Are you traveling to Abruzzo? Discover what to see and what to do in Opi, an ancient mountain village framed in the wonderful nature of Marsica.

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Opi is an ancient and fascinating mountain village located at an altitude around 1250m, enjoying a breathtaking view on the enchanting natural landscape between the valleys and the peaks of Marsica, right in the middle of a natural amphitheater. We are in Abruzzo, an extraordinary land acknowledged as the greenest region of Europe - and so of Italy - which hosts most of the parks and natural reserves in the territory with stunning glimpses of beauty perfect to take beautiful photographs.

The strategic location of Opi in the uncontaminated heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise makes the village an interesting crossroads for tourists. Here you can experience sensations that few other places are able to convey: in fact, Opi offers its visitors an introspective travel experience to rediscover the bond between humans and nature, a lifestyle that perhaps is going to be forgotten but still survives within small villages.

For those who conceive traveling as an opportunity to relax and recharge the battery, enjoying the wonderful mountain landscape and hiking in nature, Opi is a little piece of heaven. If everything is ready, join us for a trip to Abruzzo to discover this hidden gem!

What to see in Opi, ancient mountain village in Abruzzo

What to see in Opi

Once you arrive in Opi you can’t help it but you’ll be immediately welcomed by a feeling of extreme tranquility and harmony with the environment, where the human presence (a few hundred inhabitants) is only a small detail in the mountain panorama of Abruzzo.

From the visitors point of view, the suggestive appearance of Opi gives the sensation of traveling back in time to distant eras strolling through the streets of a thriving medieval village in the green heart of Abruzzo. In particular, what mostly captures the tourist's attention is the aesthetics of Opi: pleasant historic architectures, characterized by pure white or gray colour tones and reddish roofs, which embrace stone avenues and stairways enriched by the colorful beauty of flowers and the typical wooden doors and windows.

Beautiful, isn't it? Here's what to see in Opi during your next trip to Abruzzo. Every ancient village worth of this name deserves a visit to its most famous symbols: among these, the main square certainly stands out, dominated by the medieval church dedicated to Holy Mary and by the "tower", an aesthetic architecture that will delight photography lovers. If you are interested in sacred arts, also visit the small chapel of St. John the Baptist: here you can admire paintings, sculptures and a suggestive altar characterized by white and red marbles.

The village of Opi hosts some museums too, small in size but relevant for what concerns the enhancement of the territory of Marsica in Abruzzo:

- chamois museum, set up in Palazzo Bevilacqua in the historic center of Opi, where you can find lots of useful information about the typical animals of the area, such as the chamois but also the brown bear of Marsica and the wolf of Apennines;

- forest and human museum, set up in the former Val Fondillo sawmill, where you can learn about the profound value of the union between humans and nature in this land;

- ski and mountain museum, set up in the town hall of Opi, which promotes the enhancement of the mountain as a tourist destination through the most popular winter sport.

How to best complete your walk in the village of Opi? Easy: visit the majestic terrace with the panoramic viewpoint over the natural wonders of Abruzzo, such as Val di Sangro, Val Fondillo, the Camosciara valley and the mountains of Marsica.

Places to visit near Opi in the enchanting natural landscape of Abruzzo

Places to visit near Opi

The charming village of Opi, as well as the entire hinterland of Abruzzo, certainly represents a truly interesting destination for those who love slow tourism. There are many places to visit near Opi, all beautiful and worthy to be marked in your travel itinerary. Discover them with us!

Our first suggestion for exploring the Marsica is hiking along the paths that cross through Val Fondillo and Camosciara valley: a totally immersive experience in the heart of nature in Abruzzo, where you can admire a spectacular mountain landscape and perhaps some magnificent examples of local fauna, also driving along the SS83 on the so-called Marsicana road. Nearby we suggest you visit Villetta Barrea, a splendid village overlooking Lake Barrea.

Driving on by car along the SR479 for about half an hour you reach Scanno, another magnificent place to discover in Abruzzo: here you can visit the enchanting heart-shaped lake, perhaps for a romantic experience with your sweetheart, or treat yourself to an amusing white week in winters.

Curiosities about Opi, a jewel to visit in Abruzzo

Curiosities about Opi

What’s the origin of the name Opi? It is not known for sure, however there are many theories regarding this topic. The most reliable ones refer to:

- ops, a Latin term for agricultural work;

- oppidum, a Latin term for fortified towns;

- Opis, ancient goddess of abundance in Roman mythology.

The ancient village is also the protagonist, together with other mountain towns in the area, of an important work of art by Escher now kept in the Netherlands, the artist's homeland: it is a lithograph entitled Opi in Abruzzo.

How to get to Opi in Abruzzo

How to get to Opi

The only kind of transport available to get to Opi is the car. However, its strategic position makes it a destination within quite easy reach from different locations. Here we suggest you four routes to get to Opi starting from Abruzzo (L'Aquila and Pescara), Lazio (Rome) and Campania (Naples):

- the route from L'Aquila to Opi takes about 2 hours (116km) and runs along the SS83;

- the route from Pescara to Opi takes less than 2 hours (135km) and first runs along the A25 and then continues on the SS83;

- the route from Rome to Opi, rather complicated, takes just over 2 hours (158km) and firstly runs along the A24, then turns to the A1, continuing then along the SR214 after the exit at Ferentino: following, it runs by the SR82, the SR666, the SR509 and finally the SS83 up to the village;

- in conclusion, the route from Naples to Opi takes just over 2 hours (160km) and drives along the A1, the SR509 and the SS83.

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