San Luca Express and Local Tasting

Ride the San Luca Express through Bologna's UNESCO-listed porticoes

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Step aboard the San Luca Express, a sightseeing train that connects the historical center of Bologna with the Basilica of San Luca, which sits nestled in the hills of Bologna. Plug in your headphones and enjoy a descriptive audio guide as you ride along the entire stretch of porticoes that runs from the Arco Bonaccorsi to the top of the mountain and the basilica itself. A staff member is on board to answer any questions you may have, and there is a regular timetable of trains to shuttle you back to the city if you decide to step off and explore inside the Basilica of San Luca. As part of your tour, you’re also invited to taste local produce from the region. Make sure you don’t miss this true taste of Italy!

What is included?

* San Luca Express return ticket
* Reception at the meeting point, available in several languages
* Final tasting of typical local products with vouchers, valid 24 hours
* Audio guide on board available in 5 languages
* Self-guided tour in San Luca

Where it is

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