Here is the definitive list of the best hotels in Rome, for all needs, all over the city. 

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Even after 2800 years, Rome is able to enchant travellers who venture into its streets, which, as the saying goes, all lead here.
That is why Rome is the city that sooner or later everyone should visit, because it can charm everyone: you will feel as if you are walking through history, enjoying splendid archaeological views set in the modern city.

Italy's capital is definitely a city to walk through, because there are so many details to be immortalised, so where you sleep during this trip is an essential part of your holiday. That is why we have made a list of the best hotels and hostels in Rome, located in the city's most popular areas, to make your experience unique. 

Top 15 best hotels in Rome


Before we begin with our list, let's start with some general advice. If you are planning a stay in Rome in addition to advice on which hotel to choose, it will also be important to decide which neighborhood or area of the city to stay in. We have answered this question in this article

Another piece of advice we want to give you before we begin concerns planning your stay. If you are planning a visit to Rome, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique tour of the city with the Visit Rome Pass, an indispensable companion to explore the city without worrying about the cost of attractions and have a unique and unforgettable experience. Now let's look in detail at the 15 best hotels in Rome.

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15. Room Mate Filippo

Best Hotel Rome Room Mate Filippo

Room Mate Filippo, Rome

If you want to wake up in the morning and already be in the old town of Rome, Room Mate Filippo is the right choice for you: located just a few steps from the famous Trinità dei Monti stairway and Piazza di Spagna, you will be welcomed and spoiled in a hotel with a modern design by Tomas Alìa.

With its colourful, bright rooms and gardens, this hotel will give you a place to enjoy moments of well-deserved relaxation.

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14. Eden Hotel

best hotel rome eden hotel

Eden Hotel, Rome

A true paradise in the city centre, amidst the tranquillity of the Villa Borghese gardens and the Spanish Steps, the Eden Hotel welcomes you in warm surroundings where attention to detail reigns supreme.

If you want to be carried away on guided experiences to discover the architecture and history of the Eternal City, at the Eden you will find exclusive dedicated and all-inclusive packages.
If, on the other hand, you are more interested in food and wine,  you can choose from different settings where you can enjoy an aperitif (in La Libreria), local cuisine (in the Giardino Ristorante), or Michelin star dishes in the splendid La Terrazza.

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13. Palazzo Nainer

best hotel rome palazzo nainer

Palazzo Nainer, Rome

A stone's throw from Piazza del Popolo and Villa Borghese, Palazzo Nainer is the right choice to enjoy the Roman sights even when staying in a hotel. This 19th-century palace offers an interior of glass and crystal that shimmers in the daylight and sparkles in the evening.

From the beautiful terrace you can enjoy the sunset light over the old town while sipping an aperitif, relaxing in a magical place at the end of a day spent among shops, monuments, history and beauty. If, on the other hand, you prefer to take a break from the heat (or the cold), the winter garden will welcome you for breakfast or your afternoon break, in a natural setting with all the comforts of a tea room.

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12. The First Roma Dolce

best hotel rome the first dolce

The First Roma Dolce

Close to the banks of the Tiber and a few steps from the Ara Pacis, a pearl unfolds whose furnishings are reminiscent of the majestic Altar of Peace: we are talking about The First Roma Dolce, a boutique hotel inside a restored 19th-century palace dedicated to those travellers who want to spoiled themselves in the splendour and comfort of a luxury experience.

Amidst works of art, marble and wooden libraries right in your room, inside The First dolce di Roma you will also find a pastry shop, which will sweetly coddle you at every moment of the day. We recommend an aperitif at Aquaroof, the terrace of the starred restaurant The First Roma Arta located near the hotel, to admire the city from a different perspective.

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11. U-Visionary Roma Hotel

best hotel rome u-visionary hotel

U-Visionary Roma Hotel

On the border between the more historical side of Rome, with the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, and the more modern side of Via del Tritone, with its boutiques of prêt à porter, national and international haute couture and its bistros, lies the perfect hotel for those who love digital convenience.

U-Visionary Roma Hotel represents a new 'vision' of travel, projected towards the future but, at the same time, fitting perfectly into a context of history, tradition, myths and legends like that of the city of Rome.

The comfortable rooms in dark colours but with shining details, the terrace overlooking the roofs of the Capital and the services offered by the hotel (including a smartphone that can also be used outside the hotel for internet and calls) make the U-Visionary the perfect place to relax and enjoy the moment.
Guided tours, photography tours and show cooking are organised by appointment, for an even more unique experience.

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10. New Generation Hostel Rome Center

best hotel rome New Generation Hostel Rome Center

New Generation Hostel Rome Center

If making new friends is one of the aims of your trip, hostels will definitely be your perfect accommodation: the New Generation Hostel Rome Center has a unique style and is located in the heart of the Monti district, within walking distance of the main attractions.

Housed in a wing of a Franciscan nunnery, it combines exposed brick walls with a modern, sophisticated style to envelop all guests in cosy comfort. The private garden is the right place to make friendships that will last.

