Have you ever been on a culinary journey? Discover the best food tours and experiences in Italy. Beware you may be left with your mouth watering!

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Without a doubt, Italy is the most beautiful country in the world... and also the tastiest! If you are looking to organise a gastronomic tour to taste the best Italian wines and cuisine, you are in the right place. Follow us and discover the itineraries of the most interesting Food experiences from the north to the south of the country. Between the authentic taste of local cuisine and the delicate aroma of the finest wines, the Italian taste trail is waiting to amaze you. Ready for your next holiday among the Best Food Tours and Experiences in Italy? Discover the best culinary routes and turn your trip to Italy into a unique experience. Food experiences vary in taste from city to city, live this culinary experience. Take an unforgettable Food tour and savour the best typical Italian products. If you love trying local cuisine and discovering new dishes while travelling, this is the place for you.

In this article we have decided to introduce you to 10 of the best food tours and experiences you can have in Italy. The combination of travel and food has always been at the centre of our stories and advice, after all, this is the only way to get to know Italy. We believe that sitting down to a meal is not only a great way to experience the traditions and culture of a place, but also a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of its past and history. If you browse the site you are sure to find lots of 'good' tips, but now we would like to share with you some of the best food tours and experiences in Italy. Immerse yourself in Italian history and culture through typical cuisine and discover the best food tours and experiences in Italy with us! Culinary experiences and gastronomic tours: visit Italy and enjoy it even more by arousing your curiosity about Italian cuisine and culture through entertaining Food experiences.

Food Tours, Gourmet and Culinary Experiences in Italy

Food Tours and Experiences in Italy

Organising a Food tour and experience in Italy means discovering it from a unique and exciting perspective, that of the gourmet. Here we present a selection of the 10 best tours and gastronomic experiences in Italy. The beautiful country is known worldwide not only for its artistic and scenic beauty, but also for its great cuisine and gastronomic diversity. The culinary traditions and local ingredients specific to each Italian region represent true excellence and are a heritage that should be valued and protected. Have you decided to organise a trip to Italy and do not know which are the Best Food Tours and Experiences in Italy and therefore do not know which itinerary to choose? Here are some itineraries from the north to the south of the peninsula where you can rediscover the authentic taste of Italy.

Our gastronomic tour takes you on a tasting tour through the historic streets of the city, offering you the opportunity to taste delicious traditional dishes, learn about local products and immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, delighting in Italian cuisine. Meet an expert guide who is passionate about Italian food, wine and culinary traditions to begin this journey of taste together. It is definitely a great idea to spend a weekend in Italy and discover the delicious cuisine of the city you are visiting. In addition to the Gastronomic Experiences in Italy, you will get to know the historical and cultural side of the cities during our Food Tour in Italy. During short walks between stops, the guide reveals anecdotes and curiosities about the city you are visiting, allowing you to appreciate them not only through taste, but also through history and traditions. One last tip: to satisfy your palate and avoid unpleasant inconveniences during your journey of the Best Food Tours and Experiences in Italy, do not forget to purchase your ticket before departure.

10. Flavors of Verona: Food Tour of the City

Verona: Food Tour of Italy

Our gastronomic tour takes you on a tasting tour through the historical streets of the city, offering you the opportunity to taste delicious traditional dishes, learn about local products, and immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, delighting in the cuisine of Verona. Meet an expert guide who is passionate about food, wine and Veronese culinary traditions in the centre of Verona to begin this journey of taste together. During the tour you will taste different foods: from typical sweets such as Risino to local cheeses and pickles in oil.

Your guide will tell you the fascinating stories behind the dishes you taste, explain the culinary traditions of the region, and give you tips on how to appreciate the authentic flavours of Verona. You can also find the perfect combination of local food and local wines, which also makes Verona famous for its wine tradition. Besides the gastronomic experiences, you will get to know the historical and cultural side of Verona during our food tour. During short walks between stops, the guide reveals anecdotes and curiosities about the city, allowing you to appreciate Verona not only through taste, but also through history and traditions.

