The most magical time of the year has arrived! Let’s get contaminated by the festive atmosphere spread by the Christmas markets in Le Marche region.

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More than a holiday, Christmas is a state of mind projected towards the search for harmony, fun and well-being. It usually “infects” us between November and December, but we're sure everyone would like to continue it even longer. There is no more magical moment than this during the year and to celebrate it we certainly don't have to wait for Christmas Eve, there are many opportunities to start in advance. Between parties, shows and Christmas markets in Le Marche region, the ways to have fun with the irresistible mixture of lights, cheerful melodies and the smell of cotton candy multiply as we approach December.

In Italy, thanks to the cultural differences existing between the various regions, the Christmas time is also transformed into an excellent opportunity to travel to discover traditions and suggestive places. There are many cities that offer entertainment to immerse visitors in this atmosphere and, thanks to the intimate dimension of small urban centres, some of them seem really made to welcome and transmit all their magic. Surely a potential present in the Marche region, where starting from November everything begins to shine in a different light. The best way to admire it? Visit the irresistible Christmas markets in Le Marche region, to discover ancient traditions and handicraft products, letting yourself be contaminated by the joy of the festivals and initiatives.

Christmas markets in Marche region organized by province

Christmas markets in Marche region organized by province

If you are thinking about where to go for Christmas in the Marche region, this selection of the best Christmas markets in the Marche region organized by province will surely help you!

Among the main characteristics of the region, there is the presence of a great variety of attractions at different levels: cultural, environmental, food and wine. Just to name a few examples. A uniqueness present in all 5 provinces of the Marche region and even more evident in the way the cities are preparing to experience the Christmas festivities.

Between markets, shows, workshops and installations, each one has decided to focus on the strengths of the region: quality craftsmanship, excellent food, the well-rooted traditions of music and literature. Are you curious? Let's find out something more about what the best Christmas markets in the Marche region offer from the North to the South.

To reach the glittering Christmas markets in Le Marche, you might prefer a convenient and efficient car rental service, choosing which you will get around the fascinating regional destinations with complete autonomy and at your own pace.

4. Let's start from A, the Christmas markets in Marche region, in Ancona province, light up

Christmas markets in Le Marche for families: let's start from A, the Christmas markets in Marche region, in Ancona province, light up

The BiAncoNatale festival is back again this year in the heart of the city, a Christmas format through which Ancona celebrates the holiday by offering many events and attractions. Among these, the most historic Christmas market in the Marche region, made with 40 wooden houses where you can find everything: from small souvenirs, decorations for the tree and the Nativity scene, handmade gifts and lots of good food.

If you are looking for a fairytale Christmas, we suggest you go to Genga. Already famous for the Frasassi Caves, during the Christmas holidays it offers a particularly suggestive atmosphere, enlivening the historic center with markets, Santa Claus Castle and a breathtaking Nativity scene set up in the wonderful location of the Tempietto del Valadier.

Not less interesting the proposal of the small village of Corinaldo, which starting from mid-December will be literally invaded by colorful Christmas markets overflowing with delicacies and a particular attention to the little ones. In fact, among the stands they will be able to find Santa's House and have fun with the workshops tailored for them.

Going up the province, for the lazy travelers the municipality of Jesi offers a shuttle that connects the peripheral areas of the city to the center every day, enlivened by a large Christmas market open the whole week from 9 in the morning until 22. And as you continue your journey through the Christmas markets in the province of Ancona, don't forget to stop by Castelbellino. Known as the village of the tree, it boasts the largest Christmas tree in the Marche region, which can be admired lit on the north side of the hill. Heading towards charming Emilia Romagna, you could visit Rimini, a glamorous destination appreciated for its sparkling atmosphere, and explore the magnificent museums dotting the city by getting the Rimini Art Card.

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3. Christmas markets in the northern side of the Marche region

Christmas markets in the northern side of the Marche region

If there was a competition for the most original Christmas market in the Marche region, the prize would go to Candelara. In fact, in the ancient village on the Pesaro hills, the festivity has a romantic flavour, to be enjoyed by the light of the multitude of candles which, for half an hour a day, every day between late November and mid-December, light up the town, captivating young and old people.

