Procida is a treasure chest by the sea, perfect as a setting for a wedding, a promise of marriage or a romantic and intimate event. The colours of Procida are a perfect setting for a dream wedding.

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Procida is...


Procida has been in the spotlight since January 2021 because it will be the Italian Capital of Culture 2022. Everyone is talking about Procida: from the national press to the international press. Notoriety arrives, but Procida still maintains its cultural identity as an extraordinary island, which you can fall in love with as soon as you land. Beautiful, sometimes wild, authentic

Procida also has another record: it is the first island to be declared a covid-free destination by the Campania Region.

The Colours of Procida inspire serenity, intimacy, culture, story, art and dream. Visit Italy has interpreted the colours of Procida for a love story, telling about the island soul. 

Procida, shades of red, orange and pink

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As soon as you land on Procida, everyone is struck by the colourful houses that create a picturesque skyline. The colours that immediately emerge are shades of orange, red and pink.

You can find the same colours in the fishermen's nets: the nets are of different shades with floats separating the layers, interspersed from time to time with pots. The nets symbolise the persistence of the Procida fishermen, who we still meet today at Coricella as they prepare to leave in their "cianciole", typical, colourful wooden boats. At the Coricella, the frame of the tiny houses coloured in antique pink, red and many other colours is one of the favourite settings for those taking photoshoots in Procida or even a simple selfie.

The foulard that wraps around Graziella's hair is usually red and some other shades in some paintings. Every year in Procida, there is a significant popular manifestation, the Sagra del Mare: during this event, the Graziella of the year is elected, remembering the love story between a Procidan girl and Alphonse Lamartine, a French writer who arrived in Procida during his Gran Tour. The writer published his novel "Graziella" in 1821. Therefore, the Graziella of the year is the Procidan woman who most physically and morally embodies the protagonist of Lamartine's novel.

Red is also the drape that envelops St Michael in the most prestigious painting in St Michael's Abbey. "St Michael defeating Satan", a precious painting initially attributed to Luca Giordano (now cast into doubt by a document from the Bank of Naples that would link it to another painter, Luigi Garzi).

The shades of orange, pink, and red symbolise love, passion, and the link with the island's strong traditions.

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Procida is white

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In Procida, of all the colours, white is the one you notice most between one coloured house and another.

Procida's White is in the congregation of the Bianchi, the protagonists of the Procession of the Apostles during Holy Week: the Bianchi represent the twelve Apostles. On Holy Thursday, the Whites, dressed in white, walk around the island with a cross on their shoulders, keeping a certain distance. This is followed by Good Friday, the day of the famous Procidan Mysteries.

Procida is the island of the film "Il Postino" with the well-known Neapolitan actor Massimo Troisi, which tells the story of Neruda's postman, full of love and poetry. The white of the letter paper, the white of the poet Neruda's clothes and the poet and postman's vests. A white that emerges over the beauty of nature and remains imprinted until the end of the film.

White is the colour of purity, the wedding dress, and the serene beginning of married life. 

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Procida is black and white

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Procida is Black and White because it hides an ancient history. A history that began first with the Mycenaeans and then with the Greeks. It became an iron and steel centre: Procidan artisans transformed the metal from Etruria.

The most compelling story concerns Procida as a land of sailors and shipowners. Procida shipyards launched 200 fishing boats and 160 "tartane" (flat-bottomed, deckless, two-masted vessels) and "marticane"(large vessels) at the end of the 18th century. In the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies fleet, a third of the boats came from Procidan shipyards. In 1877, one-sixteenth of the ships in the entire Italian merchant fleet were Procidan: in 1833, the municipal nautical school was founded, which then became the Royal Nautical Institute in 1874, where the most famous Procidan captains began their training.

Procida is a mix of blue and green

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The sea, the coloured boats, the luxuriant flora of Vivara and the thousand shades of the sky are enough to list the importance of these colours in the Procidan landscape. 

Procida is unique also because of its proximity to the mainland, particularly Pozzuoli and the Campi Flegrei. It is different from the neighbouring islands of Capri and Ischia, distinguished by a type of slow tourism linked to the sea and its proximity to Vivara, an island of only 0.4 square kilometres belonging to the Phlegraean Islands in the Gulf of Naples like Procida. Vivara is a nature reserve that can be visited by appointment.

Procida is a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling or active holidays with sailing and canoeing.

Procida's natural beauty makes it an exceptional romantic set, easily accessible by boat from the mainland.

Procida is turquoise

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A Dream Wedding in Procida

Procida is the ideal island for luxury beach wedding

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With its colours, sunsets and scents, Procida is the ideal island for a photographic setting of inspiration for future couples who exchange their wedding vows here, waiting to celebrate it by the sea in a dream location. 

To make an elegant wedding, Visit Italy recommends a reliable and professional partner such as Nabilah, a well-known location for events located in Bacoli. Nabilah also moves to Procida, providing decades of experience, high standard services, and professionalism for both Italian and foreign clients. 

Procida is a dream destination that expands the opportunities of Nabilah Luxury Beach Venue.


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