When you come to Naples, there are at least 5 squares you must visit. Each place has a different story and way of enjoying it. 

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The Neapolitans love to meet in the squares. They live a lot on the street, which is a continuation of their home. They eat on the street, chat on the street, read on the street. And the square has always been a meeting point for the inhabitants of this city. 

Here are 5 unmissable squares to visit in Naples, together with their wonderful monuments, all to be easily reached thanx to the Naples Pass.

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5. Piazza Municipio

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The largest and most famous square is certainly Piazza del Plebiscito. It is located very close to the sea and at the end of Via Toledo, the long shopping street.

The most important events take place in these approximately 25 thousand square meters. The square often hosts opera concerts, as the very famous Teatro di San Carlo is nearby.

In this square overlooks the Royal Palace, an imposing construction built between 1600 and 1858, which can be visited from which one overlooks the square for a truly breathtaking view.

Exactly opposite, there is the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, one of the most important examples of neoclassical architecture in Italy! It is located exactly in the middle of a colonnade with Doric columns that seems to embrace it. When you come here you will surely take at least a million photos!

4. Piazza Dante

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In the historic centre, at the end of the upper part of via Toledo, there was a market here many years ago. Oil and wheat were the protagonists in these parts. But there were also offices, hospitals, cultural institutions and bars.

Not much has changed since then but the market is gone today. Its proximity to Port'Alba, the street of booksellers, has therefore made it the square of books and cafes. In the centre is the statue of Dante Alighieri looking towards the street, and on its sides are the entrances to the busiest metro station in the city. This is because Piazza Dante is in a strategic position: it is the most convenient point to reach to meet friends, get to the historic centre, go out for a coffee in the sun, go to buy books or eat a pizza – great, here!

3. Piazza Bellini


Port'Alba overlooks another square in the historic center which is one of the busiest of all. Piazza Bellini, the beating heart of summer nights (but also winter!). This is where hundreds and hundreds of college students meet in the evening to have a beer together. But also two, or three, or four beer! Crowds invade the square and its pretty garden. If you want to make friends and let yourself be carried away by the Neapolitan nightlife, here is the right place. In the morning, however, this square changes its face: it becomes the ideal place for a relaxing break or to work. There are several cafes frequented by a very heterogeneous audience and it is not difficult to hear the notes coming from the Conservatory of San Pietro a Maiella which is just around the corner. A truly wonderful place!

2. Piazza Cavour

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Along the border of the historic centre is Piazza Cavour, shortly after the National Archaeological Museum. In this square, which is not round, there are some trees with some benches. It is not beautiful, but it is alive. Via Foria, a very long and busy road, runs along with it and makes it a place of passage for everyone. This place is special because it is located in the middle of one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city, the Sanità. Behind Piazza Cavour, in fact, there is almost another world made up of ancient palaces, pastry shops, greengrocers, hairdressers and a lot of things to buy at low prices.

If you want to discover the most authentic and cheerful Naples you have to take a tour here!

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1. Piazza Municipio

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There are few squares as beautiful as this one. Simple design and full of light, the Municipio Square is located exactly in front of the port and is one of the largest in Europe. Here people arrive by ship and are ready to be overwhelmed by the city. Palazzo San Giacomo, the Maschio Angioino nearby, numerous cafes and restaurants and some theatres are the protagonists of the place. The Fountain of Neptune is in the centre of the square's gardens, an ideal place to take a break before diving back into the ever-hectic Neapolitan day.

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