In North Sardinia even silence sings. The new spot of Visit Italy is online with a narration full of Sardinian soul...

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The new Visit Italy video, dedicated to Salude&Trigu events for the Sassari Chamber of Commerce, is now online.

This ambitious and exciting project is the spearhead of a major communication campaign that has told travellers around the world about the events of North Sardinia, through all Visit Italy channels

Discovering North Sardinia with the new spot of Visit Italy

This journey of discovery of northern Sardinia begins in Gallura, a historical and geographical subregion of Sardinia, suspended between granite and sky, full of locations carved by the wind. A territory rich in events that have roots in the historical and cultural traditions of the local communities, North Sardinia is full of culture, history, enogastronomy, music, literature, theater and cinema, but also naturalistic beauties and natural itineraries, religious paths and trekking.

It will be the voice of Sarah, Visit Italy's travel blogger, who will take you to the heart of Salude&Trigu, an initiative created by the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari and aimed at promoting the tourist cultural events and tradition of this magic, ancestral and suggestive land.

It is a new system of territorial reception the goal of this path that combines in a single plot the best events of this region, weaving a dress made to undertake this adventure, aware, as Baudelaire said, which is our very life, before anything else, a great journey.

Welcome to the north of Sardinia, where silence also sings. 

The new spot of Visit Italy tells a Sardinia to discover


And you, have you seen the new spot of Visit Italy that tells one of the most beautiful and rich in tradition territories in the world?

The North of Sardinia is the protagonist of this initiative that promotes and internationalizes the important event Salude & Trigu. The question with which Visit Italy involves travelers is "what to expect from a trip to the North of Sardinia?". Provocative and at the same time stimulating, the question we propose needs only one equipment: new eyes to look at territories that will shake the very foundations of your being.

Let this island full of secrets that we at Visit Italy want to share with you. Discover and marvel at an unexpected pleasure. Come with us to the North of Sardinia.

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