Many people consider the tiny village of Rosazza the most mysterious village in Italy. Discover it with us through its mysteries and symbology.

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Have you ever heard of the most mysterious village in Italy? What would you think if we told you that there's a tiny mountain village wrapped in a real aura of mystery? Come with us to discover the mystery of Rosazza, a tiny village in the province of Biella.

Rosazza counts just a hundred inhabitants and is one of the municipalities in the Valle Cervo area, a small land high up on the mountains along the border between Piedmont and Aosta Valley. This village was given its name by Federico Rosazza Pistolet, a famous 19th-century Italian important man who was a member of Mazzini's Giovane Italia association and Senator of the Kingdom, as well as a key member of Masonry.

But what makes Rosazza such a magical place? The key lies exactly in its extreme esotericism: in fact, step by step Rosazza hides a strong Masonic symbology, visible through the aesthetics and architecture of the symbolic places of this village, in particular the castle, the church and the weird town hall where the clock tower stands out.

If you want to dive into the mystery, come with us and find out what to see in Rosazza!

The mystery of Rosazza: what to see in this village between esotericism and alpine landscapes

Despite the fog of mystery that characterizes the history and life of this small mountain village, Rosazza is considered one of the most evocative tourist destinations to visit in Italy.

The storytelling picturing Rosazza as a magical place to discover has sculpted over the years a strong curiosity for the most adventurous tourists, in search of memorable experiences made of hiking in the Biella Alps and discovering places that turn the imagination on.

Therefore, the question comes spontaneously: what to see in Rosazza? Despite its tiny size, this village offers many ideas to live an incomparable tourist experience, hunting for the mysterious symbology hidden among the buildings of the town or for beautiful natural views that represent the extreme beauty of the area, especially with the suggestive colours of the autumn or the snowy white landscape of winters around here.

Among the main things to see in Rosazza, its castle certainly stands out, the favorite destination for tourists to learn about the mystery of this village. The building, designed by Giuseppe Maffei, is characterized by its small building dominated by the Guelph tower, as well as by the insertion of esoteric elements such as the creation of fake colonnades, for the only purpose to recall the atmosphere of ancient temples such as those of Paestum, and the presence of Masonic symbols such as the five-pointed stars.

Even the Church of Rosazza is certainly an evocative place full of symbols. It is a real church-temple wanted by the Senator himself, built right on the remains of an ancient Christian church, where the formality of Christian worship mixes, with a certain ambiguity, with the Masonic symbology, giving life to a religious structure which looks more like a pagan temple than a church. Any examples? The chessboard floor alternating black and white, the frescoed ceiling like a starry sky and, of course, the presence of numerous ambiguous symbols including the five-pointed star, roses and even a hooked cross, better known as a swastika. For these reasons, some even define it as a possible Italian Rennes-le-Chateau.

The town hall of Rosazza is another example of esoteric art, typical of the village. The building is surely different from the classic idea of ​​a town hall, with alternating decorations and architectural textures based on cream, reddish and stone gray colours. The building is enriched by some balconies, a colonnade and a white marble staircase and, obviously, by the presence of Masonic symbols here, too. One of its distinctive elements is also the clock tower built in Ghibelline style, one of the icons of Rosazza.

To complete this mystery tour, one last stage to visit is the monumental graveyard of Rosazza, especially suggestive for its statues, for its symbology and, above all, for the large stone bridge to cross to get there starting from the village: a real dark scenario perfect for mystery lovers!

Rosazza and esotericism: the mystery of the Masonic village near Biella

The bond between Rosazza and esotericism is strong and it is no coincidence that its story began from mystery. In fact, all the symbolic buildings of the village are the result of the joint work of Federico Rosazza and Giuseppe Maffei, his friend and companion in the ranks of Masonry.

What is the source of the mystery of Rosazza? It is said that the two, after having taken part together in some seances, received clues and directives from real guide-spirits who would have had full power over the construction of the village of Rosazza, at least according to the traditional version.

In short, a town built by the hands of two men on behalf of some spirits, according to the Masonic canon... truth, fantasy or popular suggestion from the past? Who knows! What is certain, however, is that Rosazza today is a real hidden gem in the Biella Alps capable of attracting the curiosity of many mystery-loving tourists, looking for unique travel experiences to live and tell in breathtaking places.

Art, food, landscapes, of course, but tourism in Italy is also synonymous with mystery!

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