Wedding in Naples is a true dream. Discover the beauty of the Neapolitan locations to get married.

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Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and a popular destination from all over the world. Thanks to its beauty, its food and its history it is often chosen to seal eternal love. In the Italian tradition, if you think about marriage, the immediate connection is to Naples and its beauties, which will lead you to choose the best places to get married or to immortalize memories forever.

There are many locations, attractions, churches and views to choose from to finally say 'yes' in one of the most beautiful cities in the inner world. Visit them all with Naples Pass to experience their atmosphere, then discover with us the 5 best places to get married in Naples and its surroundings.

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5. Matrimonio a Napoli: getting married in Capodimonte

Wedding in Naples: Capodimonte

This journey into the places and locations to get married in Naples begins in one of the hearts of royal Naples, a stone's throw from the historic centre, in what still today gives back a corner of the nobility of the nineteenth-century city: Capodimonte.

Capodimonte stands on the hill that is ideally close to the ancient centre of the city and which was put about it precisely in the years of the Renovation, to create a direct connection between the city and the regal environments of the Capodimonte Palace (today the Capodimonte Museum).

The Royal Palace is one of the most iconic places in Naples and together with its gardens and its wood it becomes a memorable location to get married or simply to immortalize some memories between history and nature. In the vicinity of the Royal Palace, you can also celebrate the religious rite, descending the beautiful steps of Princess Jolanda, you can reach the beautiful Basilica of the Crowned Mother of Good Counsel, recently restored, and from which you can have a wonderful glance over the whole the city.

Marriage and the sea are an almost obligatory union in Naples. Among the most popular seaside locations there is undoubtedly the entire Phlegraean coast with its shallow sea and free beaches. There are many places on the coast that allow you to try these places, from Pozzuoli to Baia, passing through Bacoli and Monte di Procida, offering unparalleled spaces.

It would be impossible not to mention the places of the beautiful beach of the castle of Baia or the inlet of Schiacchetiello. Lake Averno and Lake Lucrino also manage to be other interesting locations with their history and tradition. If you want to get married in the beautiful setting of the Phlegraean Fields, the place that is a true masterpiece to celebrate your wedding is the Al Chiar di Luna restaurant, which in the beautiful setting of Monte di Procida, offers everything you need to celebrate and celebrate your wedding to the fullest. An almost family-run location that stands out at the top of the gastronomic and hotel sector with dedication and simplicity.

The restaurant is located in a place that seems enchanted, with Naples and the islands that form the perfect backdrop for your big day. The Phlegraean coast is a mystical and interesting place to dive.

3. The Sorrento peninsula: churches and the sea

Amalfi Chatedral

Getting married brings an infinity of emotions and suggestions to the places surrounding it, but also those a little more distant. A few kilometres from Naples is the Sorrento peninsula with Vico Equense, Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano. These small villages hide a centuries-old history and breathtaking views with suggestive views. Furthermore, these places contain some of the most beautiful churches of all.

One of the most famous is undoubtedly the Cathedral of Amalfi, wedged between the houses of Amalfi, perched on the coast, is a church with oriental characters, which from the apex of its access stairway offers a breathtaking view of the pearl of the Sorrento peninsula.

Another incredible structure is the church of the Santissima Annunziata di Vico Equense, set on the ridge overlooking the whole peninsula and the gulf from above. It is one of the few examples of Gothic architecture of the Sorrento coast but with the facade redone in the eighteenth century with Baroque influences.

In addition to churches, the peninsula offers couples the opportunity to choose beaches that creep between the rocks of the coast from Torre San Giovanni to Marina di Ugento overlooking the sea, an appropriate location for both the ceremony and a photographic set.

2. Maschio Angioino and historical center

Among the most requested and sought after places in Naples to choose the location of your wedding there is certainly the historic center with its views, its alleys and its colors.

The historic center, in fact, is very popular both for the religious or civil celebration of the wedding rite and for the fact that before moving on to the abundant celebrations it is usual to entertain themselves in a series of photos with friends and relatives who often have contexts maritime or in this case the alleys of the historic city of Naples. One of the most famous locations is undoubtedly the Maschio Angioino, or Castel Nuovo, which is suitable both for celebrating your wedding in a civil ceremony in one of the residences of the ancient kings of Naples and as a setting for souvenir photos.

Piazza del Plebiscito and the Galleria Umberto I are other locations appreciated by the spouses for several reasons. In fact, in Piazza del Plebiscito, in the scenic front of the colonnade facing the Royal Palace, there is one of the most beautiful churches in Naples, while the Gallery, with its eclectic architecture that evokes the Baroque, becomes the ideal photographic set.

1. The hill of Posillipo and the Church of Sant'Antonio

All the couples of Naples, when they decide to get married, begin to dream of a wedding with Vesuvius and the whole city in the background. The Posillipo hill is the best set to make this dream come true. In fact, among the streets of the Posillipo district, there are churches, restaurants, locations and beautiful views. The most beautiful church is undoubtedly that of Sant'Antonio with the homonymous terrace overlooking Naples, the Church of Santa Maria del Faro in the suggestive Marechiaro and the Church of Santa Maria del Parto at the foot of the hill in Mergellina.

Together with all the locations for a ceremony with the sea at your doorstep, there are also beautiful beaches where you can take some shots such as Trentaremi bay and nuns beach.

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