The magic of the Capital will embrace you more after the sunset: find out 10 things to do for your Rome nightlife.

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If you have chosen Rome as your next autumn destination, you already know that the irreplaceable charm of the city expresses not just during the day but in particular when the sun goes down as well. 

So we want to guide you to discover some interesting places in the Eternal City, sharing with you this precious guide that suggests 10 interesting things to do for your Rome nightlife.

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Rome nightlife: the magic after the sunset

Rome nightlife

Culinary specialties, festivals, performances but also a simple walk through the ruins of ancient Rome are just some of the exciting experiences you can enjoy during your stay in the capital. Experiences that become more meaningful when the moon rises, because at night you can savor a magical, decadent, evocative atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

Not sure where to start? We come to rescue you by proposing some goodies for all ages, more or less well-known, to enjoy the authentic Rome nightlife when the sun goes down, behind the seven hills - whether you are alone, with your partner, in a group or with your family. From 0 to 100 years old, here are our tips.

10. Walking around open-air movie sets

Rome nightlife, like being in a movie: Fontana di Trevi

Feel the atmosphere of Castel Sant'Angelo like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, be bewitched by the sound of the water of the Fontana di Trevi like Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni, or discover the romantic side of Ponte Milvio and the legendary love locks of Three meters above the sky.

For couples looking for picturesque locations but also for moviegoers, Rome offers a number of totally open-air locations from famous films; arm yourself with a map for a different-than-usual tour in the footsteps of the cinema stars.

If you're visiting Rome with your group of friends, you can't miss the Pigneto neighborhood, about which we've already talked here, that has become very fashionable in recent years especially among young people.

This is thanks to its cafes, located one by one along the main street, where you can taste the best cocktails in the city and pair them with lots of specialties, often in unlimited buffets - a formula known as apericena. A perfect way to drink and eat well at low prices and perhaps celebrate your special events. 

8. Inns and restaurants

Typical inns and restaurants for you Rome nights

Well, what's better to do in Rome at night, alone or in company, than eating? But of course, to be absolutely sure of enjoying the authentic dishes of Roman cuisine, we suggest you choose the typical inns and restaurants.

They have existed in every neighborhood for generations and are often family-owned businesses, featuring old-fashioned set-ups, solid menus, fast and no-frills service and above all, plentiful portions. Carbonara, amatriciana and saltimbocca are just some of the delights you'll be able to sample: trust the staff and let their experience advise you. Then take a digestive walk, you'll need it!

7. Treasure hunts

Treasure hunt for your Rome nightlife

In Rome it is possible to participate in various types of treasure hunts depending on the type of group and the age of the participants, not only by day, but also during the night hours. This is definitely a creative and entertaining way to discover corners of the Capital you would not generally visit because they may be absent from classic guidebooks. Family-friendly treasure hunts with games, riddles and child-sized prizes are also available.

If you love cocktails and you are constantly on the lookout for new flavors, you should know that Rome is the perfect city to broaden your horizons. Here you'll find the best bartenders and the most special masterfully prepared drinks, especially in speakeasy bars, Prohibition-era-inspired venues that can be reached by passwords or hidden entrances.

These elegantly retro-decorated places are perfect for relaxing, listening to sophisticated music, and of course drinking high-quality blends in which even the rarest ingredients are dosed to perfection-a quieter but perhaps more charming alternative to classic clubs.

Want to explore Rome by night from a privileged perspective? Rent an extra luxury limousine with your group of friends, for a slightly crazy bachelorette or bachelor party. You'll feel like a student at the spring ball or a very rich rapper, pampered with all the amenities you need, and you'll explore the Capital in the world's most desirable vehicle, with your personal driver, of course. Most importantly, you'll be able to take in the city's breathtaking views from the Gianicolo Hill, the cars' meeting point.

Rome has always been proud of its rich calendar of sporting events, from basketball to tennis passing, of course, through soccer. If you love sports, you cannot miss all the matches at the Foro Italico complex, the location par excellence of all the most important competitions in the world: an exclusive and fascinating place that pursues the goal of paying homage to the sporting values, as was common in ancient times.

Of course, just a few meters away, you will find the famous Olympic Stadium to watch all the matches of the famous Roma football team.

Did you know you can visit the Via Appia from below as well? By booking a night tour of the catacombs, you can discover the true dark side of the Eternal City by descending a few meters underground.

On this journey through the necropolis, you'll explore a maze of underground tunnels, an ancient hiding place for Christians escaping persecution as well as an antique cemetery, and discover all the most curious stories and legends about a truly hidden side of the Capital. Choose this itinerary for a truly unseen Rome by night, but only if you have a brave soul.

You can't visit the city without a stop at the Colosseum, but have you ever thought that you could get in there even after sunset, without the torrents of tourists?

Make your journey back in time to the ancient Roman Empire and visit the Colosseum thanks to special tours scheduled during evening hours, to grant you an unprecedented and contemplative perspective of this magical and fascinating place, which you cannot miss in your Rome nightlife explorations.

Do you dream of a night at the Opera? In the city center lies one of the most beautiful theaters in Italy where you can watch the most celebrated masterpieces of opera and ballet directed by great directors.

On the Teatro dell'Opera stage appear the leading figures in the profession, including tenors, sopranos, dancers and the world's most renowned orchestras. In summer, moreover, it moves to the splendid setting of the Terme di Caracalla: an unmissable experience to appreciate one of the ancient capital's treasure from an alternative perspective.

Rome nightlife and all the wonders for everyone

Castel Sant'Angelo in una splendida Roma di notte

Did you find any interesting proposals? From the most adventurous challenges to the most romantic settings, to experience a one-of-a-kind vacation, alone or in company, don't miss these and other fabulous wonders hidden in the alleys of Rome nightlife.

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