What are the best wineries in Piedmont? In this article we have selected the top 10 you should try in 2024.

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Land of history, traditions and culture, Piedmont with its best wineries, preserves an extraordinary heritage of art and extremely different landscapes: from the enchanting mountains to the elegant cities full of masterpieces, from the ancient villages where it seems that time has crystallized to the rolling hills known all over the world for the fine wines that are produced there.

This land of a thousand faces holds treasures of inestimable value, so much so that in 2019 it deserves the nomination of "the most beautiful region in the world" in the "Best in Travel" ranking of Lonely Planet.

In this trip we will explore the hills and their exceptional food and wine production: we have selected the 10 best wineries, a real excellence both for the quality of their wines and for the value of the experiences they offer.

Azienda Vitivinicola Marco Botto

From the enchanting hills of Monferrato and the experience of three generations, born the wines of Azienda Vitivinicola Marco Botto: a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, with a marked attention to environmental sustainability and protection of the territory, Unesco World Heritage site for its wine landscapes. A minimum use of treatments and wine making exclusively from healthy grapes to reduce sulphites, combined with the smart use of technology in the cellar and the acknowledgement of grape typicality give rise to white, rose and red wines with unique characteristics. The winery also offers exclusive wine tasting experiences: you can choose between different combinations of wine and local foods, offered in the cellar, in the panoramic room or in the middle of the vineyards.

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Castello di Perno

A medieval castle on the top of the hill, transformed into a winery and a prestigious residence that offers intense and engaging experiences: the elegance cured in all the details is the common thread that connects all the environments of this location, from the cellar to spaces dedicated to hospitality and cultural events, with a particular focus on contemporary arts. The Castello di Perno is a company founded in 2013 that stands out for its classic imprint combined with a contemporary vision of winemaking: it is located in Castelletto, a place that gives name to a renowned Cru of the DOCG Barolo. On these hills in municipality of Monforte d'Alba are cultivated and select the best bunches that will become Langhe DOC Nebbiolo and Barolo DOCG Castelletto and Perno, real protagonists among the local wine products.

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Winemakers in the Langhe since 1937, patrons of the arts, producers of nougat, storytellers: the Ceretto family for three generations lives in symbiosis with their land, in a relationship based on values of respect and sustainability. Since 2010, its vineyards have been entirely converted to organic farming for greater protection of the soil, grapes and human health. During the process of vinification they worked by subtraction, accompanying the wine without dragging it in a predetermined direction and offering the best conditions to express its character. The creativity of the Ceretto family is not only expressed in wine: from their initiative and collaboration with chef Enrico Crippa was born in 2005 Piazza Duomo Restaurant in Alba, the only three Michelin stars in Piedmont.

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Castello di Uviglie

The first documents attesting the existence of the Castello di Uviglie date back to 1322: we are on the hills of Monferrato, in a historic residence surrounded by a secular park and an agricultural estate, for a total of 120 hectares, of which 25 are cultivated with vineyards. This castle with a fascinating history is now a refined location for events, ceremonies and meetings, as well as a winery from which an average of 90 thousand bottles of fine wines come out every year. It also offers the opportunity to stay in apartments for an immersive experience in the heart of Piedmont: guided tours will make you discover the noble wing, the frescoed rooms, the historic cellars with infernot dug in the tuff and an exhibition of centenary bottles, the wonderful park that houses secular plants and exotic species.

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Marchesi di Barolo

A visit in the Antiche Cantine dei Marchesi di Barolo is a total immersion in the history and legend of one of the most iconic wines in the world: the King of Wines, the Wine of Kings, so valuable and appreciated that became the wine of the court of Savoy, of ambassadors and high officers of the army, protagonist of royal and noble banquets throughout Europe. In fact Barolo was born here in 1830, thanks to an intuition of Marchesa Giulia Falletti Colbert: the same cellars where today the grapes coming from the vineyards of Barolo, Langhe, Roero and Monferrato nicese are aged. In addition to an exclusive collection of ancient reserves of Barolo are still kept the five original "Barrels of Marquise", today perfectly intact and efficient thanks to meticulous and constant restoration.

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Castello di Gabiano

Castello di Gabiano is located in a dominant position over the Po Valley and is one of the oldest and largest castles in Monferrato, cited by historical sources as early as the eighth century. Always a place of significant strategic and economic importance, this imposing manor has long been the scene of important historical events. The owners, in addition to continuing the renovation and enhancement of the castle, are dedicated to the winemaking of grapes grown in the 22 hectares of vineyards in the farm, producing fine wines that are distinguished by their uniqueness, given also by the particular position exposed to the cold winds of the Alps. Do not miss the labyrinth of boxwood hedges created in the 30s in the heart of the park, one of the few examples counted among the Historical Gardens of Piedmont.

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Since 1867 the wines of Contratto are synonymous with prestige and quality: the company symbol of Italian sparkling wine production has become over the years the official supplier of the Vatican, the Belgian royal house and in 1913 the Savoy.Its vineyards are located in Bossolasco, the highest part of the Langhe: an area that lends itself to the cultivation of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the vines used in the production of Alta Langa Docg. The uniqueness of his wines is well represented by his winery, the "Cathedral of Wine": dug entirely by hand under the side of the hill overlooking Canelli, extends for about 5,000 square meters with a depth of about 38 meters and inside it can store up to one and a half million bottles. The characteristic marl rich in limestone tuff keeps the temperature constant at 13 degrees.

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Produttori di Govone

Azienda Produttori di Govone was founded in 1957 and has 250 owners of about 300 hectares of vineyards in the territories of Alba, Langhe, Roero, Asti and Monferrato. The winery produces high quality wines appreciated in all the world that represent the peculiarities of the territories from which they come: a total production of about 3 million bottles per year, for about 2 million liters of wine that are imported all over the world. To know the excellence of its products and the variety of its offer, the company Produttori di Govone organizes personalized tasting experiences, combined with a guided tour of the winery and the possible overnight stay in a B&B selected in the territory of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato: a full immersion in fairy-tale landscapes among vineyards and castles in the middle of nature.

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Cantina Fontechiara

We are located on the Novara hills in Upper Piedmont, a stone’s throw from Lake Maggiore and the majestic peaks of Monte Rosa. In this context we find the Cantina Fontechiara: a family-run winery that has made respect for the territory and traditions its fundamental values. A morainic, acidic and ferrous land, renowned for the production of wines with an intense flavor: in Cantina Fontechiara, fine vines such as Nebbiolo and Vespolina are refined, thanks to advanced technologies combined with respect for tradition, without the use of chemical products. The winery is also a location for meetings, team-building experiences and events of various kinds, offering a range of personalized services for every need, in addition to the classic tastings and guided tours.

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La Cedraia

The winery La Cedraia covers an area of 3 hectares, half of which cultivated with vines, and is the result of the recovery of the late eighteenth-century family estate, located on the hills between Novi Ligure and Gavi, in the territory of Gavi DOCG. The manor house is immersed in tranquility of a centuries-old park: everything here speaks of environmental sustainability, starting from 100% natural building materials, to the winemaking techniques of the grapes that give life to the only Gavi Eco-Sustainable. Your experience begins with a walk through the rows, immersed in a relaxing rural setting that preserves the charm of the past. Then continues among the secular trees of the park and inside the villa, to conclude with a tasting of fine wines and typical gastronomic products of the area.

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