A special 2 week itinerary to discover all the best places in Italy for your visits and shopping. Check out all the practical info here.

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You have taken your vacation and have already purchased your airline tickets. Your destination for your 2-week vacation is Italy!

You already imagine yourself sailing down the Grand Canal in a gondola, strolling through the streets of Florence, and gazing with awe mixed with reverence at the Colosseum. But won't there be something else missing from the list?

Indeed, planning a 2-week itinerary through Italy may not be the easiest thing. So many places to visit, foods to savor, and most importantly, so many experiences to have. Art, shopping, good food-you really want to try it all.

For this reason, we have prepared this guide where you will find all the information you need to create the perfect 14-day tour through Italy.

We'll tell you the must-see stops, the experiences to consider, and we'll also give you some useful tips for organizing your tour in the best possible way.

So, let's get started right away!

2 weeks in Italy: some tips to get you started

2 weeks in italy

One of the first questions that might arise as you plan your itinerary is whether 2 weeks is really enough time to visit Italy. And the answer is certainly not easy.

We, who have lived in Italy all our lives, love it and promote it around the world, know very well how many treasures our Bel Paese holds. Yet, we can tell you without any doubt what are the stops you should not miss if you come to Italy for the first time. They are those places that are so peculiar and unique that as soon as you see them, you cannot help but exclaim, "Ah, This is indeed Italy".

Of course, if you come to Italy more than once, and we really hope you do, we will be glad to give you new suggestions and let you discover some destinations outside the most known and beaten routes. Perhaps you would like to discover the Dolomites or our islands, such as Sicily, Sardinia or Ischia, recently named among the most beautiful islands in the world?

All that anticipated, we are ready to go. Or rather, land. And we will do just that in one of the jewels of our peninsula: Venice.

Day 1: the arrival day

14 days in italy

Here we are in Venice, the city that, with its shimmering lagoon and elegant Gothic palaces, makes millions and millions of tourists dream each year.

On this first day, also aided by jet lag, we suggest you start exploring the city freely and map out its landmarks in your mind. The Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, San Marco. Start here and be ready because the best is yet to come!

Buonanotte (Good Night)!

Day 2: A day in the Floating City among visits and shopping

14 day itinerary in italy

Buongiorno (Good morning)!

It's time for your first breakfast in Italy. As you may have already guessed, in Italy we love the sweet breakfast: cornetto (or brioches) and cappuccino. Occasionally, however, we also like to enjoy some savory options such as eggs toast and scrambled eggs. The choice is up to you for the next two weeks in Italy!

So, once you've savored breakfast (perhaps from the terrace of some hotel overlooking the canals), it's time to hit the road.

We certainly suggest that you take advantage of a guided tour of the city, perhaps lasting a couple of hours. During the walk, you will learn about the history of our beloved Serenissima and visit some of its most important places. You will learn so much about the local culture that the hours of sightseeing will seem so short!

In any case, you will have the afternoon to devote to the activities that interest you most. Could it be that gondola ride? Or perhaps a visit to the Guggenheim?

If, on the other hand, you want to take home a great memory of your stay here, you could head to Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet and treat yourself to an intense afternoon of shopping among the best-known brands of Made in Italy and beyond.

It's already evening. One last moonlit walk (don't miss it!), a romantic dinner by the canal and we are ready to continue our 14 day tour.

After breakfast, it's time to depart. Depending on your interests, you can decide whether to leave immediately for Milan and take your time visiting the city, or make a quick stop in Verona and lose yourself in the streets of the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Once you have arrived in Milan, it is time for sightseeing. A city that has become a metropolis over the past few years, a place that provides a plethora of cultural attractions, events and exhibitions. Not to mention that places like the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and La Scala Theater are among the most incredible attractions you will see on your trip.

If you love shopping, then, Milan is one of the must-see places to visit, thanks to an offer of high-fashion brands that is nothing short of endless.

But the surprises certainly don't end there.

For now, though, good night in Milan.

Today we leave early because the day will be really busy. Destination: Cinque Terre, a wonderful (and to say wonderful is an understatement) natural park lapped by the waters of the Ligurian Sea.

On your way to the park, you can make a brief restorative stop at the Serravalle Designer Outlet: high-fashion stores and restaurants where you can enjoy also Italian delicacies will all be just a few steps away.

The Serravalle Designer Outlet is Europe's largest outlet center, with over 230 stores and more than 300 premium and luxury brands and a wide range of dining options for all needs and cultures. A true shopping paradise, a must-see landmark for all fashion lovers.

