What are the best cocktail bar in Naples? In this article, we have selected 10 that you absolutely must try in 2024.

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The good reasons to visit Naples are basically endless. A millenary culture, monuments and artworks that know how touch your soul, views that you'll always carry in your heart and a cuisine second to none.

If you've got with you the Naples Pass, the smart torurist card, you'll get to enjoy all the Neaples' attractions even more easilty, and when it's cocktail hour? Maybe not everyone knows that there are a lot of cocktail bars in Naples. If you fancy a relaxing drink after a long walk in the city centre, or if you want to spend the night in the movida districts, the choice is really wide.

Here is a selection of the ten best cocktail bars in Naples, all different, all of them absolutely to try at least once.

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L'antiquario - cocktail bar in Naples

Hidden from view, not far from the Villa Comunale, there is a small bar barely recognisable from the street. L'antiquario is a real hidden gem among the cocktail bars of Naples. Not only it's one of the best in town, but it also boasts being included in the prestigious ranking of The World's 50 Best Bars for the year 2022. The door on Via Vannella Gaetani is always closed, the need to knock and book, together with the furnishings in velvet and wood, give this place a retro feel. The atmosphere is definitely that of an American speakeasy from the 1920s, however you'll find that the most authentic value of L'antiquario is in the excellent quality of its drinks, designed to enhance Naples' history and tradition. The rest is made by the attention given to the guests who, in this fascinating and somewhat mysterious place always remain the absolute protagonists. Discover more about L'antiquario


Ambasciatori club and cocktail bar in Naples

Among the best cocktail bars in Naples, but also cinema, restaurant, and an exclusive location for events, shows and live music. The Ambasciatori will never cease to amaze you, because it's a truly unique place. In the very central and elegant via Crispi, in the Chiaia district, you will find yourself in an unusual place of irresistible charm, which will welcome you with a menu full of original and refined dishes. You will also get to accompany them with an extensive wine list, or with the best quality distillates and all the sparkling drinks you could wish for. In this glittering world, made up of fancy and original furnishings, the light effects compete for the scene with the opening walls that leaves room to a stage where great artists give excellent live performances. A spectacular scenographic effect is guaranteed.

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Versa in Drogheria

Best coktail bar in NaplesVersa in Drogheria

Versa in Drogheria is not a simple wine shop, it's one of the most welcoming cocktail bars in Naples, located in via Fiorelli, once again in the Chiaia district. You'll find yourself strolling among museums and historic buildings, a few steps from the most beautiful seafront in the world, where this bar is located. Its trademark is the kindness and professionalism of the staff, combined with a warm family atmosphere, ideal for an aperitif with friends or a romantic date night. Cocktail lovers will be able to taste the great classics, but also new recipes designed for special occasions capable to intrigue even the most expert drink lovers. Don't miss the craft beers of the Piccolo Birrificio Napoletano, home-brewed, and get lost in the wide selection of wines. Here, you will also find always accompanying platters and snacks prepared with the best quality ingredients.

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Pdm 28

 PDM 28  – Charcuterie and blends

Let's reach Naples' parlour, now, Piazza dei Martiri, where a truly unique place is located. PDM 28 – Charcuterie e miscele is not just a bistro, neither a simple lounge bar, it's a place to taste excellent products based on cured meats, cheeses and fish, together with the most original blends. If the quality of the products is the hallmark of this elegant cocktail bar in Naples, imagination and creativity are certainly not lacking. Let yourself be intrigued by the illusory blends, such as the stout which is actually a drink based on an infusion of licorice and whiskey, or by a special tea, which is nothing but a fragrant tequila blended with citrus fruits. Every drink is designed by professional bartenders, able to create a perfect mix of flavors and aromas, for recipes that enhance each ingredient. You won't find Pdm 28 blends anywhere else. Discover more about Pdm 28


Tools - cocktail bar in Naples

Let's move to the most authentic and vibrant heart of Naples, Calata Trinità Maggiore, in the historic center's core. Here you will find Tools, a cocktail bar with an international vibe and a vaguely underground flavour, which has nothing to envy to those of the big European capitals. Cool light effects and an excellent musical selection always help creating the right mix for an evening that's never dull. A further added value is constituted by the staff who will always know how to wisely advise you in choosing wines, liqueurs and any type of drink you could wish for. Even the selection of cold dishes or desserts is decidedly original and appetizing, full of personality like everything else in this place. A night at Tools is the best way to end a day spent among  the countless bauties of Naples.

