Where to go on holiday in Italy in March? Here are ten ideas to make the most of the first days of spring.

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Where to go on holiday in Italy in March when nature slowly awakens with its colors and the climate starts to get milder? From north to south, Italy is an infinite sequence of magnificent places to visit at any time of the year, but even more so when everybody want to spend more time outdoor, even though the air is still crisp.

Here are some excellent ideas for you to travel and discover new destinations, or to return to visit some of the milestones of Italy's immense cultural heritage. Art lovers, fans of nature walks, or perhaps food and wine enthusiasts, there really is something for everybody. Let's go right now to discover the top ten destinations where to go on holiday in Italy in March.

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March to let winter go out on a high

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March, spring

Sea or mountain? City or nature? If you are thinking about where to go on holiday in Italy in March, the eternal dilemma has only one answer: both. This time of year, in fact, is ideal for traveling basically anywhere. The generally most popular destinations are not yet very crowded and the days are already long and warm enough to allow for beautiful walks.

Visit the picturesque villages that Italy is famous for, or some of the characteristic islands that pepper the Mediterranean. And why not take advantage of the return of the warm weather to stretch your legs on one of the many wonderful trekking paths that cross Italy? Furthermore, many cities have parks and villas with beautiful gardens that begin to bloom in March, perfect for pleasing art and nature lovers at the same time.

So, shall we go?

10. Alba

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March - Langhe

Let's begin our journey to discover the most beautiful places where to go on holiday in Italy in March from the small town of Alba. This ancient village, which boasts almost two thousand years of history, is practically the heart of the Langhe, a wonderful Piedmont region full of pretty villages, but mainly known for its wines and white truffles. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Alba has also been named a UNESCO Creative City for gastronomy. A must-see for food lovers, but not only them.

The historic center is in fact a medieval jewel, with its towers and the beautiful Romanesque cathedral of San Lorenzo. Not far away is also the Gothic church of San Domenico. Also worth visiting are the Loggia dei Mercanti and the Palazzo Comunale.
Furthermore, all around Alba, there are rolling hills and vineyards as far as the eye can see, which offer unforgettable views.

9. Chieti

Chieti is a pretty town, mostly outside of mass tourism, which certainly helps to give it a dreamy and relaxed atmosphere. This, of course, doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do and see. Its history is very long and begins, according to legend, with the Greek hero Achilles who founded it, dedicating it to his mother.

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March, if not through squares and elegant buildings, discovering local craftsmanship and gastronomy, and of course some of the most representative monuments in town? The imposing medieval church of San Giustino, for example, is the most important in Chieti. There are also many museums, including the National Archaeological Museum and the Ceramics Museum. Just outside the center there are the remains of the amphitheater and three Roman temples.

Chieti is also an excellent starting point for beautiful excursions, when the weather permits. The beaches and the wooden machines of Costa dei Trabocchi are not to be missed, as are the landscapes of the Majella Park. Furthermore, not very far away is Gessopalena, one of the most evocative abandoned villages in Italy.

8. Como and its lake

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March - lake Como

Villas, museums, monuments and of course the wonders of the lake bordered by villages and castles to be explored. Como is truly one of the top places where to go on holiday in Italy in March because it's able to fascinate everyone.

Museums lovers, for example, will find an art gallery, an archaeological museum and the temple of the scientist Alessandro Volta, born in Como, to whom is dedicated an impressive contemporary sculpture, called Life Electric, located on the lakefront. For architecture enthusiasts, however, there are the villas. The most famous is La Rotonda, but they are all worth a visit. Furthermore, in Como there is no shortage of parks, sometimes enriched with educational routes. A few kilometers away there is also the WWF oasis of Bassone. In any case, in this quiet and elegant town, it's always nice to walk and be surprised by its many beauties, such as the Gothic Cathedral, or the medieval walls.

There are also many things to do on Lake Como, which offers glimpses of incomparable beauty and numerous villages to visit, of which Bellagio is probably the most famous. Don't miss the opportunity to walk along the shore on nice days or even try your hand at trekking routes.

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7. Orvieto

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March - Umbria

When spring is upon us, Umbria is definitely one of the places to be and Orvieto, in particular, will remain in your heart. It is a place rich in history, in the heart of the ancient region of Etruria.

By far its most famous monument, and rightly so, is the Duomo, among the most important cathedrals in the world. This church which admirably combines Gothic and Romanesque is a treasure chest of works by many great artists including Arnolfo di Cambio, Gentile da Fabriano, Beato Angelico and many others. It's particularly notable for its imposing façade whose golden mosaics shine in the sun.

Furthermore, contributing to the charm of this city is an immense labyrinth of caves excavated over almost three millennia, known today as Orvieto Underground. The most visited part is the Pozzo di San Patrizio, a well sixty-two meters deep and accessible thanks to two helical staircases that never cross each other.
Even gourmets will feel at home here. Orvieto is known for its excellent quality oil and wine, but also for its game, handmade pasta and legumes, without forgetting its desserts, including the famous St. Joseph's fritters.

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Winter hasn't left yet, and the apple tree suddenly appears transformed in a cascade of fragrant stars.

