Discover all the events planned to spend an amazing New Year's Eve in Calabria in 2024.

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New Year's Eve in Calabria is the ideal choice for spending the most eagerly awaited night of the year in an original way. Between tradition, history, culture, social life and good food, New Year's Eve in this characteristic region holds many surprises.

One cannot think of spending New Year's Eve in Calabria without trying the countless local specialities. There are plenty of solutions that the region offers both young people and families for a delicious New Year's Eve dinner.

There will also be countless events and concerts that will come to life in the main squares of Calabria's cities, making this New Year's Eve in Calabria unforgettable.

There is nothing left to do but go into detail about all the fantastic initiatives that will accompany us on New Year's Eve.

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New Year's Eve in Calabria 2024

New Year's Eve in Calabria 2024

The arrival of the new year is getting closer and there is no better destination than to choose to spend New Year's Eve in Calabria for an unforgettable night.

In fact, it will be Calabria, specifically Crotone, that will host 'L'anno che verrà' (The year to come), the traditional RAI event that will say goodbye to 2023 and celebrate the arrival of 2024, with musical guests and show business personalities. 

The other cities will not be outdone, with important guests, such as Max Pezzali, and themed walks in the Pollino parks, where even the youngest will be able to enjoy themselves.

There will also be Christmas markets where it will be possible to taste typical local culinary products. In short, the House of the Bronzes has everything it takes to make you spend a magical evening and make this New Year's Eve in Calabria unique.

Crotone for the New Year in Calabria RAI

Crotone New Years Eve in Calabria

Rai's New Year's Eve lands in Calabria. Following the signing of the agreement between Rai and the Calabria Film Commission Foundation, 'L'Anno che Verrà', the traditional event hosted by Amadeus to greet 2023 and celebrate the arrival of 2024, with musical guests and show business personalities, will take place in Crotone

The evening, live on 31 December in prime time on Rai 1, will be broadcast from the central Piazza Pitagora, one of the city's landmarks.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the nearby Isola di Capo Rizzuto, an impressive fortress on the sea

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New Year's Eve in Calabria: Max Pezzali in concert in Corigliano Rossano

New Year's Eve in Calabria in Corigliano Rossano

In the square of Corigliano, that 'myth' Max Pezzali will perform. The voice that has accompanied with his songs - first with 883 and then as a soloist - all generations since 1991. 

Seven million records sold, 21 albums released, 61 singles, make Pezzali one of the most successful Italian singer-songwriters also in live performances. Don't miss the chance to be there.

On the same day, take the opportunity to take a trip (half an hour by car) to Sila, the Calabrian peaks, where wonderful villages await you.

Visit the Calabrian Mountains

Other activities for New Year's Eve in Calabria

activities for New Year's Eve in Calabria

Not only concerts and festivals, in Calabria you can spend New Year's Eve in many other ways.

Are you looking for the authentic flavours of this land? Taste the typical foods born of tradition at one of the many Christmas markets scattered throughout the region.

Want to spend New Year's Eve skiing in Calabria? No problem! Calabria offers not only magnificent beaches, but also numerous snow-capped mountains where you can practice winter sports.

Undoubtedly, Sila, is the best area to ski in Calabria. A National Park that stretches across the provinces of Crotone, Catanzaro and Cosenza. There are several villages in this area where you can spend a day skiing.

Camigliatello Silano is certainly the most famous place to ski in Calabria. Here you will find professional services and all the warmth of the typical southern hospitality.

A few kilometres away you will find Lorica, the resort on the highest peak in Sila, at an altitude of 1,928 metres.

If you are at the tip of the region, the perfect destination for you is Gambarie, where the ski lifts are active even in summer.

 You just have to choose where to ski for your New Year's Eve in Calabria.

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