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Ex Salumeria

Ex Salumeria cocktail bar in Naples

Another must-see in the old town as much as the alleys and artisans' shops. Ex Salumeria is a cocktail bar specialising in artisanal spiced rum, which you will find in many varieties. A small place with a great atmosphere and undoubted personality, what was once, in effect, a delicatessen is now a bar furnished with wooden barrels of all sizes and jars of colourful, fragrant spices. At Ex Salumeria, you can enjoy many rum-based cocktails but also experiment with original combinations chosen by you, obviously letting yourself be guided by the expert advice of the bartenders. Here you will find music, cheerfulness and a taste of the Caribbean, as well as the professionalism of someone who loves a good drink. This very special bar is located in via Candelora, in the middle of the city center, but away from the decumani's lively crowds.

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Archivio Storico

Archivio Storico

Like the center, Vomero is a lively district full of hisotry. On the slopes of the San Martino hill there is Archivio Storico, a place of great charm that lives up to its name by proposing itself as a meeting place, but also as a memory of the glorious past of the city. Everything inside this modern and elegant place is inspired by the Bourbon kings who made Naples a great European capital; inside Archivio Storico you'll find artworks, culture and design objects that will make you feel part of this fascinating chapter in Neapolitan history. There are the great classic on the rich cocktail menu, always made of high quality ingredients, but Archivio Storico is also a bistro where you can taste the typical dishes of Neapolitan gastronomy, revisited with creativity and passion, accompanied by a rich wine selection.

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Flamingo Tropical Tiki Bar

Flamingo cocktail bar in Naples

Let's stay in Vomero district, in via Kerbaker, where you can find a small corner of tropical paradise. Close to both the central and bustling Piazza Vanvitelli and the wonderful panorama of Largo San Martino, Flamingo Tropical Tiki Bar is a must see among the cocktail bars in Naples. What makes the difference is not only the original furnishings, naturally in the tiki style. What makes this small place fun and welcoming at the same time is the friendliness of the staff and the great competence of the bartender. If you cannot choose and you need some advice on the best matched flavors you are in the right place. At Flamingo you will find a great variety of drinks, the most colorful and original mixes, and a truly complete and rich choice of liqueurs. Not to be missed even for the most experienced cocktail lovers.

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Elements - cocktail bar in Naples

A visit to Naples wouldn't be complete without a stroll on its wonderful seafront, via Partenope. Here, in one of the most iconic places in Italy, you'll also get the chance to know Elements. Everything, down to the smallest detail, is cared for in this cocktail bar in Naples located inside the Royal Continental hotel, in front of the Castel dell'Ovo. And if Elements' exterior is, unsurprisingly, spectacular, the interior is a must see too. A modern concept bar awaits you, defined by a minimal and elegant design, where the theme of chemistry returns in the furnishings and on the menu, to meet the art of mixology. The selection of drinks is varied and rich, the pizzas that accompany it are also unusual and delicious. From a brilliant idea a unique cocktail bar was born, where the knowledge of the staff in matters of drinks constitute an added value.

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Cantine Sociali

Cantine Sociali cocktail bar

A tour of the best cocktail bars in Naples wouldn't be complete without a last, but not less important stop in the Chiaia district, where Cantine Sociali is located. In the small and lively Piazza Rodinò, this bar that's popular among locals and tourists as well, is perfect for an aperitif or an after dinner. It's also much appreciated by wine lovers. At Cantine Sociali you will find an excellent buffet for appetizers as well, but what makes this cocktail bar truly unique is its somewhat vintage atmosphere. The setting is young and informal, with the possibility of sitting outside, under a cascade of tiny lights. It's a small touch of magic that makes this little, great bar one of the most reknowen in the neighborhood, and the perfect choice if you want to spend some time relaxing with your friends.

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