There are some places where you can have a walk in Catania when the sun set and the town starts to shine between the street lights and the stars. In particular there are three very beautiful squares, that you should visit in the night.

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Frederick of Swabia Square

The square is underlie the Ursino Castle, a normann castle built in beetween 1239 and 1250. The place is surrounded of restaurants and bar where you can drink something. In the evening, between the street lights and the tree and the palms, it become the perfect place to sit on a bench and enjoy the night view  of Catania. 

Piazza Federico di Svevia

Vincenzo Bellini Square

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This square is very haunted on Friday and on Saturday. It takes its name from the maximum theatre Vincenzo Bellini. In the middle of the squadre there is a fountain, surrounded of steps, where you can stay to shoot some photos and enjoy the place. In the square, there are some bar where you can eat an ice-cream or drink a every kind of drinks.

Piazza Vincenzo Bellini

Duomo Square

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This square is the most important of the town. At its centre there is the fountain of the Elephant, symbol of Catania. On her right there’s some bar, on her left the town’s Cathedral. In front of the fountain, there’s Palazzo degli Elefanti; on her back Amenano’s fountain. The square should be visited also in the morning, when, on her back, is set the fish market.

Piazza Duomo

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