Pablo Neruda

6. Vernazza

where to go on holiday in Italy in March - Cinque Terre

Vernazza, in Liguria, is one of the most beautiful villages of the Cinque Terre. Perched on a promontory, this tiny town is made up of dry stone walls, loggias, colorful houses and small, steep streets that lead to the town small square. Here is the church of Santa Maria d'Antiochia, right in front of the port, which is the only natural one in the Cinque Terre.

The imposing cylindrical tower of the thousand-year-old castle dominates everything and today houses a cultural centre. Next to it there is also Belforte, another ancient defensive structure.

The atmosphere in Vernazza is incredibly romantic and relaxing every time of the year, but for those who love walking when the days get longer, there is the wonderful Sentiero Azzurro, which not only offers exceptional views of the sea, but also allows you to visit the Cinque Terre from village to village.

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5. Parma

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March - Emilia Romagna

A young and cultured city, Parma, home of the composer Toscanini, is one of the best places where  to go on holiday in Italy in March because it always offers so much to see and do. Its heart is a magnificent Romanesque style cathedral, with an octagonal baptistery. Not far away is the former monastery of San Paolo, where you can see an exceptional cycle of frescoes by Correggio, who is also the author of the paintings that decorate the awesome dome of the church of San Giovanni Evangelista.

Parma is a city full of museums, starting with Palazzo della Pilotta which houses an important art gallery, while outside its park is one of the most loved meeting places for young people. Don't miss the Archaeological Museum and the National Gallery, located right next to another absolute must-see, the Farnese Theatre, entirely built in wood. Palazzo Ducale also has a beautiful Italian garden where you can walk, while in the evenings and on weekends Strada Garibaldi comes alive, the main street of Parma, where another important theatre, the Teatro Regio, is also located.

It's impossible to visit Parma without tasting some of its many world-famous delights. This is in fact the home of Parmigiano Reggiano, but also of the porcini mushroom, and of one of the most famous Italian hams, the Parma ham to which a museum is dedicated.

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4. Predazzo in Val di Fiemme

At an altitude of 1000 meters there is a small town with around four thousand inhabitants. It is Predazzo, the eastern gateway to the Val di Fiemme, and the link between the latter and the Val di Fassa. Here, between these two valleys in the Dolomites, there are some of the most beautiful landscapes in Trentino.

Predazzo is an ideal winter destination for sports lovers, thanks to the ski slopes and jumping facilities which also host international competitions. With the thaw, however, it is an excellent starting point for beautiful walks in the woods, but also for horse riding, climbing or mountain bike excursions, given that here is one of the most beautiful cycle routes in Italy.

Those who love science will enjoy an important geological museum, or a walk on the Doss Capél geological path. Predazzo is the right place where to go on holiday in Italy in March also for music lovers. It is indeed a good starting point if you don't want to miss all the events dedicated to jazz that are held between Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa in this month.

3. Procida

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March - Procida

With its colorful houses reflected in the blue of the Mediterranean, the island of Procida seems almost drawn and is certainly one of the most pleasant places to wait for spring to arrive.

Its best-known monument is the former prision Palazzo d'Avalos, which is also a beautiful panoramic point. The Casale Vascello neighborhood is very suggestive, with the typical houses of the island characterized by inner yards and very few openings towards the outside. Also not to be missed is La Corricella, the oldest seaside village in Procida with Arab-style balconies.
On the island life flows peacefully and it really seems that time has stopped. A beautiful tradition of the Easter period also contributes to creating the atmosphere, it's that of the Mysteries and allegorical floats parading on Good Friday.

Visit Procida from Naples

2. Siena

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March - Tuscany

One of the best destinations to go on holiday in Italy in March, and not only then, is Tuscany and in particular Siena, one of its most beautiful town.

Surrounded by a countryside famous for its beauty, this lively medieval town, rich in history and traditions, never gets boring. Even a simple walk along its winding streets always reserves beautiful surprises, including suggestive views, artisan shops and typical restaurants where you can taste the exceptional local cuisine. Without forgetting, of course, its monuments, some of which are among the most precious of the Italian heritage. The Cathedral, for example, is a treasure chest of artworks that knows few comparisons, and the same can be said of the National Art Gallery, while the Palazzo Pubblico preserves a famous cycle of frescoes by Lorenzetti.

With its high tower, the top of which is reached via more than four hundred steps, the Palazzo Pubblico delimits one of the most iconic Italian squares, Piazza del Campo, where in summer the famous Palio takes place.

Visit the Cathedral of Siena complex

1. Where to go on holidays in Italy in March: Taormina

1. Where to go on holiday in Italy in March - Sicily

Where to go on holiday in Italy in March if not to Sicily? The island is incredibly rich in things to see, and has one of its most precious gems in Taormina. Goethe considered it a piece of paradise on Earth, and in fact anyone who visits cannot help but fall in love with this town.

The Greek theater alone would be worth the visit, with the sea and sky acting as a backdrop, but the English garden of the Villa Comunale is equally wonderful. Don't miss the imposing Cathedral, which almost looks more like a castle, thanks to its battlements, or the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, a perfect synthesis between Sicilian Gothic and Arab and Norman architecture.
Furthermore there is Corso Umberto I with its typical restaurants and artisans' shops, or the squares with unforgettable views to best enjoy late winter sun. Taormina is also connected by a thin strip of sand to the small Isola Bella, a beautiful nature reserve rich in Mediterranean or exotic vegetation.

Visit Taormina Amphitheatre

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