Discovering Spaghetti alla Nerano and the historical place where they've been invented, Maria Grazia's restaurant, est. 1901

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In Campania there are few people not knowing - or having never tasted - delicious "spaghetti alla Nerano", a Sorrento Coast typical first course, seasoned with fried courgettes and Provolone del Monaco. 

To really savor this both incredible and simple dish in its actual version, you gotta reach Nerano hamlet and Maria Grazia's restaurant, est. 1901!

History of the restaurant

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Maria Grazia founded this ancient restaurant in Nerano seaside village,  a not casual place being, since Middle Ages, a hangout for fishermen to share their meals, in Marina di Cantone beach. The ideation of Spaghetti alla Nerano came later in 1952 when Donna Rosa, Maria Grazia's daughter, had the recipe idea while conversing with her friend Prince Pupetto of Sirignano.

Now they're Donna Rosa's sons to manage the kitchen, bringing over 100 years old tradition. Beyond legendary spaghetti, these able restaurateurs offer a full menu of typical territory delights, invariably served with tasty wines.


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Even if the original recipe is hidden in mystery - a chef never reveals all of his secrets! - this Campania delight is made of very simple ingredients, impossible to hide, so "unholy" versions of it are present on every food website.

The ingredients of Spaghetti alla Nerano are:

- Fried courgettes
- 3 types of cheese (Parmiggiano, caciocavallo and provolone)
-aromatic black pepper
- fresh basil

No garlic or onion 

To make this recipe excellent, not only fried courgettes, but even Provolone del Monaco, a strong tasted seasoned stretched curd cheese, typical of Sorrento Coast. When you order spaghetti in a restaurant, it is only mixed by family members who have inherited the secret.


Nerano is also known for its beautiful landscape: seabeds and underwater caves make this place very attractive to tourists often choosing to stay in Nerano for having easy access to such beautiful beaches, famous all over the Coast.

The most representative beach of Nerano is perhaps Marina del Cantone, characterized by rocky seabed and wonderful clear waters. Other incredible beaches can easily be reached from Nerano, as Jeranto, Recommone and Crapolla. Those going to these suggestive places can take part in many different kinds of entertainment, from boat trips to scuba diving.  

The position of Nerano is even convenient for reaching nearby places. It is 8 km from Massa Lubrense, 13 km from Sorrento and 24 km from Positano.

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We recommend