Italy, like every country, has its uses and traditions that make it unique in its kind, which you must take into account. So if you're ready to experience Italian beauty, here's what you need to know

Italy is one of the dream destinations to visit at least once in a lifetime. Among works of art of inestimable value and priceless, architecture of any age, traditional food and fabulous wines is the most cultural country par excellence. All the cities of the Belpaese have traces of any historical period: lose yourself in the splendours of the antiquity of Rome or enjoy with the vivacity of Naples, passing through the history of Florence and Venice, up to the more European Milan.
But Italy, like every country, has its uses and traditions that make it unique in its kind, which you must take into account. So if you're ready to experience Italian beauty, here's what you need to know about your first trip to Italy.

Take your time

Italy is not a country to visit in a short time. All Italian cities deserve a worthy and careful visit, if you do not miss the suggestions and impressions that each view can offer you. Every corner has its own story to tell that you will hardly find in other countries.

Learn some meaningful expression

In the major Italian cities fluent English is spoken; in centers, museums, bars and restaurants it is customary to know how to speak in English, but in smaller towns it would be more appropriate if you learned some expression for your travel information.

The big attractions

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During the high season the major attractions are very appreciated, don't miss even one. Almost for all the big attractions, you can book your visits or you can rely on a tour operator.

The coffee ritual

Italy is also famous for coffee, you have to try it absolutely. It is a custom, a real ritual throughout the day. Coffee is always served espresso and also in disposable packaging on request.


In certain places clothing is important: for example, if you visit religious places do not wear skimpy clothes.

Try the local cuisine

Italian cuisine is famous all over the world, but the one you taste all over the world is extremely different from the true typical cuisine. If you come to Italy you absolutely must try the local cuisine, you will taste tastes you have never tried.

The bill and the tip to the restaurant

In the other countries the waiters bring you the bill, when they believe that you have finished eating, in Italy, instead, you have to ask for it. The custom is to bring the hand up and pretend to write in the air to attract the attention of the waiter who will understand your intentions. In the account the "covered" is included, that is the table service and in many cases also the tip for the waiters.

Use an app to have all the information at your fingertips

Tips for your first trip to Italy, but also more specific information about Italy, its cities and the thousands of things to do and see can come in handy at any time. That's why it can be very useful to download an app that allows you to always have this information with you.

ItalyWow, for example, is an app that, depending on your preferences, will offer you tips on things to do, restaurants where to eat and experiences not to be missed during your trip to Italy, but it will also show you the main shopping streets to make the best purchases, the facilities where you can do sports or physical well-being and the most spectacular events to enjoy.

In short, there are many things to do in Italy and on your first trip you won't know where to go and how to get around to enjoy them. Through an app like ItalyWow you can be sure to enjoy the perfect trip according to your tastes and needs.

Prefer public transport

Unlike many European cities, public transport arrives almost everywhere and the landscapes you can enjoy are breathtaking, tracks that run along the sea or pass by medieval villages. In Italy, remember to have a ticket and always validate it. Buses and subways take you around the historic centre of the city, while taxis can be available in taxi areas or by telephone.
These are just some of the most important things you need to know when you'll be in Italy. So? What are you waiting for? Run to Italy!

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