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9. Florence between art and taste: an excursion between cultural beauty and gastronomic specialties

Florence: street food, tours and experiences in Italy

A walk with a local guide between art and culinary specialities on a food tour in the centre of Florence. There are many ways to discover and experience Florence, allowing you to appreciate it from different angles and aspects in general. Florence is like a beautiful diamond, shiny and precious, that you cannot stop looking at again and again, because looking at it under different lights and from different angles manages to fascinate you as if it were the first time.

Sometimes tourists come to Florence to admire its masterpieces of art and architecture, which they may have studied in high school books, but when they are in the city they discover that there is so much more to offer: history, traditions, culture, fashion, food... How could they have missed out on so much if they had not just stopped at art! Who knows if those who devised this walk in Florence were thinking of making it between art and gourmet experiences. The guided tour allows you to experience the city's culture and food and wine, with a little insight into the art and history of Florence and local culinary excellence. Plus clearly available at a price that never hurts.

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8. A Taste of Bologna: Gastronomic Walk and Culinary Experience

Bologna: food tours and gastronomic experiences in Italy

Enjoy a stroll through the streets of Bologna's market, sampling local food and discovering curious Bolognese dishes. This gourmet tour offers everyone the opportunity to discover the gastronomy of Bologna while strolling through the Quadrilatero market. You will enjoy three typical tastings and learn all the anecdotes of Bolognese cuisine!

Discover the best of Bologna with a local guide who will help you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the city centre. Visit Bologna's famous historic shops and taste three typical specialities in the centre of Bologna with a glass of excellent local wine. Enjoy Bologna's rich history and gastronomic culture on a mouth-watering food tour.

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7. Genoa Food Tour: gourmet experience of traditional food

Genoa: Pesto, tours and gastronomic experiences in Italy

Visit the historical centre of Genoa with a local culinary expert who will delight you with fantastic delicacies. Get to know the culinary heart of Genoa with the Genoa Food Tour! A mouth-watering experience awaits you in the company of an authentic local gourmet. You will taste traditional dishes in authentic Genoese restaurants, fully immersing yourself in the gastronomic culture of this unique city. A gourmet adventure that will take your breath away!

This is the most memorable way to taste the city's traditional delicacies. Your guide will recommend the best dishes to introduce you to the culinary traditions of the region for an authentic experience of what the city loves to eat.

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6. Rome of Taste: Gourmet Experience and Gastronomic Tour

Rome: ice cream and gastronomic tours in Italy

Enjoy a leisurely walking tour through the centre of Rome, guided by an expert culinary/food blogger/sommelier, sampling the delicious food and wine for which the Eternal City is famous. Three of the city's best-loved neighbourhoods: Campo de Fiori, the Jewish ghetto and Trastevere appear in a completely different light after your guide opens the door to you with a commentary full of historical references, anecdotes and legends, 'the behind-the-scenes' of 'typical Roman recipes'. Indeed, everyone knows typical Roman recipes, but how many really know the historical and gastronomic basis of their preparation? What is the link between Roman and Judeo-Roman food and wine culture?

The recipes themselves acquire a different flavour and value when one discovers their traditions and origins. You can enjoy seasonal delicacies such as artichokes alla giudia or fried zucchini flowers and cod fillets, white pizza with mortadella, supplì and ice cream. You will learn about family traditions and customs to feel like a true local. Strolling through alleys and squares of enchanting beauty, we stop to visit wonderful artisans and historical workshops. We stop in the historic centre to sample typical dishes in restaurants, historic patisseries, ice cream parlours, bars and traditional gastronomic experiences. There is a tasting at each stop.

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5. Bacaro Food Tour in Venice: Tradition lived to the full

Venice: gastronomic experience in Italy

Have you ever been to Venice in search of the best cicchetto and ombra? Then you can't miss the bacaro tour, an unforgettable gastronomic experience that takes you to the best places in the city. But be careful, because we are not talking about a simple tourist walk, but a real immersion in the Venetian traditions of cicchetti and 'ombre'.

The 'Bacari' (or singular bacaro) are the traditional taverns of the lagoon, the 'ombre' (or ombrète) are the glasses of wine that are drunk from the 'bàcari'. Typical places in the lagoon city furnished in a simple and cosy way and with the aroma of your favourite dishes freshly prepared, your mouth will water before you even see them. In other words, get ready to eat delicious starters and drink a glass of wine like there's no tomorrow. Find out more because you will find all the information you need to organise your own bacaro tour!

