Asinelli Tower

Asinelli Tower is undisputedly the true symbol of Bologna. And this is not all: with its 97 meters elevation, the Tower definitely offers a most majestic, glorious view all over the city, ranging from San Luca Sanctuary, located over the hills Southern of Bologna, to the town itself, churches and palaces looking like a giant red sea of terracotta tiles surrounding the Tower. Although climbing it may be proving tricky and tiresome (498 steps, no elevator) the breathtaking view all over the city is absolutely, totally worth it.

Catania's Metro


Catania's Metro è is so easy to use. In the town there's only one metro line that has 10 stops: Nesima - San Nullo - Cibali - Milo - Borgo - Giuffrida - Italia - Galatea - Giovanni XXIII - Stesicoro. Cibali's stop is the only one closed for work in progress.

The price of a one ride ticket is 1€, it last 90 minutes; daily tickets's price is 2€. The service is active from Monday to Saturday, while Sunday and during festivity is normally closed. A lot of times, in past, during events or festivity, this rule has been waived.

The first ride (CLICK HERE to know more) starts a 6.40 AM from Nesima, 7.00 AM from Stesicoro. The last at 00.00 PM from Nesima, 00.30 PM from Stesicoro. The most important top for the tourists is this last, because out of the station, there's Catania's Old Town. 

Visit Catania by bus

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The bus, instead, have more line than metro. One of the most important is the line that connect the airport to the city. Indeed trough Alibus, out of Fontanarossa (International Airport Vincenzo Bellini), you'll reach some point of interest of Catania (like Stesicoro squadre, Etnea street, Corso Italia). Alibus service has also a stop at the central railway station.

For see the other lines, you can visit AMT home page, that show all bus lines (CLICK HERE to show them). Among the most useful for the tourist there are the 902, that stops in Duomo square and University square, the 534, that sops in Aci Castello and Aci Trezza, and the 504M, that stops also in Dante squadre, in front of monastery of the Benedictines of Saint Nicolò l'Arena. Last, but not for it importance, there is the line D, that goes to Plaia shores: sea lovers will find it certainly useful.

The price of one ticket (one ride) is 1€ and it last 90 minutes. The Alibus ticket, which includes also urban lines, is 4€. For all the other prices you can visit the AMT tariff (CLICK HERE to show it).

Visit Catania

Catania is a beautiful city, easy to visit for it not big dimensions. The Old Town is small. You might see it or by Metro or by bus, but is certainly better visit the city walking trough the city streets.

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