Good news for Abruzzo. L'Aquila is the Italian Capital of Culture for 2026, the city wins among ten finalists

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The news is official, L'Aquila is the Italian capital of culture 2026. The Minister of Culture Sangiuliano made the announcement, but the city was elected by a special commission which chose it from among ten finalists. After Pesaro and Agrigento, which obtained the victory for 2024 and 2025 respectively, it is now the turn of the Abruzzo capital.

Like every year there were important candidates competing for the title. From North to South, from Treviso to Maratea, from Rimini to the municipalities of Valdichiana in the province of Siena, L'Aquila becomes the Italian capital of culture in 2026, beating the competition thanks to a historical and artistic heritage of absolute importance, but also thanks to a number of important projects for the future.

L'Aquila Italian capital of culture 2026: here's why

L'Aquila Italian capital of culture 2026 - cathedral

It is not the first time that L'Aquila has applied for this role. Already in 2022 the city was included among the finalists and now, finally, it manages to crown its efforts thanks to a project entitled "L'Aquila multiverse city".

There are many reasons that made L'Aquila the capital of culture 2026, and the winning project, which involves different topics, is just as complex. Creativity, innovation, environment and sustainability, but also public health, multiculturalism, and much more. To animate the cultural life of the city there will be many events and initiatives that will take place throughout 2026 and which will involve the entire territory.

Many of the beauties of the surrounding area will in fact be promoted and valorised. Abruzzo is definitely a region worth knowing, for its villages and cities of art, the environment and an endless number of traditions.

Why you should visit L'Aquila, Italian capital of culture 2026

L'Aquila Italian capital of culture 2026 - spanish fortress

Not only the Italian capital of culture for 2026, L'Aquila is a city of art that should be visited for several reasons, starting with the many things to see.

The city it's said to have been born from the union of ninety-nine castles, so this number often returns in the culture of the place, starting from its most famous fountain, that of the 99 Spouts. The heart of the city is Piazza Duomo, where the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio with its imposing baroque dome is also located. Another symbolic church is Santa Maria di Collemaggio, with the unmistakable façade in white and pink marble. Also worth seeing is the Spanish Fort, one of the most impressive fortresses in Italy, which today houses a museum.
Furthermore, by simply walking around the city as locals would do,  you will certainly have the opportunity to discover the rich local gastronomy, based on legumes, homemade pasta, sheep meat, but also on the precious saffron that is produced on the Navelli plateau.
L'Aquila is also an ideal starting point to see the many other beauties of the region, but not only. For example, you could choose to stay in the capital of Abruzzo also to visit Rome, or perhaps Viterbo. With the city passes that make visits easier, and with the somewhat wild nature that surrounds L'Aquila waiting for you on your return, it will certainly be a totally relaxing holiday.

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