Italia in Miniatura + Lunch

Enjoy Italian miniatures and a tasty meal on any day until 7th January 2024

4.6 (30 reviews)

An essential destination for holidays in Rimini since it first opened in 1970, Italia in Miniatura has recently undergone a spectacular restoration. This faithful reproduction of the boot-shaped nation hosts over 270 monuments, surrounded by 5,000 real miniature trees. Stroll from Sicily to the Alps, and immerse yourself in a wonderland full of authentic Italian history, art, and culture. You'll also be able to enjoy animated skits, miniature orchestras, moving construction sites, swing bridges, and trains! After you've worked up an appetite by walking across all of Italy in one day, sit down at the Osteria Italia, where you can enjoy an authentic Italian snack with great views over miniature Sicily.

What is included?

* Entrance to the park
* Piadina menu: piadina romagnola + drink + fruit salad served in a glass

Where it is

Italia in Miniatura, 239,Via Popilia