Now that the spirit is rejuvenated, it's time to finally arrive in paradisiacal Liguria.

You can visit the Cinque Terre by following the railroad route or by boat. Undoubtedly, the visit by boat is much more relaxing and you can admire the spectacular panorama of cliffs and green mountains plunging into the blue sea. An endless thrill, colored even more by the presence of the picturesque villages, among which we certainly mention Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare and Manarola. True gems nestled on the water.

The day was so busy that there is no room for anything else but a princely dinner at a restaurant with a view of the sea (and sunset) and a restful night. Tomorrow will be a new day of real excitement.

Day 5: Departure to Florence

2 week itinerary in italy

After breakfast (sweet or savory team, by the way?), it's time to pack up and head off to the spectacular city of Florence.

This could be a quiet day where you start exploring one of our country's most important cities. Or you could already start with an initial guided tour of the city (there are some very fun ones that are also done by bicycle!).

You will see how much history and art literally ooze out of every building you encounter along your walk.

Be enchanted by the power of this city that was the most important cultural reference in Europe during the Renaissance era.

An aperitif with some good wine (and what wine in Tuscany!) and then dinner. In Florence, you know, you'll really be spoiled for choice. Pici or Florentine steak? Cacciucco or soup? And why not taste everything, just to make sure you make the right choice?

End the evening with a stroll through the city, which is slowly emptying of all its visitors, and perhaps an after-dinner drink in one of the many clubs in the center.

Florence, like so many other Italian cities, holds more treasures than our eyes can grasp. Well, get a guide to start exploring them all.

Discover the magic of the Duomo and its Baptistery, and let yourself be led through the streets that have made the city's history. Learn about the great people of the past, such as Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci, and the vicissitudes of the Medici family.

You could continue your city tour by exploring the Accademia Museum or the Uffizi (remember to make reservations well in advance) or indulge in some shopping. On the other hand, Florence is one of Italy's most famous cities for leather work, and here you will undoubtedly find exquisitely crafted garments at truly exceptional prices. A short distance from the historic center, you will also find one of the fashion hubs: discover the website of Barberino Designer Outlet to learn more!

Day 7: Rome, finally

two weeks in italy

We are wondering if tonight the excitement of finally seeing the Eternal City will make you sleep!

After all, even for us Italians, returning to this city is always moving and we always feel like we are visiting it for the first time.

To dilute the excitement a bit, you could visit San Gimignano, the city of beautiful towers. There are 72 of them and they contribute to the truly iconic skyline of this Tuscan town. Not to mention that the surrounding landscape of olive groves and vineyards is nothing short of poignant.

Indulge in a lunch of local produce in one of the most beautiful settings our country has to offer and then head off to Rome.

So much there is to do in this extraordinary city that perhaps we suggest you not rush too much and leave this first afternoon free: a walk, a streetcar ride, an aperitif. Let the slow pace of Rome get into your veins before you start visiting!

Day 8: A visit to the country's most iconic place

italy 14 day itinerary

It took a good eight days but, finally, here we are. We are ready to visit the ancient Rome and its symbol, the Colosseum.

We don't want to anticipate here the emotions you will feel but we assure you that it will be a truly indelible moment of this trip. Since this guide is also meant to give you practical information for your 14 days in Italy, we give you two tips right away:

- Book your ticket in advance (you can no longer buy tickets locally);

- If possible, book your visit early in the morning or in the evening, times that tend to be quieter.

In addition to this colossal example of Roman architecture and engineering, your ticket will give you access to the entire Palatine and Imperial Forum area. We undoubtedly suggest that you take your time to visit this striking area and, if possible, join a guided tour. You will thank us later!

At the end of the tours, you could head to the Altar of the Fatherland and, from there, take Via del Corso, which takes you to the upscale Roman shopping area. Have you never heard of Via Condotti? That's it, this street, is right surrounded by some of Rome's landmarks, such as the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, just beyond.

Undoubtedly, today is a busy day of sightseeing. But perhaps not as busy as the following day....

Day 9: The temple of art within the capital city

italy in 14 days

Well, by now it should be clear where we are heading today: the Vatican City.

In order to experience this day, though, remember that you really need to book tickets to the Vatican Museums in advance. This is one of the most visited museums in the world and you may struggle to find tickets, especially if you come to Italy during a peak season.