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4. A trip to the historic centre to taste the Neapolitan pizza: food tour in Naples

Naples: pizza, coffee and a food tour

Did you know that already at the end of the 19th century you could eat a delicious pizza while walking through the streets of Naples? The Neapolitan pizza, born in the second half of the 19th century, has become a true symbol of Italian cuisine worldwide. Since the Second World War, it has been definitively consecrated as an icon of Naples. Today, pizzerias are everywhere in the world: how many times have you happened to be abroad, even in remote places, and find at least one Neapolitan pizzeria? It is probably safe to say that this simple preparation is the most popular food in the world. This Neapolitan gastronomic speciality lends itself to thousands of recipes, it can be seasoned with almost any ingredient and the variations are endless. It can be sweet, salty, spicy, you name it.

What could be better than taking a trip and finding out what to see in Naples, exploring this wonderful city and tasting authentic Neapolitan pizza at the same time? Drive into the heart of Naples in a rental car, minibus or coach, then walk around to explore the historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Naples is a unique city with narrow cobbled streets stretching from the hills to the sea. It is beautiful to look at the elegant Piazza San Domenico, surrounded by the palaces of the Neapolitan aristocracy, and then cross Spaccanapoli, which bisects the historic city centre. You can continue your walk along Via San Gregorio Armeno, world-famous for its workshops, where the famous nativity scenes are made.

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3. Bari Street Food and Gastronomic Experiences in Italy: unique flavours, culture and local cuisine

Bari: orecchiette, street food and gastronomic experiences in Italy

Explore the historic centre of Bari on foot or by bicycle, where the bones of St Nicholas (Father Christmas) are preserved in the Basilica of San Nicola. Delight your taste buds and sample various Italian culinary delights such as focaccia, fried polenta 'sgagliozze' and panzerotti. Explore and discover the culture of this university town at the Museo Civico and enjoy a delicious homemade gelato. Come discover the wonders of Bari!

Immerse yourself in the ancient jewels of the historic centre, delight your palate with local delicacies and enjoy an artisanal gelato. A unique gourmet and cultural experience that will leave you speechless! Don't miss the chance to book now and experience the city in an authentic way!

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2. Gastronomic Tours, Street Food and Aperitifs in Milan: a True Gourmet Experience

Milan: Navigli, street food tour, aperitifs and gourmet experience

The Food Tour is a walk through the enchanting Navigli and Porta Ticinese area, tasting the best aperitifs in Milan. You will be guided by a local expert, a local person who can explain every detail of the selected restaurants, the preparation of the delicious dishes and cocktails and the related stories of the tour. This gourmet experience aims to provide the customer with the highest quality food to introduce the local culture and lifestyle while being a pleasant walk around the city with a local 'foodie'.

The gourmet tour is always in English and Italian and will provide you with a quality gastronomic experience, where you will learn about the culture and lifestyle of the fashion capital while having a pleasant experience in the company of an experienced local guide. You too will live the gastronomic experience starting with an aperitif on the Navigli.

Find out more about the Aperitivo and Street Food Tour in Milan

1. Gastronomic experience in Turin: Aperitivo and Street Food Tour

Turin: a gastronomic, culinary and street food experience

Would you like to undertake a sensory overload while tasting and exploring the city of Turin? If so, this guided gastronomic walking tour is for you! It all starts with a meeting with your expert local guide in Piazza San Carlo in front of the Church of Santa Cristina, where you will hear facts and stories that only Turinese know. You will then stop at some characteristic places to enjoy and try local delicacies. These might include handmade bread in one of the best wine shops in town and a wonderful glass of Piedmontese wine. Plus, a plate of delicious typical Piedmontese products and a special cocktail.

Feel the taste of vermouth and discover its roots as one of the oldest aperitif drinks. Be pleasantly surprised by tasting delicious stuffed potatoes that, despite their simple appearance, are flavoured or stuffed with complex ingredients. Finally, lest you forget, you can enjoy drinking Piedmontese craft beer in a festive and colourful environment with handmade decorations on the walls. Make friends and create memories that will leave you speechless!

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