Don't miss Italy like a local, the podcast by Visit Italy dedicated to the most authentic Italian experiences. 

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Great news! The new podcast by Visit Italy is a local, informal, entertaining journey through Italians' Italy. We start on Friday, 11 November, with a trip to the Rome loved by the Romans. 

Italy like a local, the column to know the Italy of Italians.

Rome like a local podcast

We have been doing so for a few months, and you have shown us your appreciation. Week after week, we are telling you about Italy according to Italians in our Like a local column. With all the colours, often discordant, that paint Il Bel Paese. From north to south, we track down the events, flavours and activities locals are most passionate about—all to give you a faithful cross-section of Italian daily life

Where do the Romans go shopping? And what about the place for the Neapolitan perfect aperitivo? How do Ligurians experience the super touristy Cinque Terre? And where do you go if you want to wander around Palermo markets like a true Palermitano?  

We asked these and many other questions to those who know these cities like the back of their hand, people who live and experience them actively daily. And we are spilling out everything in our own way, with simplicity and a pinch of irony. 

Italy like a local - the podcast

Our column is about to grow in the upcoming weeks with even more destinations to discover in an irresistibly local Italian charm

However, letting you read what we have discovered was no longer enough for us. So we designed an original podcast to guide you on a tour of the most authentic Italy. 

Italy like a local, is available on Friday 11 November. The episode is a journey through the Rome of the Romans (by the way, this is the right time to take a look at the 10 things to do in Rome like a local and arrive prepared).

To lead you through the streets of the Eternal City is the voice of Christie Peruso. You have already met her around here: she took us on a tour of  Recanati's must-see places. An Italian-American radio presenter and speaker, Peruso has starred in popular Italian television and radio channels like Radio DeeJay, Sky Sport and NOVE. She returns to Visit Italy to host the new journey of Italy like a local. 

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