The Valley of the Temples is an important archaeological park in Agrigento, Sicily. Here is some practical information on how to get there.

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The Valley of the Temples is a famous archaeological park in Sicily, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, bearing really well-preserved traces of classical Greek civilization.

The remains of the Valley of the Temples rise at Akragas, the heart of ancient Agrigento. In addition to the wonderful evidence of temples dedicated to the gods, the archaeological area is also home to a veritable museum, titled to Pietro Griffo, which houses an impressive number of artifacts. In fact, we are talking about almost six thousand items, thanks to which it has been possible to reconstruct history through the centuries, starting from prehistory.

Some of the most important temples among the eleven ones present within the archaeological area are those of Juno, Jupiter, Hercules and Concord. Not to mention the presence of necropolis, sanctuaries, tombs, hydraulic works and fortifications making the Valley of the Temples a real treasure chest of incredible treasures.

How to get to Agrigento

How to go to the Valley of the Temples

In order to visit the Valley of the Temples, one must first reach the city of Agrigento. You can get there in many ways, you just have to decide which one you prefer or is more convenient.

You can use three airports to then reach Agrigento: the Falcone Borsellino airport in Palermo, the Vincenzo Florio airport in Trapani, and the Fontanarossa airport in Catania. From each of these ones, the travel time by car to be able to get to Agrigento is about two hours.

Agrigento station is located in the center of the city. Its main connections are with Palermo and Caltanissetta.

Moving around by yourself is a very convenient option on holiday. You can decide on times and destinations, as well as being able to change your previously planned itinerary at any time. With a rental car, you can be free in every decision.

How to reach the Valley of the Temples by bus

How to go to the Valley of the Temples by bus

Almost all bus routes from Piazzale Rosselli arrive at the Valley of the Temples. The basic fare for the route is €1.10 but, if purchased on board, the price rises to €1.50. There are also day tickets allowing the use of all city buses, at a cumulative price of 3.00 €.

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How to reach the Valley of the Temples by car

How to go to the Valley of the Temples by car

The route by car varies, of course, depending on what your starting location is.

Starting from Palermo, you need to take the SS121 and exit at Agrigento/SS189. To get to the Valley of the Temples, follow the signs to Caltanissetta, Canicattì and take the 640 (Caltanissetta- Porto Empedocle) towards Porto Empedocle. The distance is about 130 km.

Starting from Trapani/Erice, one must take state road 115. After passing Porto Empedocle, one must follow the signs to the Valley of the Temples, which is 175 km away.

Starting from Taormina-Catania-Siracusa, one must take the Catania-Palermo highway. After passing Enna, take the exit to 640 Caltanissetta/Agrigento following first the sign to Caltanissetta and then Porto Empedocle.

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How to get to the Valley of the Temples on foot

How to go to the Valley of the Temples on foot

Getting to the Valley of the Temples on foot requires a walk of about 5 km. The destination is the eastern entrance on the Temple of Juno, via Via Crispi and the Via Panoramica dei Templi. Especially during the warm season, it might be the ideal choice, to enjoy the timeless atmosphere of these incredible places to the fullest.

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