Discover Christmas magic at the picturesque markets in Lazio: festive atmosphere, handicrafts and culinary delights await you!

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Christmas is one of the most eagerly awaited festivities of the year and if you are looking for a place to experience it in an authentic way, you should plan a tour of Christmas markets in Lazio. The region, even during these holidays, attracts tourists enchanted by the many initiatives, while residents enjoy every festively decorated corner.

The style of the Christmas markets in Lazio varies from the most traditional to the most innovative and manages to please all tastes. Whether it is a picturesque village or a majestic one, the atmosphere is guaranteed and the excitement is at hand.

Explore the magic of Christmas markets in Lazio

Christmas markets in Lazio

Lazio is beautiful in every season of the year, but the magic of the Christmas markets makes you appreciate this region even more; it offers many faces of this festivity and is an ideal destination for families with children, couples, singles and groups of friends.

We are not only talking about Christmas shopping, but also about delicacies to taste, villages to discover, emotions to experience with initiatives, shows, gospel choirs and a backdrop of lights and decorations that do not disappoint. Handicraft products and local gastronomy are added values to unmissable places.

5. Christmas markets in Lazio: discover Rome through lights and Christmas flavours

Christmas markets in Lazio in Rome

Rome is a metropolis rich in history that enchants all year round. Discovering the Christmas markets in Lazio in the Eternal City is a new journey, in yet another nuance of a magical place that never stops making people dream. The atmosphere that is created among the stalls lit by soft lights, with the scents of the culinary proposals and the music of the pipers in the background, will make you fall in love all over again not only with Rome, but also with its inhabitants and the tourists who merge with the local culture.

Strolls among the various markets set up in the city are a journey through the historical beauties, palaces and fountains, sometimes with a Christmas theme, combining tradition and modernity in full respect of the spirit of the capital. In Piazza Mazzini you will be able to visit the markets from 1 to 31 December 2023, in Via Salaria they will be set up from Friday 8 to Thursday 23 December 2023, and at the Laghetto dell'EUR you will be able to admire them from 1 to 26 December 2023.

These are the authentic events, with classic installations offering unique gifts, local delicacies and the human warmth that is typical of Rome. If you are looking for a different experience, you can drop by Cinecittà World, which from 11 November to 7 January 2024 is transformed into a Christmas Village. Each day begins with the Christmas Show, where elves and fairytale characters greet guests. The park features an endless variety of attractions, with musicals and shows for visitors of all ages.

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4. Favole di Luce

In Gaeta, the Favole di Luce event foreshadows a spectacular Christmas. The light installations are appreciated by all visitors and are an enchanting setting for the events that are organised. The event starts on 11 November and ends on 14 January 2024.

The markets are combined with artistic projections to create a fairy-tale atmosphere. Streets, squares, town centre streets and historical sites are decorated with light effects that create unique scenes. Finally, music merges with the landscape, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

3. Greccio and the world's first nativity scene

Christmas markets in Lazio in Greccio

In the village of Greccio, in the Rieti plain, Christmas has a spiritual atmosphere that brings you closer to the religious sense of this festivity. It is the place where the world's first nativity scene was set up, and during the Christmas markets that are organised here, it is possible to admire the exhibitions of nativity and artistic handicrafts set up for the occasion.

You can buy truly original handicraft items and Christmas decorations, made of various materials, in an environment that celebrates Christmas in a non-commercial way. Greccio is included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, so the opportunity to visit the Christmas markets in Lazio will make you discover a wonderful place appreciated nationally and beyond.

2. The Kingdom of Santa Claus

Those who want to experience the magic of Christmas well in advance should visit the Kingdom of Santa Claus in Vetralla. It is a real village that offers a different experience and is open from 15 September until January, with no closing days.

It is hard not to have fun in a place like this, full of attractions and shops where you can find everything related to Christmas. The lights and decorations create a fairy-tale village, the shows and animations entertain all visitors; moreover, every week the decorations change and you will always find different sceneries.

1. Viterbo Christmas Village

Christmas markets in Lazio in Viterbo

The city of Viterbo is historic and preserves a rich artistic heritage; its beauties become the venue for Christmas markets in Lazio with the Viterbo Christmas Village. In the streets of the decorated city you can breathe in the festive atmosphere, the squares host stalls where you can buy handicrafts ideal for your presents.

Among the attractions that attract fans, you can enjoy the frozen lake for skating, a mini pony ranch, merry-go-rounds, the elf village, Santa's sleigh and a living nativity scene. Decorated Christmas trees, placed in various locations, embellish and create the joyful atmosphere you expect. You can admire all this on 25 and 26 November, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17 December and from 23 December 2023 to 6 January 2024.

Visit the Christmas markets in Lazio and discover a region rich in history

Christmas markets in Lazio

Visiting the Christmas markets in Lazio is the ideal chance to discover a region rich in history and culture. The events organised at this time of year enrich a stay in wonderful places and will know how to engage you with authentic emotions. Do you know the living nativity scenes in Lazio? Have you ever thought of celebrating New Year's Eve in Lazio? Combine this with a relaxing break and experience authentic emotions.

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