Sardinia is Colour and Beauty. Sardinia is Tradition, Good Food, Folklore, Myth and Legend. Let's discover together the 19 most important events in Sardinia: these festivals, music events, traditional parades and artistic performances are the real gateway to get to know the spirit of the Sardinians, an ancient and fascinating people who have lived for thousands of years in this "paradise"!

The spirit of Sardinia

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Just by pronouncing the word "Sardinia" we can imagine beautiful nature, breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear seas and heavenly beaches. Sardinia, however, has much more to offer than its natural beauty: the culture, history and traditions of Sardinia have ancient origins, deep-rooted in its territory. Every corner of this beautiful island, from inland to coastal villages, preserves unique and precious creeds and customs that cannot wait to be discovered. Let's explore the heart of this land in order to track down the local wonders and see what the 19 most important events in Sardinia are: from music to food, from tradition to folklore, from art to natural heritage, from religious to sport events.

1. Cavart - Extrazioni Culturali Musiche dall'Isola 2021 | June 2nd - August 22nd 2021


The charming event Cavart - Extrazioni Culturali Musiche dall'Isola takes place in the late spring, in the beautiful former tuff quarry of Sinnori: an event organized to enhance the territory and the Sardinian tradition of blues music. During these warm days you will be able to attend an all-around musical journey that ranges from traditional Sardinian choirs to indie experiments.

2. Spring in Gallura | from June 13th 2021


During the spring, in almost all the municipalities of Gallura, there are activities and events organized by local authorities aimed at enhancing the regional, archaeological, agribusiness, artisanal traditions and everything related to rural culture. These events attract many tourists from all over the world, truly connecting Gallura’s global spirit to the value of local culture.


3. 4th Ed. JazzAlguer | 01 July - 28 August 2021

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In the beautiful city of Alghero, the so-called "Sardinian Barceloneta", you can attend 15 amazing concerts organized within the musical event Jazz Alguer, one of the most popular events in the Italian jazz scene. For this fourth edition the beautiful Nuraghe Palmavera will be used as a stage. In addition to great music, you will have the chance to discover this wonderful fortress city that offers Catalan suggestions in architecture and urban features. 


4. Onion Festival | 24-25 July 2021


The Onion Festival of Banari is an event inspired by criteria of sustainability and enhancement of the territory, both for the products sold and for the structures that host the exhibition. Among the streets of Banari you can taste the typical dishes based on onions (but not only!), by attending culinary competitions and by participating in folkloric musical events. The onions of Banari are big, sweet and tasty, a real delicacy not to be missed!


5. 11th Ed. Ciogghitta d'Oro | 31 July - 01 August 2021


The Ciogghitta d'Oro is one of the most representative events of Sassari's folklore: for more than ten years this extremely original event attracts tourists and locals in the city squares to witness the "sucking of snails". During these days you can attend competitions of "succidatura" (sucking) of the delicious gastropod and taste the traditional dishes in a context of popular festival with dialect music and theatre performances.


6. Festival Musica sulle Bocche | 31 July - 29 August 2021

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From the union between Jazz, Green, Music and Landscape comes one of the most famous music events in Europe, the Festival Musica sulle Bocche (music on the mouths). This amazing event will be itinerant, a real "caravan" in motion with the mission to bring good music throughout the territory of northern Sardinia combined with a great commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. Musica sulle Bocche mix the local dimension (in fact, many places where the concerts take place will be beautiful archaeological sites) and an international relevance since the event is linked to a network of national and international jazz-themed shows.


7. Artichoke Festival | 06-07 August 2021

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The town of Uri isn’t far from Alghero and from the famous tourist location Porto Torres, is a delightful settlement rich in charm and history. Since 1700 Uri has been known for its artichoke production and today the Sagra del Carciofo (Artichoke Festival) generates a sense of belonging in the community and also an important tourist flow that allows the village to make known itself all over the word for its enogastronomic traditions. During the event you can attend dances and songs of the Urese tradition, folk groups, parades in traditional clothes and guided tours to discover historical wonders such as the Nuraghe of Santa Cadrina and the ancient washhouse.


8. Mountain Festival | 14-15 August 2021

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Every year is celebrated the Mountain Festival on the slopes of Mount Limbara, under the majestic sequoias, organized by the Pro Loco (association for the enhancement of the territory) for the days of 14 and 15 August. Hikers, onlookers, tourists and locals gather under the leafy trees to listen to folk music played on the traditional accordion, taste delicious local dishes such as malloreddus, porcetto allo spiedo (pig in spit), seadas (sweet) and "frisjoli longhi" (fried sweet) in an atmosphere of community celebration that forward inclusion and friendship

9. Maria Carta Award | September 2021


The Maria Carta Award intends to enhance not only local artists but also scholars, researchers, associations, companies and all kinds of excellence in the area. This cultural event is more important because it takes place one year in Siligo and another year in a national or European location, which helps to promote the historical and cultural heritage of Sardinia outside the island.

