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The Italian capital of culture for 2024 is Pesaro. The announcement comes directly from the minister of culture, Dario Franceschini.

The Italian Capital of Culture 2024 has finally been decided: it will be Pesaro. The new Capital of Culture is located in the splendid setting of the Marche. Pesaro has won this success, outclassing 10 other Italian cities, namely: Ascoli Piceno, Chioggia (VE), Grosseto, Mesagne (BR), Sestri Levante with Tigullio (GE), Siracusa, Unione dei Comuni Paestum-Alto Cilento (SA), Viareggio (LU) and Vicenza.

The reasons for the choice

Pesaro was chosen for its heritage rich in historical testimonies and landscape-environmental preciousness. It is a basin of tradition, culture and social values ​​that emphasizes the relationship between city and territory.

Furthermore, in the candidacy of the Marche city, the possibility of working and including development projects with young people, including them in the decision-making processes of the various projects that will be implemented, was emphasized and privileged.

Why to see Pesaro

Pesaro is located in the north of the Marche and overlooks the beautiful location of the Adriatic Sea. It is known to most as the city of bicycles and music, respectively it has a vast tradition of cycle paths and paths and it was the birthplace of the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini.

It has a historic centre based on the pattern of thistles and decumani, rich in history and tradition, with archaeological finds from the Roman era and buildings of particular architectural value.

Among the works of considerable value, you cannot help but visit the Piazzale della Libertà and the cathedral of Santa Maria dell'Assunta.

To find out more about Pesaro and its beauties, take a look at our Instagram profile.

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