Choose your place of honor in the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea: the Lido Calypso in Tropea awaits you for an unforgettable vacation.

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Summer is just around the corner and it's time to choose your next vacation destination - it's a perfect moment to experience the magic of our sea-facing regions. And perhaps, why not, a perfect moment to explore Calabria, its multifaceted territories in the very heart of the Mediterranean, its crystal-clear sea fading on the horizon and its genuine colors and scents.

If you wish to explore the Tip of Italy, a departure from Tropea, the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, can be a damn good idea; for it's one of the most desirable locations for the Italian summertime, but still not fallen prey to a wild tourism which could alienate it.

Which is exactly why so many have been making it the regular destination of their summer break for decades, returning there with their friends, family members, husbands and wives; leading them there is just a desire to savor the quietness and the ever-living connection with the land and the sea in its purest form. Or why not, even the idea of reliving a flashback to those times when, as children, the beach was a second home and homework a far-away memory.

To fully enjoy this enchanting place and carve out an exclusive spot along the Coast of the Gods, it is a very common practice to refer to the most entrenched realities of the area, those landmarks that are Tropea's historic beach resorts, such as Lido Calypso, located on one of the most beautiful beaches, Baia del Convento. 

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Tropea, Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Lido Calypso in Tropea for an unforgettable vacation

A pride for Calabrians, a reference point for tourists from all over the world,Tropea is a beloved destination for anyone seeking an authentic experience in contact with the southern Italian sea. Crystal-clear waters, white beaches and a gentle wind recreate a heavenly atmosphere for enthusiasts of the classic Italian vacation, when time passes more slowly and minutes are marked by the sound of waves and the scent of saltiness.

Formerly part of Magna Graecia and then an important town under Norman domination, Tropea boasts "mythical" origins: legends say that it was founded by Hercules himself, who, on returning from the exhausting battle against the Titans, chose it to find rest and settled on the cliff from which the historic center overlooks.

And this cliff is the main peculiarity of one the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy: an incomparable view of the Mediterranean, a natural terrace to admire a unique panorama. Just below the cliff, a short walk from the historic center, stands the Baia del Convento, home of Lido Calypso since 1991.

The resort is a long-established reference in Tropea, which for over thirty years has allowed its guests to fully experience all the local wild beauty with first-class hospitality: beach umbrellas, sun loungers and deck-chairs will be your private lounge in the heart of the Costa degli Dei, where you can let the waters carry you placidly away or give yourself an enviable tan under the sun. But you can also be pampered with excellent bar and restaurant service, for a truly immersive experience in the world of local food and wine.

After bathing and relaxing in the sun, the aperitif time arrives: enjoy the rich happy hour at the Lido Calypso's bar and sip tasty cocktails masterfully prepared to refresh on hot summer days or the authentic local wines, great for sharing with your group of friends or your sweetheart. The bar also offers quick, light lunches, from salads to sandwiches, and hearty breakfasts to get your beach day off to a rockin' start.

If, however, you want to totally immerse yourself in Tropea's authentic Calabrian mood, you cannot miss dinner at the restaurant. The main pillar of the menu is, of course, fish, always zero-kilometer and very fresh, since it absolutely depends on the daily availability of our seas: try it in a mixed fry, in a grilled second course, or combined with a spicy tomato sauce, to enrich a fresh summer-smelling pasta dish. Alongside the seafood, you'll find top-quality meat and plenty of local delicacies made with world-loved products - from 'nduja to red onions - and, of course, a tasty, fluffy and well-seasoned pizza, as tradition requires.

It all takes on a completely different flavor than any other restaurant, because you can sit on the terrace overlooking the sea and enjoy a wonderful view, a postcard-perfect sunset that will leave you breathless-what better invitation to return the following day as well.

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The hospitality hallmark since 1991

Lido Calypso a Tropea, an institution since 1991

Imagine coming back every year, from childhood, together with mom and dad, to the same beach resort, recognizing locations, finding your beach umbrella neighbors, seeing the same smiling and helpful staff again. Imagine now going back there as a teenager, together with your gang, and then as an adult with your wife and children: everything changes but at the same time nothing appears different and you feel like home, in a place you feel is yours, where you are always happy and relaxed.

The Lido Calypso in Tropea has become a true institution in the area just because while updating its services it keeps unchanged its genuine and hospitable essence, which allows customers to always feel in a familiar place, reliving every day those pleasant sensations that only a seaside vacation in childhood can give. A business that evolves and keeps up with the times without distorting itself and that, on the contrary, never forgets its authenticity, just like that guest base that has been visiting it since 1991.

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