10. Festival Internazionale delle Isole che parlano | 5-12 September 2021

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The Festival Internazionale delle isole che parlano (International Festival of Talking Islands) takes place mainly in Palau with some other events in adjacent locations. This is an event dedicated to tradition and innovation where you will see expressions of contemporary culture combined with native productions. You will be able to attend various photographic exhibitions, workshops for children, reportages, music events, all located in sites of great scenic impact such as the Tombs of the Giants and the Bear Rock: the Islands will speak a language of art and beauty that you will find unforgettable. 

11. Festa Beata Vergine della Difesa | 8-15 September 2021

If you want to attend a real traditional Sardinian religious event you cannot miss the Festa Beata Vergine della Difesa (Feast of the Blessed Virgin of Défense): a procession will transport to the sea the statue of the Madonna, from there it will be transferred to a boat of the fishermen of Stintino who will lay a laurel wreath at sea in honor of those killed at sea during the Second World War. During this event every inhabitant of the village will become a spokesman of an ancient religious and deep-rooted in its territory tradition.

12. 36^ Ed. Ittiri Folk Festival | 9-12 September 2021


The Ittiri Folk Festa is an international festival of traditional dances from all over the world: folk music, art and dance group come together to create a riot of colours and notes that can excite all the tourists who flock to the beautiful town of Ittiri every year to attend this event.

13. Weekend dei Gusti | September 16-18, 2021


The gastronomic tradition of Sassari is expressed in all its delicious variety during the Weekend dei Gusti (Weekend of Tastes), an exceptional event that fully enhances the culture of street food in the Sardinian tradition with appointments located in different streets and squares of the city. Restaurants, trattorias, bars, bakeries, pizzerias, wine bars and delicatessens will collaborate to make this event unique and particularly delicious.

14. Sant Miquel Festival | 20 September - 3 October 2021

To accompany you with joy from summer to autumn, the city of Alghero organizes this unmissable event in which various artists will perform in theatrical acts, sporting events and music for the whole family: Alghero dresses up to celebrate its patron saint with the annual Sant Miquel Festival, an event not to be missed!

15. Festival del turismo itinerante | 1-3 October 2021

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The Festival del Turismo Itinerante (Festival of Itinerant Tourism) is a wonderful example of experiential tourism: the whole area of northwest Sardinia becomes the scene of events that involve tourists in the first person with recreational, sports and natural activities. In the magnificent setting of an autumn-coloured Sardinia, you can try activities such as trekking, cycling, archery, kayaking, educational workshops such as the construction of traditional Sardinian games, guided tours and much more.

16. Autumn in Anglona and Romangia / October 2 - November 21, 2021

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To valorise this enchanting territory during the autumn period was born the event Autumn in Anglona e Romangia: during October and November you will be able to attend a series of local festivals, games, cultural and music events, local street food and meetings related to the world of wine. The warm colors of foliage in Sardinia will be the frame of intense and local experiences!

17. Illumina il Natale 2021 | Presepe in Carrela | 8-19 December 2021

During the Christmas holidays the town of Bono organizes a series of themed events, among which the competition "Presepe in Carrela" stands out: the Carrelas are the typical neighborhoods of the village that during these days come alive with nativity scenes, installations, handicrafts, theatrical performances, book presentations, guided tours and food and wine events, all activities linked by the common thread of Christmas and its rituals.

18. Ajo a ippuntare | 9-11 December 2021

Ajo a ippuntare is an original event that involves various themes related to folklore and traditions of the Usini area. The event was created with the intent to enhance the wine resources of the region so there will be a wide range of wineries, which will offer their best products. During the event you will be able to participate in several educational workshops, taste typical products of the territory such as traditional Sardinian pastas and sweets. It will also be possible to attend guided tours of different historical buildings, churches and monuments and enjoy the various music events organized throughout the territory.

19. 7th Notte de Chelu | 11-24 December 2021

Near Christmas, from the night of the Immaculate Conception until the Epiphany, the town of Berchidda turns into a veritable open-air museum dedicated to Christmas themes during the so-called Notte de Chelu: you can admire life-size nativity scenes, installations, polyphonic choirs, folk groups, food and wine markets and craft stalls. The whole Berchiddese community actively and enthusiastically participates in the preparation of this unique winter festival.

Salude & Trigu


Salude & Trigu means 'health and grain': it is a traditional wish for well-being and abundance. From this wish, the brand was born, intended as a container of events: a natural thread that unites the places of North Sardinia and the people, enclosed within one excellent plot.

The concepts of union, interweaving, gratitude and exchange are essential in the Sardinian tradition: the Sardinian basket, a symbol of an ancient tradition that modern artisans have been able to renew, represents the container par excellence, but it is also made up of weaves of wonderful colours and designs.

And so that basket has become the symbol of Salude & Trigu: a container for events, traditions, souls, places and people, but also a place for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Salude & Trigu is a rich programme of events offered by the Sassari Chamber of Commerce currently covering the territories of the two provinces of North Sardinia, Sassari and Olbia-Tempio.

With "SALUDE & TRIGU", you will discover an authentic Sardinia. The sea is one of Sardinia's greatest riches. Still, to experience the real Sardinia, you need to meet the people and take part in the cultural and traditional events of North Sardinia.

Salude e Trigu is a project that unites the events of Northern Sardinia into a single storyline. These are small and large events that allow you to experience the beautiful territory of North Sardinia uniquely and authentically. 


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