Travel to Italy from EU countries, the Schengen Area, Israel and the United Kingdom is free with a negative swab. From the United States, Canada, UAE and Japan, travel to Italy for tourism is possible with covid tested flights.

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Health Minister Roberto Speranza summarises the latest two ordinances as follows: "I have signed an ordinance simplifying access to Italy from European Union and Schengen countries as well as from Great Britain and Israel: from today, a negative swab will be sufficient.
Another ordinance extends the possibility of entering Italy with Covid tested flights for those coming from Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. The authorised airports are now Rome, Milan, Venice and Naples.
Instead, the restrictive measures relating to Brazil are extended."

Quarantine for people travelling from EU and Schengen countries, Great Britain and Israel has therefore been lifted. 




It has been possible to travel from the United States to Italy on Covid tested flights for business and health reasons. From 16th of May 2021, it will also be possible to travel for tourism.
In addition to the routes that have already been operating for a few months from Rome and Milan Malpensa, other routes and the ordinance add two new airports: Naples and Venice.
At the moment, the following flights are Covid-tested with the authorised routes:
- Atlanta - Rome Fiumicino
- New York - Rome Fiumicino
- Atlanta - Milan Malpensa
- New York - Milan Malpensa
In a short time, there will be also other routes and flights to Naples and Venice.

How does a covid- tested flight work? What is required?

- the negative result of a molecular test (RT PCR) or antigenic test, carried out through a swab no later than 48 hours before boarding, to the airline and whoever is in charge of controls.

- a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) upon boarding

- a new swab upon arrival at the destination airport.

The passenger can ask for a refund or a voucher in case of a positive test. 

Passengers who comply with the protocol, without exception, can enter and transit in the national territory without the obligation to undergo quarantine and fiduciary isolation.

Luigi Di Maio, Foreign Minister, summarises the two ordinances of Speranza in this way: "At the end of the last table with Minister Roberto Speranza last week, we had made a clear commitment: to reopen to foreign tourists safely. Today, with the two ordinances of the Ministry of Health, we are keeping this promise. From next 16th of May 2021, with a negative buffer, there will no longer be the mini-quarantine for movements from EU countries, the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom and Israel. In addition, travel for tourism purposes will also be permitted from the USA, Canada and Japan, countries with strengthening covid-free flights. We are thus opening up safe tourism from all G7 states after more than a year. Until now, covid free flights meant that it was not possible to come to Italy for tourism from non-EU countries. Now we are reopening this opportunity, which allows safe travel without quarantine. (...)"


Everybody to the seaside!

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Holidays in Italy are also becoming more enjoyable because, from today, beach establishments and outdoor swimming pools are opening to residents and tourists alike. And this 15 and 16 May is the first weekend that smells of summer. 

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