Stands of local products, tastings, cooking shows and many guests: Eurochocolate 2021 is waiting for you! Visit Perugia from October 15 to 24 and attend the event!

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What else can you remember about a great chocolate, but the explosive, seductive, disruptive desire to taste it again, and again, and again?

Raymond Hammer

Every October, Perugia turns into the European Capital of Chocolate thanks to an event entirely dedicated to the irresistible and tasty black gold: don't miss Eurochocolate 2021!

Eurochocolate Indoor Special Edition

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The 2021 edition of the fair dedicated to chocolate will be held exclusively and for the first time at the exhibition centre Umbrifiere, just outside Perugia. The Umbrian capital has hosted for twenty-six years this tasty event. Still, this year Perugia will keep alive the tradition by using only symbolic setting in Piazza IV Novembre. The actual event will take place in the exhibition hall mentioned above. Entrance to Eurochocolate 2021 is allowed upon purchase of a ticket, while all the appointments we list below are free with reservation required. You will find all the information on the official website of the event. Now, learn about the many initiatives this tasty festival offers!

The Choco in Casa initiative to support the sector

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Thanks to the initiative "Choco in Casa", you can support the Umbrian chocolate supply chain. Eurochocolate has launched the operation #recoveryfond to try to relaunch the sector through tasty and fun contributions. In Piazza IV Novembre, in the historical centre of Perugia, the Maxi Choco in Casa (a tiny house) has been positioned. Inside, there are Choco in Casa Fun and Choco in Casa Umbria. In the first one, you can find the products of Costruttori di Dolcezze. This local chocolate laboratory has combined taste and fun and created its own identity in the field of fun chocolate. The brand is known nationwide; its symbol is the trowel, a tool generally used in construction works to spread the mortar between bricks. The second, however, has as its protagonists the products of 10 local craft companies. In short, whatever your tastes are, you can support the Perugia chocolate industry by buying comfortably online and receiving directly at home the product that tickles your fancy! If, instead, you will be present at Eurochocolate, you can purchase the products instantly at the Eurochocolate Store set up in Piazza IV Novembre. 

Events and special guests of the weekends

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Here are some of the main Eurochocolate appointments and the guests who will participate.

Saturday, October 16 - 3:00 pm

Two historical names of Italian and international pastry will open the calendar of special events of Eurochocolate 2021: Iginio Massari and Gino Fabbri, master pastry chefs of international fame, will lead an unmissable live show

Saturday, October 16 - 6 pm

The passion for cooking is combined with architecture and design: the architect and food designer Angela Simonelli will propose a live show dedicated to creative planting.

Saturday, October 23 – 3:00 pm

Ernst Knam, Chef and Maître Chocolatier of German origin, beloved Italian television personality since 2012 thanks to programs dedicated to pastry, and undisputed king of chocolate, will make an exclusive creation to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the company Icam, of which he is a testimonial. To see the master at work, you must access the the Big reserved area. 

Sunday, October 24 - 3:00 pm.

Federico Fusca and Simone Finetti, respectively food influencer and former contestant of Masterchef Italy, will lead a cooking show entitled "A good chef is worth his weight in...friendship!". Friends before being colleagues, this duo promises fun and lots of laughs.

Choco Day: let's safeguard chocolate!

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Eurochocolate promotes the International Day of Quality Chocolate. The Choco Day (not to be confused with World Chocolate Day) was established in 2005. Celebrated on October 12, Choco Day commemorates the discovery of America and the introduction of cocoa in the old continent. How to better mark this historical event than promoting the knowledge and the art of good chocolate? 

The Choco Day Manifesto


By signing the Choco Day Manifesto on the event's official website, anyone (NGOs, companies, private citizens, professionals, institutions, associations, and schools) can express their desire to protect chocolate quality by organising meetings and tastings workshops, animations or other promotional activities. Voluntary promoters will be given the official logo of Choco Day free of charge to make the initiatives realised within the day recognisable. The so-called food of the Gods cannot disregard the quality of the production process nor the quality of the ingredients. From the plantation to the table, it is necessary to clearly show the final consumer all the techniques and methods of processing and transformation adopted. Among these, the exclusion of the use of GMOs, the cocoa producer's fair remuneration, and the absence of exploitation of child labour. Good chocolate is made from the ground up, starting from the proper respect for the initial product and the respect for human dignity for the worker and the final consumer. 



Since you are here, it is worth visiting the Umbrian capital. Perugia is a town rich art and architecture jewels, witnesses of an ancient glorious past. Despite its appearance as a small fortified medieval village, Perugia has a very intense city activity: it is home to one of the oldest universities in Italy, so the frenetic pace is ordinary. Among the wonders of the village, you can admire the charming old town with its ancient Fontana Maggiore located in the centre of Piazza IV Novembre, the aqueduct, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the majestic hydraulic work known as the Etruscan Well and much more!

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