Popular for being able to valorize the history of tradition, the historic villages in the province of Pesaro and Urbino show Christmas markets where the artisanal character of creativity predominates. But this is not the only protagonist. To stand out among the many products sold there are also some particular wrought iron sculptures, in turn decorated with many small candles.

Despite the ancient aspect, in terms of originality Gradara is no less. Here too, the unique atmosphere of the city combines well with the magic of Christmas, spontaneously welcoming the markets where Made in Italy stands out in all its forms.

Moving towards the sea side, Fano focus on fun by integrating the Christmas markets within a nice village built on the ancient city walls. Not far away, a street full of Nativity scenes is certainly the most suitable road to take to enter a world made of music, lights, colors and many local handicrafts.

2. Christmas Markets at the centre of Le Marche

Vintage Christmas Markets at the centre of Le Marche

Heading south, a tribute to the genius of Leopardi is a must, stopping in his native city Recanati, which for Christmas aims at Infinity with a program full of events, combining history and traditions. Whereas, moving by the sea, Porto Recanati gives value to its markets organizing laboratories for kids and musical performances in order to stimulate creativity.

A very interesting strategy is the one adopted by Macerata itself, where on the two central weekends of December the Christmas markets coincide with "Il Barattolo", the vintage market, attracting even more visitors for the possibility to find many options and concluding the gift list with satisfaction.

While surely in Cingoli the most beautiful Christmas present is the Sagra Cavalluccio and typical Cingolane products, scheduled for 8 December, the same day on which the city opens the markets of typical sweets and producers.

1. The enchantment that surrounds the celebrations between in the southern part of the Marche region

The enchantment that surrounds the celebrations between in the southern part of the Marche region

The province of Fermo want to make it big! Starting from the same city that this year launches the Fermo Magica and the Christmas Show theme, with the markets open from the end of November, together with the Christmas Village and the Santa Claus House. All enlivened by games, shows and exhibitions. The icing on the cake: the Christmas Fair scheduled in the historic center on 8 December.

In line with the trend, the beautiful Porto San Giorgio is completely transformed into a Christmas village, where all the streets are decorated with lights and you can see the presence of markets with Christmas decorations, craft workshops and for the little ones, lots of music and show. For art lovers, the largest Nativity scene in the region is displayed in the Church of the Crucifix for all holidays.

Ascoli Piceno will not disappoint you! In the extreme south of the region, it celebrates the festival by recreating in the heart of the city, in Piazza Arringo, a charming village where the Christmas market is the protagonist by displaying a rich variety of local products, antiques for collectors and specific accessories to make this holiday unforgettable.

To sum it up...

Below for you a list of all the Christmas markets in Marche region and their peculiarities.

Christmas markets in the province of Ancona:

- Visit the Christmas market in Ancona if you want to take part in the BiAncoNatale Festival.

- Don’t miss out the Christmas market in Genga and the magical Nativity scene inside an old cave.

- Remember that the Christmas market in Corinaldo are perfect for the little ones.

- For the busiest people, the Christmas market in Jesi is open the whole week!

Christmas markets in the province of Pesaro Urbino:

- Enjoy the magical atmosphere made by the candles in the Christmas market in Candelara.

- Have you ever seen the Medieval Christmas market in Gradara?

- To celebrate Christmas by the sea: Christmas market in Fano.

Christmas markets in the province of Macerata:

- Literature and poetry all around the Christmas market in Recanati.

- Where tradition meets vintage: Christmas market in Macerata.

- Christmas market in Cingoli, the best market for food-lovers.

Christmas markets in the province of Fermo:

- Travel to Fermo to visit the Christmas market and the Christmas Fair.

- Discover the largest Nativity scene in the region inside the Christmas market in Porto San Giorgio.

Christmas markets in the province of Ascoli Piceno:

- Find your presents inside the biggest variety in the Christmas market in Ascoli Piceno.

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