Beautiful landscapes and ancient traditions make Lazio a perfect destination for thermal tourism. Discover the most beautiful thermal baths in Lazio!

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We know it: the daily routine is stressful and you really need a break to take care of yourself, maybe together with someone special, too. We have some advice: why not enjoy a few relaxing days at the thermal baths in Lazio?

This region has a rich and ancient tradition about thermal baths, the result of Rome's glorious imperial past and its culture for these particular cures, and today it is still a key destination for all lovers of thermal baths tourism. Of course, all of this is framed in the wonderful landscape of a land worthy to be discovered step by step.

If you can't wait to treat yourself by enjoying these waters with thaumaturgical properties, then read on and discover the best thermal baths in Lazio to find relaxation and wellness!

Thermal baths in Lazio: an experience for body and soul

Thermal baths in Lazio

Thermal baths in Piscine Carletti, near Viterbo

Since the age of Rome, the thermal baths in Lazio have been a landmark for citizens and travellers, meeting points to rest, relax and socialise. Today, with the international development of thermal baths tourism, these centers can be discovered again as important and attractive tourist destinations.

The reason? The benefits of thermal waters are many as it represents a panacea for people suffering from breathing diseases, skin problems, arthritis and rheumatism - but also and above all to counter all the stress and tension of everyday life. Therefore, going to the thermal baths is a good and healing experience for body and soul, especially to spend a weekend or a few days holiday.

Are you planning to visit the capital, explore the Tuscia area near ​​Viterbo and Ciociaria or walk along the Via Francigena? Then don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a day at the thermal baths in Lazio! Here are our suggestions for you.

Thermal baths close to Rome: where to go?

Thermal baths close to Rome

You’re in Rome and you really want to get away from the mess of the city to spend a few hours of total relaxation and pampering in an exclusive wellness center... and you don't know where to go?

No fear! We suggest you about QC Termeroma in Fiumicino, less than an hour from the heart of the capital: a luxurious wellness center with SPA and thermal baths set in a wonderful garden, where you can live - or gift! - a dream experience between regenerating treatments and a proposal of wellness food to take care of your stomach too.

For you, reader of VisitItaly, we also have a surprise: a fantastic voucher to book your daily access to this wonderful place! Do you wanna know more? Click on the button below.

Fiuggi, the most iconic thermal waters in Lazio

Thermal baths of Fiuggi in Lazio

Our trip discovering the thermal baths in Lazio continues from Fiuggi, a town located in the heart of the Ernici mountains in the province of Frosinone.

In fact, this village placed in Ciociaria since the Roman age was acknowledged for the presence of thermal waters with great beneficial effects especially to cure kidney issues and to purify toxins from the body, and now it represents a very famous destination of great appeal for thermal tourism throughout Europe.

The thermal establishment is located within a beautiful landscape framed in woods and embellished by the beautiful Canterno lake, a perfect place for those who love nature and relaxation, and includes two different thermal springs:

- the Bonifacio VIII spring, dedicated to the famous Pope of the outrage of Anagni as well as one of the main users and promoters of these thermals baths, with an alternation of open and closed spaces where you can dedicate to the wellbeing of your body;

- the Anticolana spring, located in the innermost area of ​​the vast natural park where these thermal baths stand where it is possible to relax between walks in the greenery and several entertaining activities.

The thermal baths of Fiuggi are the perfect destination for those looking for a few days of wellness and tranquility discovering a land rich in history and beauty: a truly regenerating experience for body and soul.

Discover the most beautiful free thermal baths in Lazio

If resorts aren't your thing and you prefer to travel on the road instead, perhaps seizing the opportunity to get some thermal baths in beautiful places surrounded by nature and full of charm, here is an overview of the most beautiful free thermal baths for you to discover in Lazio.

Most of these places are located in the province of Viterbo, in the Tuscia area, a landmark for all the lovers of thermal baths tourism. The Bullicame thermal baths are probably the most famous and oldest in the area, located less than 3 km west of the city and mentioned by Dante in a passage from his Comedy, too. Here the water flows out at about 58 degrees at its source and is very rich in beneficial elements for the health of the skin and the breathing and blood circulation systems: moreover, the presence of two pools with different temperatures allow you to practice a natural calidarium-frigidarium experience. Access to the thermal baths is free, every day and whenever you prefer throughout the year.

A few steps away from the Bullicame it is possible to reach the Piscine Carletti thermal springs, among the most popular in the area. The water in these thermal baths flows from the source with temperatures ranging between 30 and 60 degrees, granting the body well-being and health, and are open without time limits and for free. The green and tranquility surrounding these place will help you to release tension even more, enjoying a moment of pure relaxation, for a truly fantastic experience even at night!

In the northern area of ​​Viterbo, on the way along Via Francigena, it is possible to visit the thermal park of Bagnaccio. A perfect break for those who face the experience of walking and want to take care of their body in a place surrounded in green. These baths, which already existed in Roman age, are very effective to give relief to those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism and allow you to practice the calidarium-tepidarium-frigidarium path crossing six different pools starting from a temperature at the source of 63 degrees to set between 36 and 40 degrees then. Access to the thermal park is available every day, with free admission for some pools or at a very low cost to use all the services. The Bagnaccio baths are temporarily closed to the public.

The thermal baths of Masse di San Sisto, south of Viterbo, are absolutely worthy to be mentioned. The two pools making this thermal spring have waters with temperatures ranging between 18 and 30 degrees, therefore much colder than the others in the Viterbo area, but it doesn’t mean they’re less healthy for this: in particular, these thermal baths are specific for those with problems related to the blood circulation. The Masses of San Sisto are open every day and with no time restrictions: what are you waiting for to treat yourself for a moment of wellbeing?

We get to the end of our collection dedicated to the free thermal baths in Lazio moving from the province of Viterbo to reach Civitavecchia, about an hour from Rome. Here, in fact, about 4 km from the city center on an ancient hill you’ll find the thermal baths of Ficoncella. This thermal source takes its name from a large fig tree growing in the area and was a key point for lovers of thermal baths already in the Roman age. This thermal baths complex consists of five pools with water at different temperatures up to about 60 degrees: it is said that today this water is still the same where the emperor Trajan bathed and that its properties are miraculous to cure stomach problems, heal wounds and practice effective inhalations for breathing. Access to the Ficoncella is very low cost and available every day - and on summer weekends the thermal baths are open at nights too, for a truly special experience by the moonlight!

Thermal baths in Lazio: it’s time to take care of yourself

Free thermal baths in Lazio

Finding some time to take care of yourself is a pleasure that everyone should seize in order to escape the daily messy life. If you are looking for an experience of total relaxation and wellness for body and sound, reliving the myth of the ancient Romans, visiting the thermal baths in Lazio is the right choice for you!

Did you choose your favorite already? Here is a brief summary for you:

- QC Termeroma in Fiumicino, for those looking for a truly exclusive experience at thermal baths in Lazio checking out our voucher;

- thermal baths of Fiuggi, a symbol of thermal tourism in Lazio due to its beneficial waters;

- free thermal baths of Bullicame, among the most famous thermal baths in Lazio, even mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy;

- springs of the Piscine Carletti, thermal baths always open and set in a relaxing green landscape;

- free thermal baths of Bagnaccio, ideal to enjoy a little relaxation along the Via Francigena;

- free thermal baths of the Masses of San Sisto, perfect for those suffering from blood circulation issues;

- free thermal baths of Ficoncella, enjoy a fantastic experience between history, wellbeing and relaxation at the thermal baths in Lazio.

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