Get in the saddle. Here's our Vespa Tour of Naples, through 4 districts on a never-before-seen route. Shall we set off?

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Naples is an unforgettable city, a unique place where art, culture, smells and tastes are recognizable and mingle among the historic center's narrow alleys, squares and districts, until they blend with the scents of the wind coming from the sea.

If getting around on foot getting lost in the streets packed with people is exciting, there is an even more authentic way to explore this vibrant city. On two wheels. 

Getting around Naples on a vespa is an exciting experience, somewhere between locals' habits and the more movie-set imaginary. But what is the best route to follow to enjoy the city on a vespa? In this article, we will reveal an alternative route to the main roads most traveled by tourists, that will take you in an alternative and fun way to all the attractions you can visit thanx to the Naples Pass. Here is our very secret Vespa Tour of Naples.

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Vespa Tour in Naples: an itinerary you've never seen before

Vespa Tour in Naples

Our Vespa Tour of Naples passes through 4 districts. It is a little-known itinerary, passing mostly through narrow streets and alleys, in the bowels of the city.

Starting from Piazza dei Martiri, the symbolic place of the Chiaia district, we will immerse ourselves in history and art by walking along the streets of Via Gaetano Filangieri and Via dei Mille. We will discover hidden gems in the narrow alleys of Vico del Vasto a Chiaia and Vico Vetreria, admiring ancient churches and architectural monuments.

We will then explore Montesanto, an authentic and lively area, and end our adventure with a mysterious touch at the Cimitero delle Fontanelle, in the heart of Sanità. 

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Shall we go?

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The start of our Vespa tour of Naples: the Chiaia district

So, are you ready to go? Put on your motorbike helmet and get ready for an unforgettable experience that will take you through the city's picturesque streets, starting from the picturesque Piazza dei Martiri in Chiaia.

Be inspired by the typical roar of the all-Italian Vespa scooter's engine as you meander through the lively and colourful streets of Chiaia, also known as 'the city's good living room'. This elegant district is renowned for its fashionable shops, cafés, and many historical buildings. But before you set off, take a look at the beautiful Piazza dei Martiri: take a closer look at the monument to the martyrs, where four momunemtal lions by four different artists (Antonio Busciolano, Stanislao Lista, Pasquale Ricca and Tommaso Solari) welcome you to the elegant square. Then immediately saddle up to lose yourself in the fashion boutiques and art galleries of Via dei Mille and Via Gaetano Filangieri.

Admire the fascinating architecture and breathe in the refined atmosphere as you head towards the Quartieri Spagnoli. Pass through Vico Vetreria and take the Rampe Brancaccio, right behind the historic Palazzo del Mannajuolo, one of the best examples of the Liberty style in the city, with a striking monumental staircase. Once past Piazzetta Mondragone, where there is an old textile museum, go down Via Giovanni Nicotera and you will almost be in the picturesque Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Neighborhoods).

Quartieri Spagnoli: a truly evocative place to explore on a Vespa

Quartieri Spagnoli

So you are ready to explore the Spanish Neighbourhoods on a Vespa: a labyrinth of colourful, picturesque streets winding between historic buildings and traditional houses. This is definitely one of the most authentic neighbourhoods in Naples, where you can feel the genuine soul of the city. You will get lost among the colourful murals and the ever-present loud music, which give this area a unique atmosphere.

Pass through vico Santa Teresella degli Spagnoli: Another picturesque alleyway that will immerse you in the beauty of Naples, amidst more murals, stickers and hanging laundry. Dart carefully down the nearby Via San Mattia: you are now in the heart of Naples, immersed in neighbourhood life and its vibrant atmosphere. Walk down one of the city's most picturesque streets, Via Speranzella, and continue towards Via Concezione a Montecalvario, where you will find the Teatro Stabile Galleria Toledo, which has been putting on avant-garde shows and concerts for years.

Turn into Via Francesco Girardi and enjoy all the architectural treasures Naples has to offer, including churches and historic buildings. A few more streets and we are in Via Giovanni Ninni: we are almost at Montesanto, outside the Spanish quarters, our journey continues!

The beauty of the Montecalvario district: from Montesanto to the 'Cavone'

From Montesanto to the 'Cavone'

Arriving in Montesanto, you will find one of the oldest funicular railways in Naples, a symbol of Neapolitan public transport, combining past, present and future. Stop as soon as you can to enjoy the chaotic beauty of its narrow streets and the markets of the nearby via Pignasecca. We are still in the Montecalvario district of Naples, the same as the Quartieri Spagnoli but closer to Piazza Dante, one of the city's main squares.

From here, the streets will be all ups and downs, narrow alleys that are likely to be crowded. A pleasant chaos, also made up of scents and enchanting views. Before exiting this tangled stretch of street, remember to pass by Via Francesco Saverio Correra, also known as 'O' Cavone' because of the Tuff Quarries that somewhat concealed this street, which until the 1950s was completely pedestrianised, also because of its flights of steps (now partially eliminated).

Here, in the heart of the city, you cannot fail to immerse yourself in the local culture and make a stop in a traditional café to taste a cup of Neapolitan coffee or sample a typical sfogliatella, the celebrated Neapolitan dessert.

A nice tour of the Sanità district: on a Vespa to the Cimitero delle Fontanelle

Sanità District, Cimitero delle Fontanelle

We conclude our Vespa Tour of Naples, by venturing into the heart of the Sanità district, a place steeped in history, culture and mystery. To get there easily, from Cavone go up via Imbriani and then turn into Salita San Raffaele, passing through the Materdei district straddling the Stella and Avvocata districts. From there we can reach the Cimitero delle Fontanelle in no time.

The neighbourhood is extraordinary as is the entire oldest part of the city. The ancient cemetery, is a unique and evocative place, where the bones and tombs are arranged in an unusual way, giving an atmosphere of sacred suggestion and devotion.

"Cimitero delle Fontanelle" offers a special perspective on Neapolitan culture and religion, with thousands of skulls and bones lined up along the tall tufa corridors. A visit to this historical site (soon to be open to the public again) will leave you speechless and give you a greater understanding of the city's traditions and beliefs.

Getting there on a Vespa, getting lost in the city's chaotic alleyways makes it all the more special!

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