Let's find out how easy it is to get around the city of Bologna. A practical guide on public transports to enjoy the city at its best.

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Bologna: la Dotta (the Wise), la Rossa (the Red) and la Grassa (the Fatty). Three adjectives that tell of a centuries-old university tradition, a historic center of medieval houses and a gastronomy that is unrivaled. To tourists and visitors alike, indeed, the city of Bologna has much to offer, and far beyond its three picturesque appellations.

And while it is a city of immense artistic and cultural heritage, with a truly extensive historic center, we cannot but agree that it is also a human-sized city. Indeed, in addition to limited traffic zones, vast squares, and a substantial bus network, Bologna is also enhanced by an endless network of porticoes that have been protecting tourists and Bolognese from the rain for centuries. It's also possible to stay in some of the beautiful historical building, turned into hotels. Residenza del Duse, for example, is one of the nicest and most charming in Bologna.

In short, the tourist offer and the public transport line are articulated. Find out how in this article: at the end, you will also find an interesting tourist tip!

Would you like to enjoy the magnificent view of charming the city of Bologna from the suggestive location of the Clock Tower? Are you an art enthusiast, and would you like to contemplate the marvelous masterpieces of municipal collections? Click on the button to find out more.

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Public transport in Bologna: how to get around Bologna easily

How to get around Bologna by public transport

Getting around Bolognais really easy: there is no metro, but the city bus network is extensive and efficient. You may book one of its awesome hotels, such as Panorama Apartments, then move nimbly around the different places in the center, but you can also visit neighboring areas, such as the hill of San Luca, which is vying to become a UNESCO property, or arrive from the airport.

The majority of routes in the city are operated by the TPER company, which handles passenger transportation in Bologna, Imola, and Ferrara.

Let's discover now what you can do and with which tickets!

Before we analyze what you can do and with what tickets, we would also like to give an option for walking lovers. IIf you like exploring the city on foot, try this guided walking tour and discover how getting around Bologna can be enjoyable.

Getting around Bologna by car is also convenient. You can get to your destination quickly and decide on a timetable for getting around.

Getting around Bologna with buses: which ticket do you need?

How to get around Bologna by public transport

You can choose the perfect ticket for you not only by the number of rides you want to do but also by the type of means of transport you want to use.

Some tickets, in fact, allow you to travel within the urban area of Bologna using not only the buses but also the trains, buying just one ticket.

Let's now discover all the possibilities you have to enjoy the city of Bologna.

3 different tickets for rides up to 75 minutes long

1. Ordinary ticket: 1,50 euro.

Ordinary ticket allows you to circulate in the Urban Area on any route, even using multiple lines, for 75 minutes from the time of validation. It must be validated at the beginning of the run and at each subsequent bus change by inserting the ticket into the validator.

You may check out all the urban area lines at this link.

2. Ordinary ticket on board: 2 euros.

Ordinary tickets may be purchased on board too, and it must be validated at the beginning of every race. In case of subsequent trips, you have to show the ticket to the driver.

It must be validated at the start of the race and at each successive bus change by inserting the ticket in the validator.

3. Train and bus tickets all-in-one buying the "Mi Muovo City più Ticket": 1,80 euro.

It's a convenient solution that allows you to combine TPER buses with trains (regional trains operated by Trenitalia) within the urban area of Bologna. It lasts up to 75 minutes and it can only be purchased at the TPER authorized center located in the railway station.

You may discover all the train station interested by this offer at this link.

24 hours in Bologna with the daily ticket

It's the perfect solution for those who want to do a daily visit of the city. It costs 6 euros and it lasts 24 hours from the moment of validation. It can be used to circulate within the urban area of ​​Bologna on any route, even using multiple lines. It must be validated at the beginning of the first run and at each subsequent bus change by inserting the ticket in the validator.

Bologna City Pass: 10 tickets included

The City Pass is useful for two reasons: you can either use it by yourself up to 10 times, or decide to use just one Pass to travel in small groups. In fact, it can also be used by several people at the same time, performing a validation for each user, up to a maximum of 7 passengers at a time. The only requirement is to validate all the 7 tickets within 3 minutes from the first validation.

The 10 tickets included are ordinary: in other words, 10 tickets to use in the urban area of Bologna, up to 75 minutes each. The City Pass costs 14 euros. As for the other tickets, it is necessary to validate the ticket any time you load a new bus.

Bologna Airport-Railway Station in only 7 minutes

Until a few years ago, this route was also operated by TPER. Now it's up to Marconi Express, a monorail train that connects Bologna Marconi Airport with the central station in only 7 minutes. The ticket costs 9,20 euros one way, or 17 euros roundtrip. The return trip has to be done within 30 days from the first trip.

These tickets can be purchased online on the dedicated website or in the authorized booking centers.

And there is more!

City Red Bus and San Luca Express: the tourist buses to get around Bologna

How to get around Bologna by tourist bus

The City Red Bus and San Luca Express are an excellent way to explore the city of Bologna while sitting comfortably on your bus. A system of audio guides in 10 different languages will tour you within the city, sharing with you historical insights, anecdotes and curiosities.

You can get on and off as many times as you like and enjoy a tour that takes about an hour in its entirety.

Choosing the City Red Bus, you can see all the most important monuments of the city, from the Two Towers to the famous Basilica of San Luca.

Instead, purchasing the San Luca Express ticket, you'll travel till San Luca hill, next to Bologna, a magic area full of history, art and nature. The perfect place for a pleasant excursion.

But you don't have to make a choice if you don't want to: you can also decide to buy a City Red Bus and a San Luca Express combined ticket.

In other words, these two tourist buses will give you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the city of Bologna, its art, monuments, and secrets from a new perspective!

Would you like to explore the most enchanting corners of this city while admiring its historical buildings and magnificent monuments at leisure? What about taking advantage of an efficient audio-guide system that will support you with interesting explanations?

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