The eternal struggle between sea and mountain fades when the warm season comes. The unmistakable scent of salt, the warm sun rays on the skin, the starry night skies: everything seems possible facing the sea.

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The call of the sea

The recent reopening of borders in much of the world made people awaken their feverish desire to take a sea holiday. There are still many questions, as well as fears. Yet, we can not give up the idea of a well-deserved break with a sea view, where to put everything on standby indefinitely and enjoy the much-desired freedom, accompanied by a dip in beautiful waters, breathtaking landscapes and delicious food.

In Italy you can find all of this and much more. More than half of our regions are bathed in crystal clear waters, with 201 locations and 416 beaches declared blue flag by the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education) this year.

So why not choose to organize an escape cutting through the sea? Everyone dreamed of doing it at least once in life. You can decide the type of experience you want to do, from a day trip to a multi-day cruise or a complete holiday lulled by the waves that will make you forget the mainland. 

If you have heard the call of water and want to try a fresh new adventure, we advise you how to live a thoughtless experience and enjoy only the company of the beautiful Italian sea.

The exclusive art of relaxation

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With a centuries-old tradition, Capasecca Yacht has made sailing not only a passion but a real profession; the highly qualified fleet and the exceptional services onboard that distinguish it are proof of this. They will not disappoint your expectations. 

The luxurious boats of the rental company depart from the splendid Sorrento. The only thing you have to do is relax and behold the magnificent landscape of the Coast. The crew will take care of everything. Capasecca Yacht sails in the spectacular waters between the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast, accompanying the guests in excursions to the islands of the Gulf of Naples (the first official covid-free Italian destination) on request. The marvellous scenery of the Tyrrhenian waters will make you live a unique and unforgettable experience.

The excursions in the Gulf of Naples

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If you want to live a full-immersion experience in the beauty of the Coast and the Gulf, Capasecca Yacht proposes four types of excursions:

-With Capri Full Day, you sail to the blue island to discover its most characteristic places. With the Capasecca Yacht crew, you will visit the magical Blue Grotto and sail among the mammoth Faraglioni. You can also disembark inside the port of Capri and make a short excursion of the place;

-It is possible to add Nerano, Positano and Amalfi to the Capri excursion. After stopping at the blue island, the yacht sails towards Punta Campanella and the wonderful national park of Ieranto. The sea trip leads you to the picturesque Nerano Bay, on the Amalfi Coast and then it turns towards the Li Galli Islands, an enchanting archipelago of three islands that, according to the myth, would be inhabited by mermaids. Successively, the yacht heads to Positano, where you can land to visit the enchanting jewel of the Amalfi Coast, and the trip ends in Amalfi, from where you can admire charming coastal cities such as Ravello, Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maiori and Minori;

-Alternatively, you can choose to sail only in Nerano, Positano and Amalfi and be enchanted by the magnificent landscapes of the Amalfi Coast in a full-immersion experience;

-Finally, you can choose to sail between the other islands of the Gulf of Naples apart from Capri. The excursion starts with Ischia, the green island known for its thermal springs and its spectacular natural landscapes and historic buildings, such as the picturesque Aragonese Castle. Turning towards Procida, the European Capital of Culture 2022, you can admire the smallest of the islands of the Gulf of Naples with its nearby islet of Vivara (WWF Oasis).

The cruises

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To visit all destinations calmly, Capasecca Yacht puts at your disposal extended maritime stays.
The company proposed mini-cruises of 3 - 5 days in the Gulf of Naples. 

In addition, Capasecca offers an integrated service with the best cruise companies to accompany you on an exclusive excursion, together with your travelling companions or alone. There is a transfer from the port of Naples and Salerno to the nearest port, where the crew of Capasecca Yacht will welcome you and will make you live an exciting day on their yachts along the route you prefer (according to the port of departure). The enchantment of the maritime landscapes of Campania, the excellent preparation of the fleet and the exclusivity of the boats will leave you an unforgettable memory.

Stay onboard

If crossing the seas for excursions or cruises is not enough, Capasecca will surprise you: its yachts can turn into floating hotels. The attention to detail and the service will not make your regret the most prestigious luxury facilities on the mainland. You can choose one night-stay or extended stay onboard a Capasecca yacht. You will experience the enthrallment of sleeping in a unique location and will remember your stay as one of the most beautiful experiences of your life surrounded by the colours and smells of the fascinating Campania sea.

With Capasecca Yacht, your best day may be today!

Capasecca Yacht

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