Do you want to make a pizza at home but you don't know how to do it? We'll explain how to get the best results!

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Neapolitan pizza is loved all over the world. How to make it at home?

Pizza is one of the most known and appreciated foods in the world, one of the products of excellence of Neapolitan cuisine, one of the greatest prides of the city of Naples. Declared intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO, pizza is an authentic monument of gastronomic culture. Everybody loves pizza, and it is hard to find someone who has not tasted the delicious delicacy at least once, even though only in Italy, and especially in Naples, it is possible to eat the authentic Neapolitan pizza prepared by the best pizza masters. And even though not everyone has eaten it - as it should be - comfortably seated in one of the Neapolitan pizzerias, surely every pizza lover will have tried to prepare it at home, even though not with great results. Too cooked, too raw, mozzarella too stringy, the crust too low, how many problems arise in preparing a pizza with their own hands! And if you have tasted the real pizza, the one prepared in Neapolitan ovens, the comparison may seem disheartening and discouraging. But we have the solution ready for you, to put together the tradition and your legitimate desire to be able to cook the real Neapolitan pizza at home. How to do it? Simple, by following the teachings of the world's greatest pizza makers!

Watch these short recipe videos:

Although pizza seems like a straightforward food to make, there are many elements to baking your own pie that can make the process tricky and affect your final product.

The greatest Neapolitan pizza makers teach you how to make pizza at home


In fact, on January 17, 2021, one of the two World Pizza Days, the How to Make Italian Pizza at Home - Online World Masterclass held by the greatest Neapolitan pizza makers has been organized in collaboration with Visit Italy and Pizza Village: Gino Sorbillo world champion, decorated with the award of Master of Arts and Crafts in the category Pizzaiuoli of the International School of Italian Cuisine in 2016; Antonio Falco, master coming from Pizzeria Da Michele, among the oldest in Naples; Davide Civitiello, World Champion Trofeo Caputo, head pizza maker of the famous Rosso Pomodoro chain of pizzerias and consultant for Mulino Caputo; Enzo Coccia, among the best known pizza makers in the world, owner of the pizzeria La Notizia, among the most renowned in Italy. 

A two hours course, where the masters gave advices and explanations to obtain a high level pizza, a lesson that gave satisfactory answers to the questions that usually distress do-it-yourself pizza makers. That is how to make a good dough, what is the first operation to be done in the preparation of pizza, what are the next steps to be followed, just to make an example. A great opportunity for all pizza lovers that has not been lost for sure! In fact, it is still possible to view the video by signing up for the masterclass and making the relevant payment.

At the end of the course, which was broadcasted in English and Italian and reached homes  of 180 countries, the students will be able to prepare 4 types of pizza: the timeless Marinara, the oldest pizza in the world, thanks to the teachings of Antonio Falco; the Margherita, the queen of pizzas, prepared for you by Gino Sorbillo; the Capricciosa, one of the tastiest pizzas, made by Davide Civitiello and a "special pizza", thanks to the precious explanations of Enzo Coccia

During the course, the pizza champions focused mainly on four aspects: flour, dough, leavening and ingredients, noting the best tricks and revealing the most important secrets in this regard. At the end of the video lesson a certificate is issued in digital or paper format that you can hang with enthusiasm and pride on the walls of your home.

So if you haven't already done so, sign up now for the How to Make Italian Pizza at Home - Online World Masterclass and study and re-study the video with great attention: at your next evening with friends and family you must amaze them all with your pizza made in Naples!

How to Make Italian Pizza at Home - Online World Masterclass

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