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9. Chapter Roma

Best Hotel Roma Chapter

Chapter Roma

The Tiber Island and the Jewish ghetto are within walking distance of Chapter Roma, which welcomes you in a 19th century building with vaulted ceilings and brick arches. The rooms combine 19th-century architecture with modern design and display contemporary works of art.

The hotel mirrors the neighbourhood in which it is located, Regola, famous for its nightlife, art galleries and its location right on the Tiber River: a neighbourhood in its own right, yet within walking distance of many of Rome's major historical attractions, including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Spanish Steps. Along Regola's main street, the Renaissance Via Giulia, are majestic palaces and public squares, such as the imposing Palazzo Farnese, while the Vatican City lies just across the river.

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8. Donna Camilla Savelli

Best hotel Rome Donna Camilla Savelli

Donna Camilla Savelli, Rome

If the idea of staying in sumptuous Baroque rooms not far from the nightlife district appeals to you, the Donna Camilla Savelli is for you. At the foot of the Janiculum Hill, in an intimate and quiet corner of Trastevere, the hotel is located inside the Santa Maria dei Sette Dolori Convent.

Inside you will find three restaurants to enjoy unique food and wine experiences: breakfast in the garden bistro, an aperitif overlooking the rooftops of Rome, or a dinner with a Renaissance menu.

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7. Mangili Garden Hotel

Best hotel Rome Mangili Garden

Mangili garden Hotel, Rome

Immersed in greenery yet only a stone's throw from the centre: for a relaxing stay, the Mangili Garden Hotel offers unique experiences with intense colours and scents.

This historic palace with decorations that combine Italian Renaissance features with classicism, picks up on the colours of the surrounding garden in the rooms, creating small worlds in which to live through different experiences.

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6. The Hoxton

best hotel rome hoxton

The Hoxton, Rome

Nestled in the green Parioli district, between Villa Borghese and the museums of modern and contemporary art, The Hoxton will win you over with its impeccable location and services.

Neighbourhood guides, breakfast in the basket and art exhibitions within the hotel's grounds: you won't cease to be amazed even when you return from your day exploring Rome.

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5. The RomeHello

best hotel rome romehello

The RomeHello

Ever dreamt of sleeping in an art gallery? At The RomeHello you can now. This hostel located near Roma Termini station has offered its walls as canvases to 11 international street art talents to create murals inspired by travel and the city of Rome.

At The Barrel Bar & Grill inside, you can breathe in the beating heart of bustling, open and welcoming Rome, between a drink, a sandwich and live music every week.

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4. The YellowSquare Rome

best hotel rome yellowsquare

The YellowSquare Rome

Do you enjoy being surprised by unique experiences in the company of strangers with whom you share a room? The YellowSquare Rome will not disappoint. This hostel is a true microcosm 10 minutes walk from Termini station, complete with a gourmet restaurant, a beautiful patio, DJ evening entertainment, as well as a hair salon and co-working space.

This hostel is great for digital nomads and those who want to have fun together, participating in organised city tours, gastronomic experiences and evening parties.

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3. The Beehive

best hotel rome the beehive

The Beehive, Rome

A family-run hostel is just what you need if you want to feel the loving hospitality of Rome during your stay. The Beehive is located a few minutes from Termini station and a 20-minute walk from the main attractions of the centre, and accommodates you in rooms for every budget, both dormitory and private.

Inside you will also find a lovely garden where numerous events are hosted, a small vegetarian café for breakfast, weekly family-style dinners and cooking classes and a cosy lounge for reading and socialising.
The plus is the app created by the owners: it contains curated suggestions compiled from their experience of living in Rome, plus constantly updated news.

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2. Dharma Boutique Hotel & SPA

best hotel rome Dharma Boutique Hotel & SPA

Dharma Boutique Hotel & SPA, Rome

If you are looking for a romantic place to relax after your days of exploring, the Dharma Boutique Hotel & SPA is ready to satisfy your every desire.
Just a stone's throw away from the symbol of Rome, the Colosseum, and the Dharma Hotel offers 13 rooms with a view of the historic Monti district, furnished and finished with fine elements.

We highly recommend an aperitif on the terrace, which offers a unique view over the rooftops of the city, with characteristic glimpses that cannot be found in other parts of Rome.

More info about Dharma Boutique Hotel & SPA

1. Ostello Bello Roma Colosseo

best hotel Rome Ostello Bello Roma Colosseo

Ostello Bello Roma Colosseo

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a shared environment in which to exchange travel tips and, why not, make new friends, you will find Ostello Bello near the Colosseum: with its shared and private rooms, bar and terrace, there will be no shortage of opportunities to make new acquaintances.

Moving around the Ostello Bello will be like travelling through time, as the entire building is decorated with illustrations of imperial and futurist Rome, with furniture and decorations that will make you feel as if you were in the house of Julius Caesar or Giacomo Balla.

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