Discover the Panyllo laboratory, in the heart of Messina: a unique place where Sicilian products are crafted with passion, dedication and quality.

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In the marvelous setting of Sicily, particularly in the historic and enchanting city of Messina, which boasts an extraordinary cultural and gastronomic heritage, you can find a bakery laboratory unlike any other, offering much more than simple baked goods.

Panyllo is a place where tradition meets innovation, where recipes handed down for generations blend with modern techniques to create true delights for your palate.

It’s in this way that authentic and high-quality Sicilian products are born. Pizzas, focaccias, savory pastries and more: in the Panyllo laboratory you will discover passion, a commitment to research, and the desire to showcase the culinary excellences that distinguish the splendid culinary tradition of Messina and Sicily to the world.

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Discovering Panyllo, for a journey to Messina through history, art and gastronomy

Panyllo, the bakery laboratory in the heart of Messina

Exploring Messina is an experience that takes you on a journey through the history, art, and breathtaking landscapes of Sicily. Located on the waters of the homonymous Strait, this city with millenary origins will amaze you with its rich cultural heritage and splendid architectures, ranging from the Renaissance to the Baroque, from the Neoclassical to the Art Deco.

The streets of Messina tell ancient stories, which manifest themselves in historical monuments such as the magnificent Duomo and its famous Astronomical Clock, as well as in the spectacular sea views you can enjoy from the Belvedere of the evocative Tempio di Cristo Re.

But Messina, like Sicily, is not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. The local cuisine is a true celebration of authentic flavors and fresh ingredients, coming from a generous land kissed by the sun.

From traditional dishes like Pasta alla Norma and Caponata to the delicious fresh fish of the Mediterranean, every bite is an unmissable experience in discovering an outstanding gastronomic culture. Not to mention the classic tradition of street food, which culminates in a recipe known and appreciated worldwide, that of the typical Sicilian Arancino.

To taste the most delicious Arancini and to try other Sicilian products of absolute excellence and quality, head to the modern part of Messina, at Viale Europa isolato 69, right at the intersection with the shops on Viale San Martino.

Here you’ll find the Panyllo bakery, a laboratory that offers pizzas, bread, sandwiches, rustic delicacies, mini pizzas and savory treats of all kinds, perfect for both tourists and the daily needs of every family, as well as for restaurants and any other commercial activities.

The Panyllo laboratory, a culinary oasis among the flavors of Sicily

Panyllo bakery

Just like Messina is nicknamed the "Gateway to Sicily", similarly, the Panyllo laboratory represents the entrance to a true culinary oasis where extraordinary recipes are born, stemming from the island's gastronomic tradition, captivating palates worldwide.

In this unique place, you can find a wide range of artisanal products of excellence, prepared with passion and dedication to convey the true flavor of Sicily. In addition to fresh bread and a tasty selection of pizzas, Panyllo offers a variety of typical dishes from Messina and high-quality baked delicacies.

Another highlight of the bakery is the rustic delicacies: Arancini, pidoni (stuffed focaccias typical of Sicily), mini pizzas, hot dogs, french fries, and many other specialties, such as savory plumcakes with fresh vegetables and local cheese, prepared with care by Panyllo's master bakers and ideal for organizing buffets and special events to share unforgettable moments with friends.

Furthermore, the laboratory daily bakes various types of delicious focaccias, using only high-quality ingredients and capturing the essence of the territory itself. 

At Panyllo, it's the quality of the ingredients that makes the difference, and based on this fundamental idea, the bakers tirelessly work to prepare stuffed focaccias that will tantalize your taste buds: Traditional Focaccia, Capricciosa, Norma, Pepperoni and others more.

To complete the picture, inside the store there's a courteous and helpful team, ready to provide you with the best possible service, while ensuring the utmost attention to the selection of raw materials, securing their origin only from guaranteed and certified sources.

In addition to this meticulous selection, all products undergo rigorous checks to ensure a high-level standard at every stage of the process, from sourcing to processing, and through distribution to the public.

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Panyllo's success: Arancini as Sicilian pride worldwide

Panyllo, Megarancino

Since 2010, Panyllo bakery has been offering its typical baked delights and more. Among the successes achieved during this period of activity, a memorable chapter is represented by the Guinness World Record for the largest Arancino in the world, obtained on September 30, 2023, in a memorable event held in the setting of Piazza Duomo in Messina, amidst excitement and pride of the local community.

This Megarancino reached a weight of 56.2 kg, with a height of 60 cm and a diameter of 55, far exceeding the previous record of 32.7 kg.

The spectacular cooking in the vast pot, followed by the weighing and verification of the ingredients once the Arancino was opened, were the most significant moments of this unforgettable experience, which, on one hand, put the Panyllo bakery under the international spotlight, and on the other hand, emphasized the importance of Arancini in Sicilian culinary tradition.

In the Panyllo menu, among other things, you can find not only the most classic Arancini with ragù, evoking the authentic flavors of Sicily, but also more innovative options, such as Arancini with butter, béchamel, and cooked ham, adding a note of creativity to the traditional recipe.

The extraordinary Guinness result achieved by the Megarancino is much more than just a record: it's a celebration of the passion and dedication that the Panyllo bakery puts into its daily production. Both Arancini and all other products, large or small, carry with them the legacy of a long culinary tradition and the commitment to keep this heritage alive for future generations.

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