Come with us to find out where the most beautiful lavender fields in Italy are. Let yourself be amazed by immense scented purple fields

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Lavender is considered a magical plant with multiple uses and properties. From Piedmont to Calabria in this article you will find the guide to the best blooms of the lavender fields in Italy, a landscape that seems suspended in time, a pleasure for the sight and for the sense of smell. The flowering period runs from the end of June to August.

Since ancient times, the meanings of purity, virtue and serenity have been attributed to this plant. In popular tradition, a sprig of lavender was inserted into the bride's trousseau to bring her happiness and prosperity.

Lavender fields in Italy

Lavender fields in Italy

In Italy it is possible to admire the immense ordered expanses of lavender fields from north to south, in various regions. You will be surprised to see that you are not in Provence and that Italy too can give you this magnificent view.

Modern phytotherapy recognizes various properties of this plant including sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies have also shown that this plant is able to inhibit allergies. It can be used both internally to counteract insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, migraine and asthma, and externally against insect bites, wasps and bees.

There are countless species of lavender and some of these are spontaneous, such as those that grow in the Alps in the Apennines and in Pollino National Park. But if you want to lose yourself in a purple and sweet dream on the roads of very long rows, follow us in reading and you will be able to trace your itinerary of the lavender fields in Italy.

Lavender fields in northern Italy

Let's start from Piedmont, from the lavender fields of Sale San Giovanni in the province of Cuneo, in the Langhe. Territory that has also been called little Italian Provence. In this locality you can take part in guided tours of the crops, this small town in Piedmont has managed to save itself thanks to this plant, becoming an excellence in the medicinal and herbal sector. Still in Piedmont, another place where lavender has always grown spontaneously is Demonte, in the Stura Valley, here too this plant has represented an economic resource, not to be missed in this area is a trip to the ancient Rocchia distillery, where you can watch the transformation of lavender into essential oil. While in Monferrato in the province of Alessandria, several farmhouses specialize in the organic cultivation of lavender.

In Lombardy, in the Oltrepò Pavese, on the hills of Godiasco, precisely at the Cascina Costanza, in recent years the fields of over 5000 plants have become a real attraction. Moving on to Liguria, every year in Colle di Nava there is a flowering and harvesting festival. Not to be missed in the park of the Ligurian Alps is the Carpasio Lavender Museum, inaugurated on 6 May.

Moving to Veneto, in Polesine in Porto Tolle we find the Cà Mello laundry, you can walk inside the field by making a small contribution. The cultivation of lavender in these parts started almost by chance, after the failure of the cultivation of cereals, the producers of these fields were pioneers.

Lavender fields in central Italy

Lavender fields in central Italy

Continuing our exploration of the lavender fields, we arrive in Emilia-Romagna, where in the province of Ravenna, in Casola Valsenio, inside the Herb Garden, inaugurated in 1975, 480 types of medicinal species are grown, including various of lavender. It is possible to take guided tours. The lavender road that starts from the village goes up the whole side of the valley.

In Tuscany, lavender gives its best in the Pisan hills, on the road that connects Orciano Pisano to Santa Luce. The lavender fields of Orciano Pisano are among the most photographed. In Santa Luce, however, the festival I giorni della lavanda returns until 23 July. The festival counts dozens of appointments and registers 20,000 visitors every year. While in Civitella Marittima, in the heart of Maremma, the delicate purple landscape of lavender extends over fields and hills, transforming the countryside into a painting.

Going down towards Umbria you cannot miss the lavender festival held in Assisi, scheduled this year for 8 and 9 July. Three hectares of gardens with various species of lavender of different colors: white, pink, blue and purple with the magnificent background of the city of Assisi. Here you can also taste the lavender ice cream. Moving on to Lazio, the best fields can be seen in Tuscania (province of Viterbo) where a festival is held every year to celebrate flowering, this year from 30 June to 2 July. The flowering in these parts marks the arrival of summer and is very celebrated. Still in the surroundings of Tuscania, the lavender fields of the Abbey of San Giusto offer a wonderful spectacle, you will seem to have come out of a dream.

Lavender fields in Southern Italy

Southern Italy offers less choice in terms of lavender fields, we have only two places to report, however enchanting. A recommendation when walking through the lavender fields, be careful not to step on them, neither think of lying down among its flowers, even if everyone would be tempted to fall asleep caressed by the scent of this flower. Be careful and take care.

Descending towards the south, we suggest you stop in Molise, and precisely in Larino, in Contrada Monte, it is the large lavender field of Farfalla farm which has 15,000 plants. A family business born to fulfill a dream, here you can adopt a lavender plant, the initiative aims to help promote the diversification of cultures and allows those who adopt to assist in the whole process of growth and subsequent processing.

And finally, even if it will seem strange to you, you can also find lavender in the extreme south: in Calabria, in the Pollino National Park, lavender plants grow spontaneously, the collection and processing of this plant has represented for years an important source of income. Following the reforestation of the area, which took place in the 1960s, wild lavender was in danger of disappearing due to the necessary exposure to the sun that the plant requires, and this is how the Lavender Park of Campotenese, a hamlet of Morano Calabro, was born, dedicated exclusively to lavender and all its workings. We have reached the bottom of the boot together with the purple scent of lavender, we hope your eyes will enjoy it.

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