When visiting the city, do not miss the opportunity to try the best food in Naples at La Locanda del Grifo, right in the heart of the historic center.

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Would you like to try unique gastronomic experiences? Italian food will not disappoint you! And if there’s a city that can really impress you with its tasty and delicious dishes, this is undoubtedly Naples. Traditional food in Naples gives the same emotions as when we admire an artwork, especially when we taste it immersed in the heartiness and colours of the beautiful historic center of this wonderful city. 

It’s right here, in via dei Tribunali, in front of the historic Campanile della Pietrasanta, that you can find a place that combines the tradition of traditional recipes of the past with the innovation and originality of who always looks to the future: La Locanda del Grifo.

La Locanda del Grifo is a pizzeria restaurant that serves also outstanding fried food and dishes from land and sea. It’s not just a simple stop for tourists, but a real meeting place where you can find both food and culture, while the quality of products meets the typical friendliness of the city.

Food in Naples: a true cultural symbol

Naples between food and culture

The historic center of Naples is a real treasure chest of history and cultural attractions among the most beautiful in Italy and the world. 

For example, think about the Duomo, the wonderful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, with its various architectural styles that recall the long history of both the building and the city, and where there is also the Chapel of San Gennaro, home every year to the ceremony of the Miracle, the liquefaction of the blood of the Saint.

Or you can stop in Piazza San Gaetano and take the path of the Naples Underground, to discover the beautiful Greek-Roman aqueducts and the shelters of the Second World War.

And how to forget the indescribable beauty of the Veiled Christ, a masterpiece that you can admire in all its splendor at the Museo Cappella San Severo? And you could go on for days and days, finding new attractions or hidden corners full of charm and tradition.

Naples is a city with a cultural heritage unique in the world. But this does not apply only to the historical aspect: what about food, for example? 

Food is culture too. Because the recipes and dishes that you can taste here offer you an extraordinary experience, an almost mystical satisfaction, due to the quality of the raw materials but also to the gastronomic customs practiced for centuries. The Neapolitans proudly say: quatto cose te fanno cunzula': 'a femmena, l'argiamma, lo suonno e lo magnà (there are four things that make you feel good: women, money, sleep and eat).

So if you are lucky enough to visit this special place, make a stop at La Locanda del Grifo: here you will discover how food in Naples is a real artwork, in a place where the joy of the city mixes with an international organization and quality, and where Neapolitan cuisine meets you with its irresistible aromas and flavors.

The spirit of Naples in a pizzeria restaurant in the heart of the city

Pizza and pasta and beans with mussels - La Locanda del Grifo

La Locanda del Grifo is located in via Francesco del Giudice 14, right at the intersection with the beautiful via dei Tribunali, in an area where you can breathe the authentic soul of Naples.

From the patio you can admire, a few meters away, one of the oldest bell towers in Italy: the Campanile della Pietrasanta. The Campanile belongs to the LAPIS Museum, a complex that also includes the adjacent basilica (Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasanta) as well as the archaeological area of the crypt.

The location of the Locanda is therefore ideal for those who want to explore the most significant places of the historic center of the city, taking a break to try the typical foods of Naples, including:

- The real Neapolitan pizza: the dough is prepared through a slow natural leavening and with selected flours. In this way, the quality products and the excellences of the territory, such as buffalo mozzarella and pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio, emerge in a more marked way. You can choose classic flavors (Margherita; Naples) or discover some special pizzas, for example the Positano (provola, yellow tomatoes, anchovies, oregano, buffalo bite, lemon, basil and extra virgin olive oil) or the Cappello di Pizza (meat sauce, eggplant parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, basil and extra virgin olive oil).

- Fried food: the fried cone commonly called o'cuoppo is one of the most traditional food in Naples. That’s why La Locanda del Grifo offers an unmissable selection of the classic Neapolitan fried, from the crocchè with potatoes, mozzarella and ham to the mozzarella in carrozza, up to the tasty omelette made with pasta, peas, béchamel and ham (and other tasty and genuine ingredients, to satisfy everyone’s tastes). 

- Seafood dishes: they represent one of the flagship of the Locanda, because they offer the most characteristic flavors of Campania revisited in a modern way, so as to obtain new balances that can amaze differently each time you eat them. This is the case for homemade pasta with clams, scampi and mussels, and above all for the exclusive pasta and beans with mussels.

- Dishes of land: meats, cheeses and seasonal vegetables. Among the dishes made with earth ingredients, you should definitely try at least one between the fusilli with ragù and the pasta with potatoes, provolone and bacon.

- Desserts: to close a meal at the Locanda in a worthy way, the typical Neapolitan desserts are ideal. Babà or sfogliatella can take you to a world apart, and they will make you love the city and its cuisine even more. But you can also try other desserts related more generally to the Italian tradition, such as tiramisu. And do not miss the millefoglie revisited with custard, wild strawberries, ricotta and pear. 

The secrets of La Locanda del Grifo: relishing food in Naples between tradition and innovation

The secrets of La Locanda del Grifo

The mix between tradition and innovation is the key to build a refined pizzeria restaurant, where you will also be able to savor the most typical food in Naples

To reach this goal, La Locanda del Grifo focuses on an unbeatable location in the heart of Naples, from whose historical attractions draws energy for its customers thanks to the beautiful and comfortable veranda, an outdoor area where you can enjoy delicious meals or even just quick drinks with a look at the Complesso della Pietrasanta. 

Another not negligible value is the presence of a nice, professional and friendly staff that reflects the most genuine characteristics of the inhabitants of the city. Without forgetting, of course, the freshness of the products or the use of the most modern tools for the kitchen, such as the ecological oven, which is fundamental for working with respect for the environment.

But what is probably the most important secret kept by the Locanda is the idea of focusing on classic flavors without ever stopping to do research, every time improving the quality of their dishes, narrating the recipes of the tradition and surprising you thanks to the continuous innovation. Only in this way you can always discover new ways to love the city of Naples and its fantastic cuisine.

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