At any rate, in the halls you will see over the course of your visit, be prepared for the awe and wonder, second only to the emotion, this time silent, that you will feel when you cross the threshold of the Apostolic Palace and enter the Sistine Chapel. You will have little time and will not be able to take photos, so be sure to live each moment intensely and treasure every moment. They will be the most precious souvenirs you will take home from this trip.

The visit to the museums may be so intense that there is no room for anything else, but once you have finished, we definitely suggest you walk towards Trastevere.

For here beats the heart of the Rome of the Romans and you could experience a truly unforgettable evening. Restaurants, places for aperitifs, small craft stores and ateliers: you cannot leave Rome without seeing this extraordinary neighborhood.

And don't forget to taste a good Amatriciana or Carbonara: more than a suggestion, it is a moral imperative!

How many things are left to do and visit in this city? So many indeed, so you need to choose according to your preferences.

It could be a visit to the park and museum of Villa Borghese with the extraordinary works of Bernini, or a visit to the Baths of Caracalla, one of the most poignant places in the city. And again, you could devote time in the area of so-called Baroque Rome and spend time at the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and go inside the Pantheon.

Or, you could leave a little room for improvisation and devote time to strolling around the neighborhoods you haven't seen yet, such as the eccentric Coppedè District or do some shopping.

We've already mentioned the luxury street, but you could also explore the boutiques and artisanal stores scattered around the city. An aperitif and dinner (remember to try the Roman pizza, because it is completely different from the one in Naples) and we are ready for another day of the tour.

Day 11: Departure to Naples

italy in two weeks

Pack your bags because you're off to one of the most fascinating and picturesque cities you'll find in Italy.

Before arriving at your destination, however, we certainly suggest you make a stop in the Castelli Romani area, immediately south of the capital. This is a hilly area of resounding beauty in which you can discover medieval villages overlooking splendid views. This is also a great area to try the local gastronomy and do some great shopping. The Castel Romano Designer Outlet, for example, is certainly one of the places to consider for your branded purchases.

And now, we are ready to get to Naples. Here, too, we certainly suggest that you let yourself be led by what you see (and especially by your sense of smell!) to start getting to know this extraordinary city.

Day 12: A day in the City of the Sun

how to organize two weeks in italy

Here we are at last in the City of the Sun at the foot of Vesuvius.

The city center is really vast so if you really want to get to know it, we suggest a guided tour. You can discover the Spaccanapoli and Via dei Tribunali with its endless little craft stores and places selling all kinds of gastronomic delights from the early hours of the morning: pizza a portafoglio, cuoppo, taralli, pizza fritta, not to mention desserts, such as babas and sfogliatelle.

Then continue your visit by heading down to the sea area, and discover the Quartieri Spagnoli, Piazza del Plebiscito, and the Castello dell'Ovo. Your walk could really go on forever because behind every street and every palace, there are new treasures and gems to discover.

Time for an aperitif, dinner (because in Naples you really can't stop eating!) and it's time for a new day.

To head towards a worthy conclusion to this tour, why not have a royal experience?

We certainly suggest you visit the extraordinary Reggia di Caserta, known to be the largest royal palace in the world (yes, even Versailles!).

47 thousand square meters in which are located the magnificent 18th-century palace and gardens so extensive that they cannot be seen simply on foot, but you will have to board special shuttles provided by the palace.

Caserta, moreover, is a city known for its excellent gastronomy, very different from that of Naples, and for the possibility of quality shopping. In that regard, La Reggia Designer Outlet could really be the solution for you!

Day 14: What to do at the end of these 2 weeks in Italy?

14 days in italia

This last day of the tour could be devoted to what you like and are most excited about.

It could be dedicated to exploring Vesuvius Park, or the archaeological site of Pompeii. Or, you could really think about going to visit the Amalfi Coast but perhaps, in that case, you would need to add an extra night to your two-week itinerary in Italy.

Alternatively, you could always relax on the streets of Naples and be seduced by the many opportunities offered by this incredible city: the Archaeological Museum, the Catacombs, the Sansevero Chapel.

Which idea will you choose?

14 days in Italy: our tips

s gimignano

As you may have discovered, if this is your first time exploring our country, you will need at least two weeks to discover all its highlights.

Also, surely as you read this article, numerous questions may have surfaced in your mind. How do you get around? Where do you sleep or where do you eat?

You will discover on our site a series of guides dedicated to individual cities and which we have specially created to answer all these questions.

And if you'd like a few more shopping tips, on the McArthurGlen Designer Outlets website, you'll find more information about outlets in the area, brands and discounts. Yes, discounts of up to 70 percent on brands you already know and love.

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