for everyone

Saturday evening, on a weekend in Bari

In the evening, Bari comes alive with nightlife. The pubs and clubs in the historic center are ideal for an aperitif or an after-dinner drink.

If you want a quieter Saturday evening, you can dine among inns, taverns and restaurants - to discover the immensity of Bari's food and wine offering.

Between the sea and fascinating realities, Bari drags us through its streets full of life and colour; fun and enchantment are guaranteed in beautiful Bari, as we have already underlined previously in this article on the city's nightlife.

Slowness and tranquility on a Sunday morning, an aperitif among the Bari delicacies

Sunday morning, on a weekend in Bari

Sunday morning is characterized by slowness in Bari. Among heady scents and irresistible breezes, cross the city and its alleys; Immerse yourself in a production laboratory of orecchiette - the typical Apulian pasta.

Discover the city with one of the numerous food and wine tours, discovering the products of the Apulian land. In particular, the focaccia from Bari is the symbol of the delicious and wonderful local cuisine.

Finally, enjoy a delicious aperitif in the streets of the city: taste Apulian cured meats and cheeses and focaccias - accompanied by a glass of local wine.

Sunday afternoon: from the parks, to the seafront, to shopping in the city

On the Bari seafront, on a weekend in Bari

Relax, until sunset, before returning to routine.

You can do this by walking along the seafront or sunbathing on the beach and enjoying a good ice cream.

You can visit the Pugliese Aqueduct Park, a green lung nestled in the city.

Finally, you can get lost among the shops in the alleys of Bari - choose gifts and objects that will make this stay memorable.

Sunday evening in Bari: among inevitable events and last bites

Sunday evening in Bari, on a weekend in Bari

Listen to a concert of Apulian popular music; Immerse yourself in the rhythms and melodies of the musical tradition of Bari and Puglia.

Attend a dialect theater show and enjoy a comedy or drama in Bari dialect, for an authentic and fun experience.

Before departure, take advantage of the evening opening of some museums and art galleries to discover the permanent collections or temporary exhibitions.

Finally, treat yourself to a tour of the incredible flavors of Bari - perhaps savoring a delicious and vast choice of street food and finger food.

Wonderful adventure, a weekend in Bari to live and relive

Discovering a weekend in Bari

Bari is a city that wins the hearts of its visitors with its beauty, its history, its welcoming atmosphere and its delicious food.

Whether you are a lover of history, art, culture, good food or relaxation, Bari has something to offer everyone - and is responsive to everyone's needs.

Magical Bari is traversable in every way: to move around the city, you can use public transport, on foot or by bicycle.

Bari is waiting for you!

Rent your bike in Bari

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