Waves, splashes, games in the water and with the sand: the sea is the perfect holiday for children. Discover the 10 best Italian beaches for kids.

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With the arrival of summer, the desire for the sea and sun becomes more and more intense, especially in Italy, where the sea is always one of the most popular destinations for both adults and children.

If you are still looking for the perfect place to spend the summer with the whole family, with comfortable beaches and clear water, you have come to the right place.From 2020, in Italy, a ranking has been drawn up by Italian paediatricians who assign the green flag designation to the best beaches in Italy for families with children from 0 to 18 years. In 2021, 143 locations in Italy reached these standards, with the Adriatic coast receiving the most appointments.
This short guide will help you choose the best place to spend your holidays. Here are the 10 best locations with beaches for families and children.
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10. La Pelosa in Stintino - Sardinia

La Pelosa - Stintino

One of the first proposals of this guide is one of the most famous beaches in Italy. La Pelosa in Stintino, in the north of Sardinia. This Sardinian town is known for its proximity to the Costa Smeralda but is also famous for its thin white sand and crystal clear sea and the shallow seabed, which is confirmed to be an ideal destination for families, thanks to its facilities and free beach wide and comfortable.

The natural conformation of the territory makes La Pelosa a beach particularly suitable for children thanks to the areas sheltered from the wind and currents.

9. The velvet beach in Senigallia - Marche


The velvet beach of Senigallia is one of the favourite destinations for families who want to spend a beach holiday in the Marche. It is the ideal destination for a relaxing beach holiday with children. Its beach is made up of very soft, impalpable sand and equipped with everything necessary for the needs of the little ones.

Among the peculiarities of the Velvet beach, there is undoubtedly the shallow water, suitable for children to play in the water without danger. Furthermore, Senigallia is one of the favourite destinations for those who love camping directly on the beach.

8. Forte dei Marmi - Tuscany

Forte dei Marmi

Versilia is one of the most popular areas for a holiday in Tuscany. Among its most famous locations, there is Forte dei Marmi. For our guide, this is a perfect destination for a vacation with kids.

It is chosen by famous people for family holidays. In fact, among its wide beaches of fine golden sand, there are modern establishments equipped with every kind of comfort and services designed for the little ones.

Forte dei Marmi offers a relaxing holiday for both adults and children, a perfect mix of fun and safety.

7. Palinuro and the Saline beach - Campania


This stage takes us directly to Campania. In the province of Salerno, you immerse yourself in the heart of the Cilento National Park, where you will find an endless constellation of areas and attractions among the most beautiful in Italy. Among others, you can find Saline beach, which is located in Palinuro.

A beautiful beach made up of golden and very soft sand. This place is ideal as a destination for families with small children with its crystal clear water and shallow water. A stone's throw from Palinuro, you can also find other places included among the Italian green flags such as Marina di Camerota, Ascea, Centola and Pisciotta.

6. The Romagna Riviera: Cervia and Misano Adriatico - Emilia Romagna


The Riviera Romagnola is one of the most popular destinations for Italian family tourism. This is confirmed by the large number of green flags assigned by Italian paediatricians. Among the most famous places in this stretch of the Adriatic Sea, there are Cervia and Misano Adriatico.

Cervia and Misano Adriatico are not famous for their wide beaches and equipped for any need for a family, also for all the collateral activities that you can undertake in these cities. Amusement parks, theme parks and much more will make your holiday on the Adriatic Sea unique.

5. Vieste: Salento for children - Puglia


Puglia is also a very popular destination for Italian families. Vieste is certainly one of the most populated places. It is the pearl of the Gargano and is one of the Apulian places recommended by paediatricians as a green flag.

Vieste is a perfect destination for family holidays with its beaches with shallow waters that make it particularly suitable for children and is full of natural beauties not to be missed.

Among the most famous beaches is the Spiaggia di Castello with its unmistakable white stack called Pizzomunno. A perfect beach for families with its soft sand and San Felice Beach, which is protected from winds and currents thanks to its location.

4. The island of Capo Rizzuto - Calabria

The beach of Le Castella

One of the most evocative beaches in all of Calabria but also appropriate for a holiday with children is the beach of Le Castella, on the promontory of the island of Capo Rizzuto.

The beach offers an extremely suggestive glimpse, overlooking an Aragonese castle, located in the middle of the sea. The castle has the same colour as the sand, dark gold and is reflected in a very clear sea with the waters that become immobile in the afternoon and give wonderful reflections.

The entire Calabrian coast is rich in these places that can accommodate families with children of all ages.

3. Lignano Sabbiadoro - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Lignano Sabbiadoro

One of the most famous destinations of Italian seaside tourism, however, is on the Adriatic coast: Lignano Sabbiadoro. Every year this location is confirmed as one of the most suitable destinations for a family holiday with children of all ages.

The beauty of this place is easy to guess from the name itself, that is its golden beach, over 8 km long and full of all the comforts and services necessary for families who want to enjoy a holiday of relaxation and tranquillity.

2. The Circeo and Sabaudia - Lazio


In the south of Lazio, not far from Rome, in the Circeo National Park area, you can find the beautiful beaches of Sabaudia.

It's a very long strip of land between sea and lake which in contact with the sea turns into very fine and soft sand and surrounded by dunes and which is well equipped for children. Furthermore, the shallow water allows all families to fully enjoy a relaxing holiday.

1. San Vito Lo Capo - Sicily

San Vito Lo Capo

We close this guide in the south of Italy with the beautiful beach of San Vito Lo Capo. It is an area of ​​Sicily, nestled between two nature reserves such as the Zingaro and Monte Cofano.

It is a destination for families with children thanks to the presence of attractions dedicated to them. As for the beach, it is a very long beach of white sand, fine and soft to the touch. One of the things most appreciated by families is the crystalline sea which has no currents.

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