Italy Like a Local, Visit Italy's podcast, arrives at its fourth episode. Close your eyes and listen: we take you to Naples.

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Italy Like a Local reaches its fourth episode. Visit Italy's podcast, launched in the autumn of 2022, tells the story of Italy through the eyes of its inhabitants to an audience of devoted listeners.

After having been to Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Lecce, it is the turn to be guided in a journey to the most vibrant, chaotic and mysterious city in Southern Italy: Naples.

Are you ready for this adventure?

Italy Like a Local brings you to the most authentic Naples

Podcast Naples Like a local

What do the locals do in Naples? Where do they go to eat? Where do they stroll or shop? When you visit a city that is so popular, told and depicted, it is certainly complicated to recognise what is authentic and not just touristy or mystified. 

Naples is a city full of layers, difficult to get to know completely even for those who have lived there all their lives. That is why a guide to its most authentic face is absolutely essential so as not to miss out on anything worth doing in this wonderful city.

Where to see the most beautiful sunset, how to spend a day outdoors or where to enjoy the best aperitif are just some of the tips you can find in the fourth episode of the podcast Italy like a Local dedicated to Naples.

Naples told by the voice of Christie Peruso

Telling Naples as seen through the eyes of the locals will once again be the lovely voice of Christie Peruso. Christie is a radio speaker, presenter and influencer born in America from Italian parents. Always tied to her roots and passionate about Italy and its beauty, Christie represents the perfect synthesis of cosmopolitan Italianness

So, everything is ready. If you haven't already done so, it's time to get carried away and discover the most authentic face of Naples. Push play and... enjoy your trip!

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